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Without Structured Analysis Black Progressive Bias Is Ineffective At Economic Analysis

I listen to certain operatives in the media (and the hosts who don't  know how to rebut them / and those who are complicit with them) and it is frustrating at how much IDEOLOGY trumps THE PROPORTIONALITY FILTER.

Proper Framing
NPR "Tell Me More"

"The Black Agenda" In President Obama's Second Term

Keli Goff On Black Unemployment

The ole "A Black And A White file a resume for the same job but 'The White' gets the job" story.

Keli Goff - ARE YOU PREPARED TO SAY that "Out of the UNIVERSE of reasons why BLACK MALES HAVE AN UNACCEPTABLY  HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT RATE the 'RACIAL TASTE TEST HIRING STORY' that you and the NAACP are heard advancing IS THE #1 FORCE defining this problem"?

My criticism with the host, Michel Martin is that she likely BELIEVES what Keli Goff said and as a result she never pushed for a more granular explanation from Ms Goff.

  1. Are there sufficient JOBS being created in the Mission Accomplished Cities where Black people are most concentrated in - for them to apply to in the first place?  Do YOU see any type of PUBLIC POLICY breakdown among YOUR FRIENDS IN POWER who stand tall politically DESPITE having failed to DEVELOP and EMPLOY the population that you are most concerned with?
  2. How does the information that was seen in the Schott Foundation Report regarding Black male high school graduation play into the problem?    
    1. A recent report noted that a person WITH a high school diploma makes between $7,000 and $10,000 more per year than a person without a diploma 

 ANALYSIS - The position of Keli Goff and other Black Progressive Fundamentalists in which they CHANNEL THEIR HOPES UPON OBAMA'S SECOND TERM and blame CONTINUING RACISM (and the Right Wing) for their present FAILURES is proof of how "THE BLACK AGENDA" is purely an IDEOLOGICAL / POLITICAL AGENDA.

I have little confidence that Michel Martin will ever endure this type of argument and then challenge a Keli Goff to answer:  "WHY ARE BLACK PROGRESSIVES KNOCKING ON THE WHITE HOUSE DOOR FOR A COMMUNITY LEVEL FIX - When the Progressive Elected Officials at the lower rungs of government who BLACK PEOPLE invested their VALUABLES and HOPES within for more than 50 years that THEY would fulfill what they now ask OBAMA to fix.

(Note:  I am listening to "Democracy Now" right now.  At the UN Climate Conference the former leader of Ireland [Who Obama gave a "Presidential Medal Of Freedom" to] is now telling of the PROMISE OF OBAMA II in the area of Climate Change.    However when the UN representative took the microphone he did not speak of a racial change in US position but went to market what the Obama Administration has already done.   When asked to condemn the host nation - which is an oil producer he didn't do as the audience had hoped.

This is the VERY SAME "Pre-Bigoted Assumptions" that are vested into Obama on the subject of "The Black Agenda" but this time it is in the heart of the 'Environmental Justice" movement.  In BOTH CASES they are attuned to fighting against their RIGHT-WING ADVERSARY [which is BIG OIL in their case] that they can't see that THE US GOVERNMENT is doing the very same thing under Obama.  THE MAIN difference with Obama in office is that THE LEFT has been neutralized in their fight against the Government)

For NPR's Michel Martin to EFFECTIVELY CHALLENGE Keli Goff as she (Mrs Martin) DEFENDS THE BLACK UNEMPLOYED - Mrs Martin would have to first PUT HER OWN PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM on the shelf temporarily and force Ms Goff and other Black Progressive Fundamentalists to answer the fundamental question:

"With FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER AT THE LOWER RUNGS OF GOVERNMENT that Black people USED TO PROTEST AGAINST for JUSTICE - CAN YOU TELL ME THAT your present focus upon the White House as you continue your support at the lower rungs is evidence of a SYSTEMATIC INCOMPETENCE AT DEVELOPMENT BLACK PEOPLE through the Institutions that you now control - rather than proof of CONTINUED RACISM as you are attempting to advance?    It seems to me, Keli, that as long as you and the NAACP can show an EXISTENTIAL RACIST THREAT - YOUR NATIONALIZED STRUGGLE FOR JUSTICE is Justified.    If someone points to the ARCHITECTURE OF ESTABLISHMENT POWER that this struggle has amassed but the problems persist - I wonder if you can tell me, Keli, that you have the competency in GOVERNANCE to achieve your desired goals at the neighborhood level, allowing President Obama to focus upon running the country?"

(Dear Michel Martin - you are free to TAKE THE ABOVE CHALLENGE, verbatim, as it has no copyright.    If you did ask this question to one of your Black Progressive guests - I will drop my request of your predecessor "Black Progressive Host" - Faria Chideya - as I try to get her to do a followup to her 2006 Election series in which she brought several Congressional Black Caucus members onto "News And Notes" and gave them an open mic regarding the GRAND BENEFITS that the Black community would receive IF it GAVE ITS VALUABLES to assist the Democratic Party to win the US House.

Do you see how the Black Progressive is in a "Permanent Struggle" rather than GOVERNING our communities  AND DEVELOPING our people?)
"Democrat Who Is Black" Operative Karen Finney on CNBC


Above is the recent chart from Pew Research regarding their analysis on the bias of MSNBC and FOX NEWS.
The reason why this is so valuable to me is because it comes from a third party observer.

When you step into the realm of "Black Political Discourse" and "The Black Media" there is a near universal agreement that FOX NEWS IS BIASED and is an ARM OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.   Even the "Independent" Talk Radio host Rob Redding called for Fox News to be shut down because they are not a news organization.

When I apply my "Dark Matter Analysis" technique to the issue - We hear their indictments on FOX NEWS but, likewise we hear their AFFIRMATION of MSNBC.   The Detroit Chapter of the NAACP gave an award to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow - she came to Detroit to do a report and attacked the STATE REPUBLICANS rather than "The Fellow Progressives that control over seat of power in the city".

This same "Dark Matter" can be applied to the over the top indictments of "the Koch Brothers" while George Soros is WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY via the Open Society Foundation.

So what does have to do with Karen Finney and her "Fiscal Cliff Debate"?  PLENTY!!!

The UNIVERSE of the fiscal challenge with the United States says "There needs to be a $4 TRILLION PACKAGE struck from these negotiations in order to stabilize the LONG TERM FISCAL CONDITION OF THE UNITED STATES.  (I happen to believe that even this is too small AND there are more structural issues that need to be addressed  - but I will work with $4T)

With respect to this $4 Trillion number (from the Simpson Bowles Commission that was put forth by President Obama several years ago) -

* The Republicans have latched onto this number, having put forth a plan that focuses on spending cuts to achieve the $4T.  
IN MY ANALYSIS, having become a discipile of the "Concorde Coalition - Fiscal Wake Up Tour" - there needs to be tax hikes and spending cuts.  Thus the Republican plan FAILS because it does not have sufficient tax hikes.

To be clear - the claims that "Austerity Cuts" damage the present economy and can place it into recession is TRUE with two caveats

  1. OF COURSE it is true that if you place tens of thousands of currently employed people into the job market, taking away their income - a recession will be produced.  So you can't have blunt cuts - they must be graduated
  2. Those who made the GOVERNMENT A JOBS PROGRAM decades ago are the SOURCE OF THE CURRENT PROBLEM.  Their attacks on Austerity Cuts are neutralized by the strong hand that they have played (in Europe) in creating the conditions that has caused the massive sovereign debt and resulting collapse.
So now let us turn to Ms Finney, the Congressional Black Caucus and nearly all of "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio" 

So if the "Republican's "SIN" is that they don't raise enough taxes in their plan - then what do we say about the Progressive Fundamentalists which "The Black Agenda" has been REGULATORY CAPTURED by?

When I saw Maxine Waters at the microphone yesterday saying "No cuts to Medicare, No cuts to Social Security, No cuts to Medicaid"    (But of course she wants TAXES ON THE RICH) I DID NOT see the words of an ECONOMIC REALIST.  

The Maxine Waters figures work the crowd from the angle of "SOCIAL JUSTICE RIGHTS" - telling us how THE POOR and THE LEAST OF THESE would be hurt from program cuts.

Then Karen Finney works the crowd from the "POPULISM" angle.   We are getting a true lesson in why POPULAR DEMOCRACIES FAIL.    
You see Karen Finney is apt to remind us about the 2012 ELECTIONS and how the American People Have Spoken.   Yet the Republicans are going against this will.

Just imagine in December 2004 if a Republicna operative asked "Why are you all still protesting against the Bush Wars?  BUSH WON THE ELECTIONS" - you would think that this is an incredulous statement.    How is Karen Finney's claims any different?

Karen Finney and The Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio (and CBC) appear to have NO REFERENCE TO THE $4 TRILLION construct that is needed.

They are merely MARKETERS FOR OBAMA. 
President Obama is proposing a package that is mostly based on tax increases that gets only to about $1.6 Trillion over 10 years.  
AGAIN we must recognize that over the past 5 federal budget years the YEARLY DEFICIT has been $1.0 trillion AND ABOVE.    Why should anyone believe that $160 billion in annual "savings" for 10 years is an ACCOMPLISHMENT?  

My frustration with those who REPRESENT THEMSELVES as "Protecting The Black Interest" is that EVEN WHEN A BLACK FACE is in power - HAVING TO PRESIDE OVER THE ENTIRE NATION - they USE the fact that he is Black - and thus is receiving racial attacks to carve out what is STILL a MARGINAL ISSUE (marginal - meaning does not envelop the ENTIRE SET OF ISSUES ON THE TABLE ) as they stand resolute.

Take what I have argued above with Keli Goff and Michel Martin.
When this line of thinking has taken over a LOCAL ECOSYSTEM and must FILL THE ENTIRE SCOPE in order to respond to the development needs of the people - they are inclined to PUNT on these local challenges - as they engage on their PERPETUAL NATIONAL STRUGGLE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE.  

The Failure To Develop The Least Of These Through The Institutions That Favorable People Are Now In Power Over - Allows The Progressive Fundamentalists To APPLY FAKE MORAL AUTHORITY As They Lay Down To Resist Cuts Of Social Justice Programs

 As I was typing the above section title the words from the  Black guy on the "Bill Moyers Journal" commercial ran through my head: "The opposite of POVERTY is JUSTICE" he said.

This is a fatally flawed analogy.

He, like the others listed above, can't bring himself to see that when it comes to THE LEAST OF THESE - when they give their VALUABLES of:

  • Their VOTES in an open election................ those who CLAIM to be defending them - but instead who are merely selling an IDEOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT and are harvesting the key valuables listed above - they cannot be seen as mere AGENTS OF ALTRUISM.

They SOLD "The Least Of These" on a promise.  
It is this PROMISE that must be INSPECTED by "The Least Of These" lest they continue on a permanent struggle for the sake of struggling.

Those who tell us of the damage that Social Justice Program cuts would have upon "The Least Of These" are NOT speaking with the "voice of Jesus".  

More often than not they are the architects of the scheme by which "The Least Of These" were provided with a "Fiat Standard of Living" that they CONSUMED, but these leaders failed to develop ORGANIC COMPETENCIES, through the INSTITUTIONS that they took control over, so that their "Nationalized Social Justice Redistribution Scheme" could become an "Organic Production Farm".   

They had no intention of doing so.  When the "production" is shifted from one of "ideological/political conquest" to that of a local production effort - like that of a farm - the observation that I made about "Progressive Fundamentalism" is borne out - "Progressivism Is INORGANIC".   It has no intention of BEING the "Employer Who Pays Out a LIVING WAGE to its employees".  IT KNOWS THAT THIS IS NOT ECONOMICALLY SUSTAINABLE.

Its job then is to force ITS ENEMIES to live up to the principles of "Social Justice", the indictments that it successfully makes against them grants them POWER. 

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