Thursday, January 03, 2013

Blax News: Chicago Police Chief: "We Have A Plan To Reduce Homicides In 2013: Promote Black Progressive Leaders Who Will Protest Against The NRA And When The Homicide Rate Increases Allow Uniformed Police Men To Go To The Protests"

The Civil Rights Violations That Aren't Called 'Civil Rights Violations'  By The Civil Rights Pharisees For The Same Reason That The US Government Is Loathed To Define 'Genocide In Africa' As Genocide:  Such A Label Would Mandate Them To Live Up To Their Promise To "Use Whatever Means Are Necessary To Protect EQUAL HUMAN LIFE" - By Stopping One Group Of Negroes That They Failed To Instill Respect Of Life Into From Killing Other Negroes, Preventing Them From Continuing To Do So Using "The State Force Of Violence That Is Justified As A 'Humanitarian Mission' Per The Laws Of Social Justice.

The Racial Profile Of The Murder Victim In Chicago
The Report On Chicago Homicide

When it comes to the confluence of "Black Progressive Activism", "Politics" and (real) "Black Community Governance" - as long as you don't look to it to produce ORGANIC solutions THROUGH the people, aside from "Congregational Unity" and "Voting" - it is largely a failure at achieving what it claims to be.

Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

Chicago Police Supt Garry McCarthy has a job that is more secure than an NFL football coach. The only thing that he needs to do is to make an occasional visit to see Father Pfleger at St Sabina and talk about how Black people have gotten a raw deal in America since "the Pilgrims controlled the guns" and the balance of people in Chicago will be convinced that he is on "their side".

The man who runs the "occupying force within the Black community" (in the view of many) knows that if he pushes to hard - the very same people who are demanding that he "Do Something" are the very same people who will turn against him - reenacting the very same "Occupation" that they did against him when he was in Newark as the documentary was being filmed.

The simple truth is that the "Black Racial Services Machine" never had any intention to deliver results THROUGH the institutions that they control via their political victories.  If you listen in to their arguments they are more committed to fighting the right wing.  PERIOD!!!

Black progressives who are put into a defensive position at the sight of an "existential racial threat" form a circle of "congregational unity" and will respond in a prescribed  manner.   Throw in a challenge that is centrally resident WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY, thus stripping away the normal talking points and - anyone who is looking and who is honest with themselves are treated to the truth about the hollow shell that is for sale to external forces that this front really is.

I keep waiting for some grass roots force who is going to stand up to the "confidence men".
Sadly THEY ARE NOT COMING to the rescue.

Despite the claims that (White) America does not value the lives of "dead Black people" - it is Black people who prove to be "FULL AMERICANS" to whom this label should also be applied to.

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