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blax News: "I Can't Take 'Ya'll Any Longer" Report: The Weinstein Brothers Recast "The Django Action Figures" As A Way For White Kids To "Like Black Baby Dolls Over White Ones"

Have you ever wondered:  "What Ever Happened To The Black Kids From The 'Civil Rights Black Baby Doll Tests - From The 1950's?"

ANSWER: They are mostly Black Activists and Journalists - still projecting their ASSUMED BLACK INFERIORITY into the majority of their expressed views through the Media Channels of today.

(Note:  I told you that there are two parts to "The Final Call" newspaper:
  • The front part is a NNPA syndicate of Black Progressive priorities
  • The rear part is the more familiar "What The Black Man Must Do To Cleanse Himself"

(NOTE:  Your "Offendability" Has Caused You To Hand Over Your Valuables In Support Of A "Fight" Against Those Who "Offended You", Yet After "Winning" - All You Have Is "Turned Out Pockets" - Just Like What Someone "Who Just Got Jacked" - BUT YOU Just Aren't Aware Of It)

CREDIT TO DR BOYCE WATKINS!!!Admittedly I saw the name and thought that he was going to "Go Along With 'The Struggle Motion'".  Instead he is saying "Look people!!  You already accepted the movie as a capitalistic venture.  Why are you now upset about the doll?  We have bigger fish to fry as a people".  I notice that when there is no Right-Wing POLITICAL adversary in focus - Dr Watkins can be reasonable - as a "Blue Dog".    

"Black Slavery History" dolls......................Made With Chinese Labor!!!!!

Work with me people:

  • A fake historical movie that uses slavery as "flora and fauna" for a movie that could have used the dystopic backdrop of "New Jack City" just as well is a point of theatrical achievement because "The Black Guy Won" - beating his oppressors..................................... The movie has taken in more than $100 million in 3 weeks - a sum that is larger than the hole in some city school systems' budgets
  • When "ACTION FIGURE" dolls from the very same movie are released THE DOLLS are proof of BLACK PEOPLE'S HISTORY BEING EXPLOITED???????????????/
Do you see how "the struggle motion" is often self-feeding, but rarely made to logically justify its own actions?  It reserves the right to operate based upon its own selective indictments.   The size of the CONGREGATION that is amassed behind the cause is more important than continuity and predictability of logic.

The Weinsten Brothers - Sensing a growing backlash among the Black Progressive Activists over the production of "Django Action figure dolls.  
The business acumen of the Weinsten Brothers fell short of them as they prove that they don't understand how Black Activists work.

When Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington and Samuel L Jackson all had the same clause in their contract that they signed for the movie "Django Unchained" which stated:

  • A Percentage Of The Box Office Take for their star power and performances 
  • Agreement to participate in multi-city/global movie marketing events and interviews
  • An up front - cash payout for the royalties associated with using their images for the "Django Action Figures" 
    • All 3 of them expression Strong Refusal to be seen on camera, pictured holding the "Action Figure Doll" in their image
......someone should have seen what was coming. 

With the Presidential Election over - The Weistein Brothers are the best candidates to become the next "Koch Brothers" - the evil villains that generate protests among Black activists
The Weinstein Brothers = The "Jewish Koch Brothers" in the mind of some who need a "New Struggle"

The Weinstein Brothers failed to understand the key dynamic that is present among the Prevailing Black Political Consciousness
The Free Range Negro

You are free to "kick", "spit", "insult", and "scape goat" this Negro to your hearts content.   When ever you need to run a "Black Progressive Consciousness Filibuster" - he is a tried and true name to drop when you seek to snare some "takers".
The Protected Black

The INVERSE of "The Free Range Negro".
Since he has "Put In Work" for the benefit of Obama - the Activists are never going to show their OFFENSE with his participation with the project that molests "Black History"

When the "3 Leading Blacks" in the movie started to distance themselves contractually from marketing the "Django Action Figure Doll" - the Weinstein brothers were left ON THEIR OWN, without the protective cover of a "Protected Black"

They fail to see that the activists are intellectually content to ATTACK A DOLL that LOOKS LIKE JAMIE FOX on their way to attacking a "Koch Brother-like" money man who wrote the check to Foxx, Washington  and Jackson

To the credit of the Weinstein Brothers - they called up Quentin Tarantino to help clean up the situation.

As an expert of watching Black people in order to understand the forces and messages of influence he did a "Right Back At Cha" movie that threw the Black Progressive Activists off guard, working past their offendedness over the doll by dangling a greater agenda item of more importance to them.

Tarantino is aware of the perpetual need that many Black people have to receive affirmations in the "white/black" dynamic of respect, acceptance and equality.

He began reading the archives of "Ebony/Jet", making an approximation of how many of the activists felt deep inside per the results from the "Black Baby Doll Test"
Tarantino called up the Weinstein Brothers and told them to pull the "Django Action Figure Dolls" and destroy the current packaging.

His plan is to rework the packaging of each of the "Django Action Figure Dolls" - having them marketed to WHITE KIDS.
Commander In Chief Obama And His "Humanitarian Mission" Cannon 

In a press release to his Black friends - Quentin Taraantino informed them that the purpose of the newly issued "Django Unchained Action Figures" is to place a Black baby doll into the hands of White children, leveraging the power and populatrity of "Django" and "President Obama" so that WHITE KIDS will start preferring "The Black Doll" over the tired old "Barbie and Ken dolls".  The bright blue suit on "Django" is better than any outfit that the "Ken doll" has ever had.

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