Saturday, January 05, 2013

Blax News: "The Gays" Demand That Defense Secretary Hagel Will Run A "Humanitarian Mission" In Uganda IF The "Kill The Gays Bill" Is Passed, They Are Already Killing Each Other - At Least Drone Strikes Will Be For A Purpose

  • LAST WEEK: "The Gays" on "Media Matters Radio" (Sirius XM Left) took their first venture into Africa to express their concerns about the HUMAN RIGHTS violations that will transpire for "Gays Who Are Black" if the "Kill The Gays" bill is passed there.  They supported Canada's threat to strip all foreign aid to the nation IF they do so
  • EARLIER TODAY:  In a segment on NPR's "On The Media" in a discussion on compromised privacy for "cloud based mail services" (Gmail) - the HYPOTHETICAL of a "HOMOPHOBIC network engineer for GOOGLE, based in UGANDA, who learned about the sexual orientation of a citizen and turned it over to the government" was brought up.  The commentator DIDN'T GIVE A DAMN over the fact that THERE ARE NO GOOGLE ENGINEERS IN UGANDA!!!
NPR - "On The Media" - "The Privacy Show" episode

Ask "Media Matters" to point out the nation of "Uganda" on a map and they wouldn't be able to do it without the use of "Google Maps".  In any event they wouldn't go there BECAUSE of the fear that being a RACIAL minority in a "Black Run Nation" more than they are concerned about the "Kill The Gays Law"

Google's "First African"

The "Diasporatic Africa" - The Fauna And Flora In The Galactic Battle Between The Fox And The Wolf
DON'T LOOK AT THEIR BATTLE - Focus On The "Negroes That Say 'Thank You' For Your Help In Helping OUR TEAM To Win So Many Gains For US"

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