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Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio Host Mo Ivory, Democratic Delegate, Pens An Article Calling "Olivia Pope" A Whore, Can't Bring Her Self To Mention "Kerry Washington"

Mo Ivory: Olivia Pope Is No Different Than Any Other Reality Show Chick (She Just Costs More)

Dear Ms Ivory:

I do not think that you are "evil".

I record your show everyday (as part of my "What Makes The Prevailing Black Political Consciousness Tick?" study) and get to listen to snippets so I have a relatively thorough "base-line" of your thoughts and tendencies.

You are a thoughtful, morally-centered person - who, like so many others are ultimately compromised by your games-play in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

Most of the people in your "congregation" either are happy that with your bias - or, when critical of your views - are themselves too caught up in the game to make a more holistic assessment of you.

Ms Ivory - THERE IS NO SUCH PERSON AS "Olivia Pope"!!!  So why are to TALKING to her?

The depiction of this character named "Olivia Pope" and her access to the President Of The United States is about as real as "Django" being allowed to walk away unscathed after killing 2 White men on a plantation in Slavery-Era Texas.

By inference you are actually talking to:

  • The writers/producers/directors of the ABC show "Scandal"
  • The show concept creator / adviser - Shonda Rhimes and Judy Smith
  • The star actress, who's picture dons the presentation of your article on your web site, but who's actual name - you could not bring yourself to say:  Kerri Washington
Shonda Rhimes Has Been Well Compensated And Awarded
By Her Peers In The Entertainment Industry For Placing
The Image Of "Olivia Pope" On Prime Time Television For
Everyone To See.   Maybe There Is Something More
The Black Community Should Consider Here
And In Other Important Areas Of Our Public  Persona?

I hate when someone tries to make me out to be a "2 dimensional person", claiming that I have loyalties to "known enemies of the bulk of Black people" as a means of dismissing my analysis.    I will afford you this same respect.  Therefore I will use an evidence based approach, coupled with "human/team psychology" to set forth a theory or approximation of your motivations - and they work to substantiate or at least "perfect" this theory that I have about you.

You and "Dr White" are all about promoting positive images of Black females /"all females.  I do not have a problem with this.
My problem with you is that far too often this disposition of "Pro-Female" serves as a guise for your ultimate agenda.  

"Up With Women!!" can also serve the same function as the "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" as you tell us that "Michelle Obama is a perfect characterization of a 'Strong Black Woman'" but you never get around to doing unilateral critical analysis of the US GOVERNMENT'S actions while her husband is on watch.  

So much of what you used to lead "virtual protests against" - with regard to the government's actions - are now logically defended because you frame them in terms of the REPUBLICAN'S MISCHARACTERIZATIONS of Obama, while rarely getting around to telling us YOUR ABSOLUTE VIEW on "The NATO Attack On Libya", "The Use Of Drones", OR - MOST IMPORTANTLY - how the Black community is told to "Fight Against Social Justice Program Cuts" in the name of austerity but are never lead to ask "Where IS OUR DEVELOPMENT based on the VALUABLES that we gave to you for 50 years?"
This is the basis of my inspection of the content of your article.

I frequently joke that:  "The NAACP does not attack 'favorable establishment figures in power'......BECAUSE complicates the 'seating chart' at the next NAACP awards dinner as the "activists" and the "elected officials" refuse to sit at the same banquet table.

It is my opinion that the payoff for actress/activist Kerri Washington "putting in work" on behalf of your Democratic Party and the two elections of President Obama - is that you did not want to directly call her out - and ruin the relationship.   (I am not saying that you know her personally.  You just made a choice of what is more important to you.)

By contrast - if a Black actor (I can't even think of one to use as an example) is a known political/ideological adversary and put forth a negative portray of Black people - you would INDEED include this person in your indictment of his screen character.

I suspect that this is an example of the "dark matter space" that accompanies the "good words" that you would prefer to say about Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Foxx - but you would prefer to avoid because of your convictions.

YES - "Lift them up" as examples of opportunity afforded to Black people.  You must also be transparent enough to directly call them out BY NAME without your bindings to compromise you.

Is it possible that (and I not necessarily saying 'YOU') that the normal character assassination of one's Black ideological/political enemies has meant that the art of  "respectful correction" and "suggested reforms" have been thrown out of the window?

It is fair game to question if Kerry Washington's "character selection" needs a bit of improvement.

Judy Smith (the White House adviser who the character is based on) has already said "She don't get down like that" (sleeping her way to the top).   It is clear then that ABC, Shonda Rhimes and the show's writers have taken great liberties to liven the show up as they show the "High Priced Ho'ing" that is going on in the Oval Office.

I believe that you should be consistent.
In as much as it was the case that you and "Dr White" were lauding ABC and Ms Washington for a show that displayed a "Sista In Charge" - last season, as you told us how this will allow many Black girls to "live vicariously" through a positive figure - you should be willing to more directly call out names OR - as I would suggest - decouple the fairy tale world of Hollywood from "the Black Consciousness".

Do this first and then next we can tackle the need for you to disconnect your consciousness from "The Malcolm X Political Football Game" - as you make the case for the build up of the NON-POLITICAL DIMENSIONS of the Black Community - that has suffered from benign neglect as we have placed our hopes for "Salvation" into politics.

PS: Did you notice that when the "GA Charter Schools Amendment" was up for grabs you went with the talking points: "Do you want Republican Governor Nathan Deal to run your schools?"?   Yet when Dr Steve Perry was on your show a few weeks ago - you tucked in any reaction to his criticism of "the adult establishment" (politicians, teachers unions, etc) even though he is a strong advocate of school choice and charter schools.
The main point is: A charter school/school choice is the residue of the condition of failed public schools.  I also believe that a charter school with disconnected parents will fail just as a regular public school with parents who don't step up to manage their child's educational career.
IT WOULD BE GREAT to see you GOING AGAINST THE GRAIN more - as you RISE UP and key in on the "REAL DISCUSSION' that needs to take place.  "Opposition" DOES NOT always mean "Sounding like a Republican".
If the Black community 'invests its valuables' for 50 years, having built up the present establishment - only to get tricked into FIGHTING TO DEFEND the "Confidence Men In Power" instead of MANAGING THE INSTITUTIONS to produce the desired results - then - at some point - we all must accept that despite given the opportunity to show vision for the DEVELOPMENT OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY - old hatreds and short term opportunism clouded our vision - leaving the next two generations of our people to come vulnerable - as they lack the "Governance Culture" necessary to organically thrive. 

Do to a "state Republican charter school" - what I suggest be done to a "Korean 'Indian/Brazil Hair Shop' "............let them put all of the locations that they please in your community - the renovation of the building will be a net positive.   YOU - DO NOT GO INSIDE TO TENDER YOUR BUSINESS.
If an when they start "snatching Negroes up" as they walk by, forcing them to get a "hair weave" or a "compulsory charter school education" - then I will be the first one to show up to the studios of WAOK to lead the protest march to where ever we need to go to force them to "Let The Negro Loose" from the chair that they are strapped in.

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