Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blax News: Brooklyn NY Based Black Pastor Comes Out Of The Closet As A Republican - Triggering A Mass Walkout In His Church By The Members Of The Congregation Who Refuse To Hear "The Devil" Preach To Them

The congregation in the "Black Church" has suffered with pulpits and choir stands filled with:

  • Whoremongerers and Highwaymen
  • Down Low Brothers and Desperadoes 
  • Creeps and Confidence Men
  • Drunkards and Drug Addicts
  • "Chicken Eating Preachers" and Charlatans 
  •  Liars and Leeches 
  • Thieves and Thespians 
  • Gamblers And "Get Over" Artists.......................

NO!!!   But there is a NEED for voices to have the THEFT OF OUR VALUABLES discontinued.

WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED that the one unforgivable sin that is not tolerated among "Black, Christian" , holy-fied people is to come out of the "Polling Booth" as a BLACK REPUBLICAN - who is fornicating with the enemy.

Rev A.R. Bernard - you would have been better off keeping the private matters of what you do "in the polling booth" to yourself.  

It would have been better for the members of your congregation to observe how you walk, talk and who you tend to gravitate to as they ask "Is He A...............   Ooooooh I knew it girl!!".   "That's why he refused to come to my 'Obama Debate After Party'.   He don't 'GET DOWN LIKE THAT'"  
"Everybody knows who he is.  Why doesn't he just be honest with himself??  Still I like the church because of the message and the singing so ---- as long as he doesn't try to TURN ME OUT......I am still going to attend but I will keep my distance.  But Lawd does he need 'Jesus'.  What is this world coming to that he would do something so unnatural for a Black man?  We were not made that way."

End Of Sarcasm
With all of the unfinished business WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY it is hard for me to understand why a "Preacher of Gods Word" - would see the need to degrade himself by actively pursuing the world of "ORGANIZED FRAUD AND LIES" known as "American Politics?

The Black community has already had so much of our valuables stolen from us by people who told us to "VOTE FOR OUR SALVATION".  
We need more Black Preachers that can stand up and LIMIT the exposure of BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS to the "Confidence Scheme" known as politics, limiting it to the OPERATION OF THE GOVERNMENT and NEVER for our DEVELOPMENT AS A PEOPLE.

FAILURE OF "DOMAIN INTEGRITY ENFORCEMENT" MEANS CROSS CONTAMINATION , Your Community And Your Church Continue To Smell Like "B.S.", Regardless Of How Much "Fabreeze" You Spray

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