Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blax News 'In Day Hood': "The Intersection Of Richard Allen Bvld And Benjamin Mays Rd Will Bring Forth SOCIAL JUSTICE HEALTHCARE - If We Fight To Have The Street Signs Changed In Southwest Atlanta!!!"

The Painful Truth LOGIC That A Psychotic Person Would Have To Voice Prior To His CHANGE

I Refuse To Allow Myself To Participate In My Scheme Of Self-Trickery Until I See DEVELOPMENT In  MYSELF, Just As I Promised Myself I Would Receive IF I Invested My  VALUABLES, Which I Took From Myself, Only To Misappropriate Them To The Immediate Gratification Of My SUPERIOR INTERESTS But To The Long Term Detriment OF MY INTERESTS - This Will Be Evident To Me When I Bear A Repica Of Me Who Will Be Raised In My Image, Treated To All That Was Pleasing To Me Per My Consciousness That I Transmitted!!

In listening to "Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio" yesterday - the "Social Justice Jesus" sure expressed a lot of "Divine Intervention" on the stages set up in Washington DC on Monday.

Like the Mayan calendar - the convergence of the federal "Rev Martin Luther King Jr Day 2013" and "The Presidential Inauguration Of A Progressive President Who Is Black" - took some held from the "Social Justice Jesus" because "elfin magic"  could not explain the convergence that made so many of "The Blacks" happy.  This was the day that the "Social Justice Jesus Hath Made".

Richard Allen - Founder Of The African-America Methodist Episcopal Church (AME)
Benjamin E Mays - Educator of "The Least Of These", Builder Of HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS

In Southwest Atlanta Today

Though There Is A High School Named After Him, Who's External "Curb Appeal" Does NOT Give Any Hint To The Claim That "This BLACK School Is Not Receiving The Funding That It Needs"..........

So They Turn To ANOTHER SOURCE OF FUNDING For Their "Social Justice"....


What is funded by the cascading government (local/state/national) remains OPEN and prospers within the Black community.

When these accouterments that would otherwise prove the SELF-VALUATION that Black people have is left up to their own devices - THE TRUTH BECOMES CLEAR!!!

The BLACK COMMUNITY is unable, via its present CONSCIOUSNESS, to produce ORGANIC SOCIAL JUSTICE on the backs of its OWN PEOPLE through the INSTITUTIONS that have fallen into "The Malcolm X Political Football Game'.

The Damage Is That The AMERICANIZED NEGRO, who seeks to retain this PRESENT CONSCIOUSNESS will NEVER be able to package his existence up, and move to any other BLACK DIASPORATIC LAND and provide STRUCTURAL ASSISTANCE to any other "Least Of These" Population - for he himself is merely a CONSUMER.

SELF CONSCIOUS AWARENESS by Sandy Cornish Of Key West Florida

When this Black man of "SLAVERY TIMES" was corned by the "Slave Catchers" (not a word from my vocabulary , but used for editorial expediency)  - he had the consciousness of mind to see that they DID NOT VALUE him as an "Equal Human Being" but as a FIT LABORER who they would receive profit from if they took him back to Louisiana.

Mr Cornish took out a knife and CUT several key muscles in his arms and legs - making him WORTHLESS as a "Slave Laborer".   The "Slave Catchers" LEFT HIM ALONE!!!

In his degraded condition as a "Slave Laborer" Mr Cornish settled in Key West and started a church and several businesses.  Though he was physically disabled - this wise Black man with self-awareness became a key builder of INSTITUTIONS where he rested his head.

Sandy Cournish's CONSCIOUSNESS is the INVERSE of the "NATIONALIZED STRUGGLE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE" that has been hoisted upon the Black Community today.

He REMOVED the TOKEN OF VALUE that the "Slave Catchers" lusted after (HIS BODY).  From this bold move - a COMMUNITY was built.

The PERVERSION of today is that "THE EQUAL BLACK BALLOT" is the TOKEN that is used to COMPROMISE the Black Community's Governance Culture.
Someone convinced Black people that their LOCAL COMMUNITIES would be FIXED IF they INVESTED THEIR VALUABLES into a NATIONALIZED FIGHT.

The BIGOTRY and CORRUPTION that is present has not compelled "The Negro' to demand EARNEST MONEY along the trip - but instead has set him up for the "BIG DOUBLE CROSS" - as he is drawn in by HIS HATRED with the promise of "THE BIG PAY BACK"!!!

The Negro of 2013 has a VOID in COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE & INSTITUTIONAL DISCIPLINE that would otherwise mandate that he NOT DO CERTAIN THINGS in the "Name of BLACKNESS"  more than a RACISM problem with DENIES him from doing certain things BECAUSE he is Black!! ..................The Attorney General, District Attorneys and Solicitor Generals seen REFUSING to accept the "Negro's grievances" like they did in 1913.

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