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Blax News 2 Hit Pieces With One Post Attack: MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Refuses To Run Video Of "Vigil For Atlanta's 1st Murder Victim Of 2013", Sites "No Urban Street Pirate Murderer Mandate" In Her Television Contract

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While I am deeply sorry for the loss that the family of this 18 year old Black male with promise is suffering - WE ALL KNOW that the memory of Jared Billings of "George Washington Carver High School" in Atlanta won't go beyond the candlelight vigil that was held the other day and his burial on this past Saturday.

Jared Billings was MURDERED in a manner that lacked the key accouterments that would make him a MARTYR in the "Racial/Ideological Tribal War" that goes on around us.  (Note "Black people" are running an identical "tribal war" that can be found among White people - as expressed on the "Stuff Black People Don't Like" blog.  They can dig up a "Black on White Murder" from 10 years ago that still sticks n their mind as to the threat from Black people - in the same way that "The Blacks" can recall when one of THEIR tribal members killed a Black person for nothing other than the "colors" he was wearing on his skin).

Melissa Harris-Perry:  "What Is Riskier Than Being POOR IN AMERICA?"

Melissa Harris-Perry:

  • I Live In A Community (New Orleans)  Where (Black) People Are Shot On The Street Right In Front Of My House
  • I Live In A Community Where Parents Send Their Children To School, Not Knowing If They Will Receive A Quality Education

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Take a step back from the "words" and "body language" that you heard from this employee of "MSNBC" who is on the air to execute a certain agenda per the wishes of the "Allies" who have recruited and hired her.

Even though it appears that there is "moral outrage" in her body language and tone - IF YOU DON'T GO TO THE 'SCENE OF THE CRIME' you too will be fooled as her audience is.

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