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Blax News: Leonard Pitts - "When America Evolves And The Progressive-Blind Society Comes About Then Race Won't Matter"

Commentary: Dumbest idea in history? Race

As I prepare myself to read an article from Leonard Pitts (or David Love, or Tonyaa Weathersbee), already knowing where the slant is going to go before I complete the first sentence - I erect the terms of my "Dark Matter Test".

It is rather ironic that "Dark Matter" is not the REBUTTAL of their arguments, for the sake of being obstructionist.   In as much as they present themselves as "Protectors Of Blackness" - if you read Mr Pitts' column above YOU DON'T SEE any "Black Community Protection".    

This is a claimed "anti-racism" (anti-self-serving agenda) trope that ultimately is self-serving in the protection of Black Progressive Fundamentalism.

The "dark matter space" that compliments Mr Pitts' references to the lack of racial diversity in the halls that Black Progressives will not enter because they are OFFENDED is the growing number of halls that FAIL BLACK PEOPLE but, thanks to people like Mr Pitts these failures are affirmed.    

In the world of Leonard Pitts the condition of "Appeased Black people" with regard to their leadership, while their condition remains relatively unchanged is proof that there is some "right-wing clawed animal" that is striking at the efforts for uplift of Black people.    Mr Pitts is not qualified to serve as the voice of PROTECTION for Black people - from all claws that strike at our interests because it is Mr Pitts who is A BIGOT that is in the company of BIGOTS that he refers to.   He points to RACIAL bigotry while being an IDEOLOGICAL bigot.

I am not asking that Mr Pitts become a "Black Conservative" only to have his name entered on the list of "Who most looks like "Stephen the slave" in the update to the Boston Globe article, written by his friend Wesley Morris.   Mr Pitts lacks the ability to exert even the basic journalist outrage against those in leadership who are AFFIRMED BY BLACK PEOPLE (in the present prevailing consciousness) and thus have no problem attracting Negroes into their convention halls - as long as they agree to invest their valuables for the cause.

No Non-Progressive Would Ever Be Allowed To Do What They Are Doing To Black People Today As Long As Leonard Pitts  Is On Guard

Cut and past Leonard Pitts' article into a word processor.
Replace all references to "RACE" with references to "IDEOLOGY" and then shift from "the negative" (what is offensive to Black people) over to "the affirmative" (what Black people have been compelled to fuse their Black Consciousness upon) and then do a re-read of Mr Pitts' article.

You would have a very different argument but an argument that more accurately describes the condition of the Black American today.

There are many Black journalists, Black media outlets and Progressive networks that fully affirm this world view.

Sparse are the examples of forces that make note of who now owns "The Black Community Consciousness" and who dare to ask "Where Is The Money That You Received In Contributions From THE LEAST OF THESE, who you convinced that they would be healed by now?"

Why is it that Mr Pitts worries so much about the Republican Party and their lack of diversity when DIVERSITY of race but sameness of IDEOLOGY has not assisted Detroit, Chicago or Philadelphia in lifting up the Negro through the INSTITUTIONS that his favored ideology now has dominant control over?  I already showed you that Philadelphia Mayor Nutter knows what "the Blacks" in his constituency want to hear and he feeds it to them.  I already showed you that the Black news media who serve as the "gospel of the Black establishment", report the plans of the 'Black Racial Services machine' during the ribbon cutting ceremonies or campaign stomp speeches, but don't defend the people by doing a follow up, demanding that the "favorable people in power" answer the question:  "Where Is The Money?"

The Only Way To Combat Black Progressive Bigotry Is To Express The Audacity To Ask: "PROVE THAT YOU HAVE DEVELOPED ORGANIC COMPETENCIES WITHIN BLACK PEOPLE", Beyond Your Ability To Please Them With Your Self-Chum

 If the pattern of this 'self-chum feed' that Mr Pitts orchestrates in his column were not so prevalent and blatant I would dismiss this as one man's opinion that is not congruent with the "Black experience" of today.  

Instead since his "filibuster technique" in which he evades talking about WHAT IS PLEASING TO BLACK PEOPLE - I must take this opportunity to develop a framework to category his scheme into.

What is PLEASING TO BLACK PEOPLE - is often laced with a pre-engineered scheme of associations.   We are asked to extend our "racial protections" upon the person in power as he is a victim of racism - even if he has the power to launch attacks in the name of the United States Of America OR in the name of "The City Of Atlanta Police Department".    This consciousness goes hand in hand with the "Establishment Authority Repudiation" scheme in which the results that occur in the "Mission Accomplished Zone" are always due to some EXTERNALITY.    Instead of having the people to manage the people in power who they "handed their valuables to" - they agree to do another "Struggle Motion" against this Externality.     Some people will not rest until they see the NRA in handcuffs for "Killing Black People In Chicago".   I can imagine that a smaller set of them have placed a call into Thomas Perez of the "USJD Civil Rights Division" to investigate if the NRA had anything to do with the recent killing of a Black woman in the hair salon in nearby Gary Indiana.

This consciousness cares less about delivering a WELL GOVERNED BLACK COMMUNITY as it does generating CONGREGATIONAL UNITY and FAUX OUTRAGE.   With this commitment - the task is to put within the Negro's frame of view - a worthy "bone" to go chasing after.  (I wish that it was more complex than this. )

The demand for evidence of ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT, AMONG THE PEOPLE, THROUGH THE "HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS" is the only way to counter the embedded confidence men like Leonard Pitts.

They can conjure up as many OFFENSES TO BLACK PROGRESSIVES as they want to along the way, but at the end of the segment of time when they had their say - all good men will submit the Black Community's condition to TRANSPARENT APPRAISAL and ask - as they look through the APPEASEMENT and the GRIEVANCES:   "IS THERE MATERIAL GROWTH IN THE AGGREGATE VALUE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY THAT HAS BEEN ACHIEVED THROUGH THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PEOPLE?"

Since ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT is not the same as CONSUMER CONSUMPTION - those who don't wish to challenge their ideological friends understand that they will not get fired for failing to develop Black people IF they keep dangling JUSTIFICATIONS as to while Black people should fear RACISM more than we should fear what was presented in the "Shott Foundation Report".

A good portion of "Black Journalists" come from the "activism" community and have never MANAGED anything in their life.   This speaks volumes about their content.   Even when this new establishment force that they assisted into power takes the reigns, instead of driving results from them - they merely pivot - showing that THE IDEOLOGICAL POWER was their motivation all along.

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