Monday, December 17, 2012

With SACS Placing The Dekalb County GA School System On Probation - The Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta Is Going To Claim "Racial Profiling" As They Are Satisfied With What The "Favorable People In Power" Are Doing - OR They Would Not Have Been Affirmed By The Popular Vote

(Note for all of you who don't live in Atlanta - Tune into at 4pm eastern and you will get a chance to make your own appraisal about my observations)

From The Article:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
An accrediting agency is accusing the DeKalb County School District of a decade of “poor, ineffective governance,” announcing Monday that it’s placing the district on probation, leading to possible removal of the school board.
After a six-month investigation, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools found evidence of missing money, school board nepotism and board member influence on which schools students, particularly athletes, attend.
Despite exerting influence in areas where they had no formal role, members of the school board failed to oversee their primary responsibility: the money. DeKalb is “perilously close” to running out of cash, said Mark Elgart, the president and chief executive officer of SACS parent company AdvancED. Despite annual revenues approaching $1 billion, some students don’t have textbooks and most have no access to computers or the Internet. This is because the school board, administrators and others in decision-making positions put the interests of adults before those of children, he said. Meanwhile, academic performance has been sliding.
The findings prompted SACS to bring the ultimate threat: loss of accreditation. It could happen a year from now. Until then, DeKalb is on probation, Elgart said. School officials have the interim to address the concerns. SACS will be sending teams to monitor the response in the spring and fall.
We are living in an age of populism and the Black community's "governance culture" will be the first victim of this mindset.
This strike by the Southern Association Of Colleges And Schools by which the 4th "Black" school system in the State Of Georgia to come under investigation by SACS will be viewed purely in a racial viewpoint.  
( Clayton County, City Of Atlanta, Dougherty County Schools [Albany] have all been placed under scrutiny and/or been placed on Probation/ Lost Accreditation by SACS).
In their standard "Shoot The Racist And Aim Later" disposition - the "Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta" are going to:
  • Listen to their friends in power in the school board
  • Make note that 'The Black Community' who affirmed the present board via the popular vote ...................
and then claim "the largest Black run school system outside of Africa is a victim of RACISM".

I can think of no less than 10 Black families that moved out of Dekalb County, outward to Gwinnett County (the primary destination), Henry County, Fayette County or private school BECAUSE of their concerns with the condition of SOME of the schools in Dekalb County.   I had a beer with a teacher in Dekalb over the weekend.  He plans to leave the system after this year.

Unfortunately we are going to have a purely defensive posture as the "Embedded Confidence Men" seek to rile up their base of listeners - asking "Why don't WHITE school systems in Georgia ever get put on probation by SACS?   Tell me what other reason than they do not want to see BLACK PEOPLE POWER as the answer - and I will change my tune"?

You don't debate with such a person. 
You make reference to the facts as expressed by Black parents who have a vested interest in their children's education.   Many have avoided the schools in "South Dekalb".   

Recall about 5 years ago when I was invited as a guest speaker at an elementary school in South Dekalb as they prepared for the CRCT (where they played the 'educational song' to the beat of Snoop Dogg's "Sexual Attraction" .   As I waited for the program to start a Black male who was a substitute teacher told me "there are 2 Dekalb County School Systems - one north of Memorial Drive.  The other south of Memorial Drive.   When I get a call in the morning to fill in - I first ask 'What school do you want me to go into?' and then I have to decide if I am up to going into a school on the southside."


There is no question that there is a pattern going on right here.

EITHER - SACS has "institutional bias" against "Black Run" schools


(as I suspect - just being honest) The AMALGAMATION of POLITICAL, PARENTAL and "Civil Rights" local influences produces a system of "Ideological Nepotism" that produces a governance model that is askew from the other schools.

(From first hand experience) The Fulton County School System - though more racially diverse than Dekalb has a strong "Black administrative influence" upon the district.  Is the only reason why they have not been targeted is because of the "White portion" of the school district proves cover from SACS?  (Again - please tune in and listen for this perspective)

Is there anything that is within Dekalb County that justifies this closer scrutiny from SACS? OR as we will hear "SACS is in cahoots with the 'State Republicans' and thus 'WE are under attack' as they try to take away school accreditation and open up charter schools."

I pointed out how the Embedded Confidence Men plastered the face of the "Republican Governor - corrupt Nathan Deal" as the poster child for the recent "State Chartered School Amendment".  They asked "Do you want right-wing Republican Governor Nathan Deal RUNNING YOUR SCHOOL SYSTEM as he opens up charter schools in order to negate the power of the local Black school board that you voted for?"

Do you hear protection of school board POWER OR do you hear promotion of the best interests of the children - as they turn to their friends and say "PROVE that you are sufficiently educating my children!!".

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Anonymous said...

I am black. I attended colored schools and had hand me down books from white schools. It is demeaning and horrifying that a majority black board are now subjecting Dekalb students to an inferior "colored school" education. If this is about race, call it what it is :Black self-hatred.