Sunday, January 13, 2013

Africa: The Mass Of Land That Anyone Can Do As They Please - As Long As They Have Weapons That Give Them Power And A "Historical Narrative" That Provides Them With Cover For The Outsiders Looking In To Accept

The nation of FRANCE has just launched two military actions - one on the west coast of Africa - in Mali.  The other on the east coast of Africa - in Somalia.

Both of these actions were justified as "The War Against Muslim Extremists".

I am not here to debate the legitimacy of these acts by an external European/NATO power upon an African nation.

The truth is that there is no African nation that has the power to resist whatever any external power chooses to do.

The main problem is that, within Africa, so many of its institutions through which defensive protection (and justice) is produced are destroyed.  The constant infighting against the enemy in sight - causes them to be weak and vulnerable - in aggregate.  External forces come in to "stop the carnage" and create order - helping themselves to the resources in the process.  

The failure to focus on long term stability and "organic development" for the sake of short term opportunity is the problem in Africa and most other 'Black Disaporatic' locations - including here in America.

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