Sunday, January 13, 2013

As 3 Bodies Are Found In Union City GA - Little Chance That The Crime Will Be Seen As A "Philadelphia MS" Civil Rights Violation

I write this post not knowing:

  • The motivation of this triple murder
  • The means by which the 2 people in the passenger compartment and the one in the trunk were killed
  • The race, age or gender of the victims

A charitable analysis will conclude that the reason why this won't be seen as a "Civil Rights Crime" - in the same way that those from 40 to 60 years are still remembered is because of the difference in PURPOSE of the victims and the MOTIVATIONS of the killers.
The ironic point in this "self-justification" to explain the silence that will ultimately come is that these same people won't ever ask the question:  "WHO FAILED TO GIVE THE KILLER AND THE VICTIMS...............THEIR PURPOSE IN LIFE?"

It is hard not to be cynical about how all of this works.

  • If racial distinctions between these 3 victims and their killer prove to create an INDICTMENT - this death will be registered as a "Civil Rights Violation" where "JUSTICE" must be had, per the words of the Pharisees.   If the situation breaks in the other direction 'Stuff Black People Don't Like' - will either record this as a "Black on White" attack OR evidence of "violent Black nature" if both the victims and the killers are Black
  • If an AK47 was used to kill any of the victims - expect to hear this added to the present gun debate.
    • If everyone was strangled - without a bullet wound to be found - expect that this case will be one of the many "telephone pole memorials" that are driven past on the way to the murder scene that has qualifying indictments
As I visited a neighborhood sports bar (in Fulton County) the other night and stayed later than I normally would - I noticed that the late night brings a different crowd.  I watched as a person a few seats down from my gutted a cigar at the bar and filled it with marijuana - all without concern about "the law".  

"What do these people do for a living?" is what I asked myself.   Their lifestyle is so dramatically different than my own.

As we debate "gun control" - with the notion that new legislation will "go after the guns" and thus the nation is finally making motions on the "Gun Violence In The Black Community" - we will see that what is APPEASING to the politically minded has little to do with what is going on on the ground.

With the previous push for "removing illegal guns off of the street" which brought us "Stop And Frisk" which they now call RACIST - a recalibrated strategy is needed.

Instead of making note of the high over-represnetation of Black people in the homicide victim count and then casting a wide net that ensnares too many innocent people from a community and therefore race - it is understood that there is little such backlash that will be displayed if "The GUN LOBBY" is attacked as the precipitating force for the unchecked gun violence in poor and minority communities.

When the RIGHT-WING raises up in opposition to any more controls - the "Jedi Mind Trick" will be used as those who oppose the activist government action make the case that RACISTS are the people who "SEE BLACK PEOPLE GETTING MURDERED but refuse to stop the supply chain of weapons".

The only effective way to counter this "play from scrimmage" in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" is to become aware of the other dimensions at play - the one that suffers from benign neglect as the masses are drawn into watching the political fray.

Just as when "The Klansman" was killing Black people - with a variety of weapons BECAUSE his end game was to "Keep The Negro In His Place - And Send A Message To Others" - anyone who is interested in getting beyond the latest political transaction and instead focus upon materially reducing the "Black Homicide Victim Rate" - will observe that the auditorium that is the home of the "Black Community Governance Cultural Center" - were the CONSCIOUSNESS of those who later on display a contempt for human life - just as the Klansmen - IS EMPTY on the "Game NIGHT" whenever the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" is played.

By the end of January - far more people will have been murdered by "serial killings" in Metro Atlanta than the 27 killed in Newtown.   For no other reason than the SUPERIOR INTEREST in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" and their INCOMPETENCY at attracting large crowds to the competing auditorium that is closer to home.

The distance between Rev Warnock's church in the "King Compound" and the triple homicide scene in Union City.  I believe I already know Rev Warnock's disposition about the "evil spirit" who triggered this tragedy.   It likely trades with the stock symbol "SWHC".
Even though no finger prints from any principals of the company will be found on the car - it is easier to hold a "Social Justice" protest in front of a building that is full of guns but who's occupants abide by sound "gun safety procedures" than it is to risk getting shot by protesting outside of a "Street Pirate's lair" after he was allowed to matriculate through a community culture that failed to teach him how to 'Give A Damn'. 

Directions From "The King Compound" To The Murder Scene Outside Of The Shannon Mall (Now Closed)

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If after partnering with the "Diverse Progressive Joint Venture" as represented by the "Center For American Progress" and "Think Process" and obtain a ban on the manufacture, retail sale and gun show sale of the weapons that they are targeting - WHAT REDUCTION IN THE "BLACK HOMICIDE VICTIMIZATION RATE" must be obtained BEFORE the BLACK RANK & FILE agrees with the fact that they are being USED?  

That the "leadership" that should be going INTO THEIR RANKS and telling them WHAT THEY NEED DO TO provide more EFFECTIVE GOVERNANCE of the HUMAN RESOURCES passing through their ecosystem - has been traded in for the knowledge that BLACK PEOPLE IN THE PRESENT "AMERICANIZED CONSCIOUSNESS" prefer to be made a part of a STRUGGLE - even if it is functionally disconnected with the TRUTH ON THE STREET.

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