Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Tour Of Gun Transaction Around Metro-Atlanta

Three distinct stories from three distinct areas around metro-Atlanta that give a hint as to why certain people take different positions on "Gun Control".in the hands of the government

Location Artifact
Cobb  County - Gun Show: Fear Of Weapons Ban Draws Large Crowds To Gun Show

Table Cell
Dekalb County - Shooting At A Teen Party
Sandy Springs (Fulton County) An Apartment Shooting In The "Super White City" Whose Founding Was Considered A "Civil Rights Violation" By The Civil Rights Pharisees Who Were Concerned About The Implications On The County Tax Base And Their Ability To Practice "Restorative Justice" Through "Progressive Redistribution" Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

The race of any of the shooting victims or "Street Pirates" who shot them is less relevant to the greater issue that is at hand.

As the school shooting in "Newtown CT" grabs the national headlines and serve as the impetus for "Federal Gun Control" and the resulting fight between the two "Dung Producing Party Animals" and their associated loyalists - the FACT is that the run of the mill shooting in the "Mission Accomplished Zones" is less a result of "mental disease" than the issue of a culture and consciousness that has been allowed to forment - while the forces who were charged with instilling consciousness and values into these young people - have largely abandoned their posts - in pursuit of nationalized ideological and political opportunism.

If we zoom up to Philadelphia PA - the argument about guns is one of "Rural right-wing" hunters seeking to protect their right to have access to the firearm of their own choosing - versus "Urban lefit-wing" 'Stop The Gun Violence' advocates who argue that - at a time of crisis - the rural people should yield to the greater issue of unchecked access to weapons that are causing carnage on the streets of the "Mission Accomplished Zones".

In our indictment and slander based politics these two sides are often heard attacking each other:
  • "THEY are killing each other in their own cities, what does this have to do with us?"
  • "THEY are happy to see Black people killing each other.  In fact they are likely dumping the guns in our community"
I do not hide my belief that the carnage that takes place within the "Mission Accomplished Zones"  is a consequence of decades of misdirection and squandered goverance of the culture and institutions within.

As both sides hunch their backs as they prepare for a fight the chances that a rational outcome in the crisis get diminished.

My solution says:  "YOU take care of your bigots - while I keep 'mine' in check".

I am personally not bothered by the run on gun sales because I understand that the threat to the Black community's safety has changed dramatically from 50 years ago.

Even if the majority of these sales are motivated over fear that "Obama - the Progressive President Who Is Black" might take their guns" - this STILL does not account for the prevailing vector through which Black people are killed in America 2013.  

It is far more likely that a BIGTOED pro-gun owner might say something stupid and draw the energy of the "gun control" people - than it is for them to recreate s "race riot" like those of the past.

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