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Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio Caller To Former Mayor: "Your Scheme To Move Project Blacks Out Of Atlanta Will Threaten Our Civil Rights As It Sets The Stage For A White Mayor To Be Elected"

On the replay of a Derrick "Fight The Power" Boazman Show from pre-election 2012 there were two points that were made in discussions with former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin that shows the damage that is present with the "Black Community Consciousness".

Civil Rights Is A Function Of The Race Of The Mayor?

A standard caller said to the former mayor:
"You and Renee Glover (Atlanta Housing Authority chief) have moved thousands of Black people out of public housing and into the suburbs, setting up the condition in which Black people will lose our CIVIL RIGHTS as a White mayor is elected by the newly gentrified electorate in Atlanta".

Comments like this bring me great grief until I recall that this consciousness is a product of years of engineering.

Even though I had a "New Years Eve Party" conversation with a Black husband and father with plans of moving into metro-Atlanta, who wanted to avoid the "ghetto fabulous" areas - (and no he was not a Black Conservative) - in the mind of this radio caller the "BLACK CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS" will come to bear if a "White Democrat" is elected mayor in the future BECAUSE "housing project Blacks" where run out of the city limits thanks to a changed housing policy.

Unfortunately the former mayor nor "Fight The Power" set up the man's argument as such.  He was allowed to live yet another day cleaving to such foolishness.

Atlanta is NOT going to have a "Right-Wing Mayor" at any time in the predictable future.  Such a specimen may be created during a campaign contest as it is fruitful to "Republicanify" an opposing candidate in the "All-Democrat" Atlanta government.  (All campaigns are officially non-partisan but you can look at one's affiliations to see which party the official actually belongs to.)

The irrational point of this man's call is that "Black Civil Rights" is an index of the color of the Mayor's skin.
It is more accurate to say that "Municipal CONTRACTING" which is a province of the "clique" that one belongs to has morphed into a notion of "Civil Rights" and thus this caller believes that this is the case.

Using this man's logic - since America will more than likely have a "White President" come 2017  - this represents a set back for "Black civil rights" - even if it is a Democrat who receives 90%+ of the Black vote.

The Damage Done From Life In "Bowen Homes"
In Atlanta - today's crime hotspot along "Rev Joseph E Boone Blvd" had been topped by the frequent reports of crime in the former "Bowen Homes".

This housing project in Northwest Atlanta was razed a few years ago as the Atlanta Housing Authority shifted policy in support of "mixed-income housing".

While INCOME was the stated variable - in truth AHA did not want to have such a high concentration of a CULTURE, when allowed to become the prevailing standard within a domain, lead to destroyed human lives and potential.

AHA developed a plan for "job training", "education" and "relocation assistance" for residents who were forced to move from Bowen.

Few people at the time talked about the radical change in purpose of "public housing" since its inception.  What was once meant to be "transitional housing" for those who needed to "get back on their feet" after a life change (newly widowed, newly migrated, newly divorced, etc) became a more permanent situation.   At the time there were reports of multi-generational families who resided in Bowen.  Some individuals lived there for 15, 25, 32 years.

The AHA set up their transition program 2 years in advance.   When the day drew closer the protests from the Civil Rights Pharisees grew louder.   They blamed the fact that these residents were being thrown onto the streets - without a place to stay and without sufficient job training BECAUSE the AHA had failed them.

Few people were able to be honest, making the case that their present condition is an amalgamation of what the same forces that claim to be protecting them had sold them for many decades.  When they faced the threat of having to live in the "real world" - where they had to live up to the living standards of other residences or to obtain gainful employment by selling their capabilities to an employer - the majority of these people were shown to be irreparably damaged from their experience in Bowen - the caretaker state.

Again - when the caller makes reference to the "loss of Black civil rights" per the occupant of the mayor's office in Atlanta - he sees the protections that Bowen Homes had afforded as "CIVIL RIGHTS PROTECTIONS", instead of evidence of a policy set that fails to develop "The Least Of These", but instead harvests their ballots.

"Fight The Power" Is Not Opposed To Charter Schools, Only To National Corporations Seeking To Make A PROFIT From Educating Black Children

The Koch Brothers have done more damage to Black people than have the 'Bloods', "The Crips', 'The Vice Lords', 'The Hoovers', 'The Latin Kings' - combined.   So is the case in the minds of many Progressive Fundamentalists.

I have showed you how "The Open Society Foundation" - from George Soros - has unchecked access into the Black Progressive machine that dominates Black America.  As such - it stands to reason that the "nemesis of Soros" is the focus of the "Black Conscious Filibuster" so that no one does a muckraking inspection of what the "Other Rich White Guy - who is a progressive" is doing by contrast.

In my view the favorable forces who seek contracts and powerful jobs within the school system
are no less motivated for "profit and confidence" than are these "national educational firms" as they both vie to educate Black children.   I am long past the notion that a "Black face" in the place represents the best interests of Black people.

In 2013 I plan to hammer more on the notion of "Opportunity Costs", making it more clear as a means of rebutting the key talking points that we hear.

The issue of debate should be: "How The Lifetime Earning Potential Of A Black Student And The Value Of The Community Is Negatively Impacted As He Matriculates Through The Educational System Having Failed To Be Prepared To Become A Professional Service Agent For The Uplift Of The Community"

When we reframe the focus on these two points (the increased value of economic activity within the Black community and the increased earning potential) - then the GRAND FIGHT OVER SCHOOL CONTRACTS seem fraudulently minuscule  by comparison.

Some people lack the vision to view the universe as it will become once they manage the things that they have control over and trust that other individuals have the competence to do the same.
Instead they are only able to focus on that which is moving today and which is within their field of vision - arranging the fight over these CRUMBS because they are incompetent at making loaves of bread.

It is not their individual ignorance that is a problem but the fact that they put on  a front that sounds so convincing and "Pro-Black" that they compel others to follow along with them.

The main consequence of this "Protect The Black Leadership From Attack" scheme is that INCOMPETENCE is protected in the wake of the "congregational unity enforcement scheme" in protection from an existential threat that has been conjured up.   It would come as no surprise to me that certain academic accreditation agencies inspect certain majority Black school systems with the thought in the back of their mind which says:  "Oh brother, if we apply the standard appraisal to this system and we find problematic exceptions - the organized attacks upon us from the community activists will stronger than the force that was present on a day to day basis, insuring that the schools produced a product that the community needs to prosper up to the next level.  I don't want to be tarred as a 'racist' so I will appraise them with regard to 'Black standards' "

More shamefully - the "Black artisans" will tell you about the "Unique Black experiences and culture" that needs to be considered - while he never seems to confront the NAACP (for example) for their drive for integration as the cure to urban education problems.

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