Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Street Pirate Murdered The 3 Black People In Union City GA Who Died From Asphyxiation Because While A Faulty Muffler Can Cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - It Can't Put A Dead Man In The Trunk

The distance from the crime scene on the 8000 block of Magnolia Drive in Jonesboro and the exit ramp in Union City - right near the former "Shannon Mall".

UNFORTUNATELY - there were more protests outside of the Kroger grocery store right across the street from where the 3 Black people were found dead in the car because a WHITE MANAGER of the Kroger pushed a Black man who was soliciting money from customers of Kroger - than you will see as a result of 3 Black people murdered.

The mistake that people make is to assume that there is "logic, predictability and proportionality" in the responses of the Embedded Confidence Men.

I told you before - The #1 goal of "Black Progressivism" is CONGREGATIONAL UNITY.  If this is forged in the context of irrationality then - so be it.

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The Second Triple Murder In Metro Atlanta In Less Than A Week - But This Time In A "Super White City".  Both "Stuff Black People Don't Like" AND "The Concerned Black Clergy Of Metro Atlanta Inc" Are Waiting To See The Race Of The Victims And The Killer Before They Comment.

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