Saturday, January 05, 2013

Blax News: R.Kelly Writes A Song For Newtown CT Shooting, Stays Silent On Chicago's Lil JoJo And JayLoud Murders Because Both Street Pirate Gangs Purchase His Music And He Doesn't Want To Offend Either

BLACK PEOPLE are included in the set of "Americans that are indicted in the statement:  "AMERICA cares more about when WHITE FOLKS GET KILLED than when a Black person gets killed"

R.Kelly And "The Black Press" Do Not Read The New York Times And Thus Claim "Plausible Denial" About How #471 Got Murdered At The Funeral Of #463 In Chicago

From The NY Times Article
CHICAGO — This city’s 471st homicide of 2012 happened in the middle of the day, in the middle of a crowd, on the steps of the church where the victim of homicide 463 was being eulogized. Sherman Miller, who was 21, collapsed amid gunfire not far from the idling hearse that was there to carry away James Holman, 32, shot to death a week earlier.The funeral shooting at St. Columbanus Catholic Church on the South Side left neighbors fretting that no place, not even a church, felt safe any longer. “It’s become the Wild Wild West,” said Charles Childs Jr., who had watched from across the street as mourners screamed and scattered.
The shooting, on Nov. 26, was one more jarring reminder of just how common killings seem to have grown on the streets of Chicago, the nation’s third-largest city, where 506 homicides were reported in 2012, a 16 percent increase over the year before, even as the number of killings remained relatively steady or dropped in some cities, including New York.

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