Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blax News Historical Inference Services: How US Presidents And Their Relationships w/ "High Yella Black Women" Infer The Development Of Black People - Despite The Clams That The Tea Party Plans To "Send Them Back To Africa"

Without someone "Going There" we will not have the proper inferences in order to expose the FRAUD of today's political theater.

 Blax News needs to be "Fraudulent" in order to expose Fraud.
Lupe Fiasco has learned that those who seek to retain a high level of decorum in the midst of Fraud will find themselves ushered off of the stage.

The "Hi Yella Woman" In Question

Sally Hemmings

Beyonce Carter
The US President

Thomas Jefferson

Barack Obama
Controversal Picture with The President

Table Cell

Thanks to ABC's "Scandal" all eyes are on the President Of The United States and any woman who is infatuated in him, to see if there is a mutual affinity. 
Relationship Property Of "The President" , Servant And Concubine, Reported Father Of Her Children Political Supporter Of The President, Contracted Talent  For His Inauguration 
Personal Life A Slave, Her Life Is A Function Of What Her Owner Permits For Her Married Woman, An International Music And Movie Star, Free To Go Where She Pleases Around The World
Personal Wealth A Slave Who Had No Ability At Acquiring Personal Wealth A Multi-Millionare 
Cinematic Expression Hemmings Has Never Appeared In Any Cinematic Or Theatric Piece.  Not Only Was There No Technology At The Time To Record This - She Was Not Allowed To Do So With A Few More Hundred Of Millions Of Dollars Between Her And Her Husband - Beyonce Could Purchase A Movie Or Music Company And Produce Her Own Commerical Content For Sale To The General Public

Even though the NAACP and the other "Black Racial Services Machine" elements who met in Washington DC in December - right near the location where both US President's "kissed the Black women" depicted above - to relay their fears about BLACK VOTER SUPPRESSION IN AMERICA 2013 - the grid above AND the fact that the Black voter participation that was higher than White people's rate in 2012 - they refuse to replace the "Voter Suppression" claim with the more substantial priority of "Disciplined And Effective Governance Of The Black Community".

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