Thursday, January 03, 2013

Actor Samuel L Jackson Demands Interviewer Say "Nigger" - He Doesn't Worry That The Bigots In The Black Press Will See Him As "Stephen" Because He Is An Important Voice In Motivaing "The Blacks" To Support Obama

(Thank you Quentin Tarantino.  You provided the performers on the stage and I am looking into the "congregation" and taking notes.)

It is better to sit back and watch Black people and note the contradictions about the present order and its agenda, rather than to get tricked by the "transactions" that transpire along the way.

Interview: The Real "Stephen" 

 In The Present Black "Americanized Culture" The EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN Can Do WHAT THE HELL THEY WANT TO, In Violation Of "Black Community Standards".   The same people who show "black & white" film in February of people who had arbitrary rules and enforcements can't bring themselves to see their own EQUALITY in corruption.

 Since "The Americanized Black" is more of a creature of POLITICS and IDEOLOGICAL OPPORTUNISM,  a Black person (like Samuel L Jackson) who is a star player that gains yardage in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" is a protected from the usual correction that would come from such an offense.

  • There will be NO ARTICLE from Leonard Pitts, Stanley Crouch or Earl Ofari Hutchinson
  • The Root and The Grio were not developed as "Black satellite media operations" to DEFEND standards within the Black community. Their purpose is to HARVEST BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS for use into politics and "profressive fundamentalist" social order
  • The Civil Rights Pharisees will give any "Protected Black" who helped win the last election a chance to redeem himself by putting in work in the next election
They can't accept that for Samuel L. Jackson - the "1% Multi-Millionaire Black Actor", compelling an interviewer to say "NIGGER" is just like him saying "Go The Fuck To Sleep" is just like "Wake The Fuck Up and vote for Obama" because the script was placed in front of him.

He told the interviewer that HE reserves the right to choose from the characters that his friend Quentin Tarantino places in front of him.     HE KNOWS that his decision to choose the areas of race that these characters are allowed to go into has NOTHING to do with what the NAACP or other Civil Rights Pharisee group that pretends to "Protect The 'Black Honor' " will bother to enforce UPON HIM.

THE RULES don't apply to "The Protected Black Progressive" because the JUDGES ARE FRAUDULENT.
When you see how the "Free Range Negroes" (the "Republicans who are Black" and/or "The Black Conservatives) receive a heaping of BLAME that "No One Negro" could possibly be guilty of by himself - you should understand that they don't believe that HE IS CULPABLE IN THE MEASURE THAT THEY DOLE OUT.  They are ONLY making an example of him for the benefit of FELLOW BIGOTS.

(Ironic Note:  When I converse with the "Fine and Honorable White Right-wing Bigots" on "Stuff Black People Don't Like" I also have to remind them that their indictments of "The Entire Black Race" can't possibly be taken seriously.   "The Negro in America does not have the POWER and MONEY to do all that you claim that he is guilty of".  They too are motivated to misappropriate the Negro's FORCE OF DAMAGE to their cause because they too are running a "congregational unity scheme" - knowing that the forces with TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF POWER in the American economy don't give a damn about their blog and what they have to say about Black people)

 This is a prime example of the INSTITUTIONAL CORRUPTION that I speak of that prevents development in the areas within the Black Community of more importance.

 Don't pay attention to the corrupt progressive "historians" as they enumerate their list of "Stephens".
 When the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Bigoted Ally" makes note sees the FAUX "OFFENDEDNESS" among the "Black Racial Services Machine", meant to harvest "valuables" and "loyalty" from Black people - HE WILL LOOK AT THIS INTERVIEW WITH SAMUEL L JACKSON but choose to look INTO THE CONGREGATION to see the few Negroes who expressed "offense".

The majority of today's "Black Offendedness" is for use in POLITICS and against the RIGHT-WING.

My Niggas

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