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ABC's "Scandal" Is "Django Unchained" - Without The "Slave Beatings" And "Battle Royale" But The Black Concubine Gets To Stand Up To "Men With Power" And Deny Them Some "Booty" Until They Act Right

(Maybe its just me folks.)

When I finally got around to checking out "Scandal" on my Tivo I watched it with the viewpoint that Mo Ivory had applied.

This is the first episode of the season that I have watched.   I deleted the "Season Pass" on my Tivo and it did not record any of the episodes.  (I watched them all during the premier season).

To be fair - the President is in a coma so Olivia Pope can't "get down" with him in the Oval Office.

The key points that screamed at me in this episode - beyond my initial criticism that no non-government official would have access to the Oval Office as does Olivia Pope, are listed below.

I have to accept that when I view the world I am not looking to BE OFFENDED AS A BLACK PERSON.(Racism Chasing)  This might explain that I got an entirely different set of criticism than did Mo Ivory.   Olivia Pope's sex life was the least of my concerns.

(You all will never know how much of a burden all of this is to me)

"Gulf Of Aden" And The Nation Of "East Sudan"? 

  1. If I told you that the average American would not know if there was a nation named "East Sudan" or not - would this surprise you?
  2. The United States of America IN THE REAL WORLD Is Making Drone Attacks In The Impoverished Nation Called "Yemen".  Yemen Is Not An "African Nation" .  It Is Separated From The African Mainland By - You Guessed It - The "Gulf Of Aden"
  3. There Is Heightened Activity In The Gulf Of Aden.  Not Only Are The "Somalian Sea Pirates" Doing The Bulk Of Their "Sea Piracy" In These Waters
    1. Somalian Boat Refugees Make The Dangerous Trek From Somalia To Yemen - Across These Waters.  
    2. The Western Powers Are More Interested In Sending Military Vessels To Protect Commercial Shipping From Piracy In These Waters Than They Are In Providing Water-Rescue Operations For East Africans Seeking A Better Life In Yemen
  4. The Fictional American Intelligence Officer Pictured Above Has A Consciousness More Like The "Black Slavers" Who Rode Back To Africa On The "Slave Ship" And Did Most Of The Work In Capturing Africans For "Human Trafficking" Than Most Of You All Would Be Comfortable In Admitting As You Watched "Roots" - Wondering Why They Would Do Such A Thing To "Our People".

(Editorial Note:  This Is A LOL Moment.   
 I Went To YouTube, Intending To Do A Simple Screen Shot Of The Video Of "Kunta Kinte" Being Captured.   The Person Who Posted The Video Labeled The Two "Black American Slaves" Who Captured Him As "Clarence Thomas" And "Herman Cain" - So The Full Video Is Worth Seeing.

THIS PERSON Can't Bring Himself To See That - Just As HE Has Called Out His ENEMY In The "American POLITICAL CONTEXT" - He Is Equally Too Bigoted To Look At WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE REAL WORLD - And Admitting That:

  1. Clarence Thomas Does Not Have THE POWER To Order The US Military To Do A Damned Thing In Africa Or Any Other Nation Of Color.  
    1. In one day the nation of France launched militery actions on the west coast of Africa in Mali and on the east coast of Africa in Somalia - all without needing permission to "enter the airspace" in either nation.
  2. Herman Cain's Only POWER - Is To Piss Off Black Progressive Fundamentalists Like The YouTube Video poster.   I AM MORE FOCUSED ON THE PEOPLE WHO "DON'T PISS HIM OFF" despite doing the things that he claims to be opposed to.
  3. The Person WHO DOES HAVE THE POWER To Fire Drones Into Yemen And Somalia In The Name Of "American Foreign Policy" Is Protected Via The IDEOLOGICAL That This Video Poster Is Displaying
Please Ask Yourself: WHO PROFITS From Keeping Some Black People IGNORANT About Civics As A Person's "Self-Justified" Hatred Is Liquidated Into Profits For Someone Else While They Remain 'Marginalized' Despite Their Projected Happiness?)

MY PERSONAL OPINION - (With All Due Respect) - "The Bones Of Our Ancestors" DESERVE To Be Disturbed By "NATO Bombs" As Long As The Consciousness Of Their Descendants In America Is So Polluted With Bigotry And Shortsighted Opportunism, As They Focus On What They HOPE TO RECEIVE In The Name Of "Social Justice" In America - That Is PURCHASING THEIR SILENCE.

Free The Victim Of TORTURE AND WATER BOARDING From The Cell Within The Pentagon In Washington DC??  Send Your Tweets - "Data Usage Charges May Apply If You Go Over Your Data Rate Plan"

Is It Possible That An Issue That Was So "Offensive" During The Time When A "Political Indictment" Was To Be Exacted - But Which Today Is Used So Frivolously - Was A Concern That Was FRAUDULENT IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Just As They Recommend Going Through "4 Seasons" With "The Love Of Your Life" That You Just Met - So That You Can Understand How She Changes With The Season - It Seems That We Should Also Make Note Of How A Change From "Offense To Defense" (yes I have this correct from the perspective of the operatives) - Brings Forth A Change In What OFFENDS Them.
"Django-Like Powers" That Appear To Be Magic

"Olivia Pope' In The Oval Office With The New Female President.
Though She Is Not A Government Official, She Is Casually Present As "Sensitive Secrets" Are Being Discussed
If A Black Man Can Become President....What Else Other Than Your "Self Hatred" (if you are Black) Or Racist Underestimation (if you are not) Makes You Believe That In The Real World With Only One Black Man In The Senate (And Even The Paid Blacks At MSNBC Wants To Run Him Off As If They Were The "Red Coats") That THIS BLACK MAN Can't Become THE SENATE LEADER? 


Olivia WILL NOT Be Giving Her "Shaking Up Partner" Any Booty Later!!

She Is Tired, Has A Headache And Is Going To Teach Him A Lesson

Your Community Would Surely Improve If You Did. 

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