Friday, December 28, 2012

Why Does The Huffington Post Only Get "Offeneded" Over Domestic Images That Demean President Obama?

Why Do Progressive Joint Venture Propaganda Sources Like "The Huffington Post" Highlight Domestic Slights Against President Obama?


Because by focusing on DOMESTIC RIGHT WING "racist" attacks upon President Obama - it "Self-Justifies" their choice to spike images of "The Face Of American Imperialism" around the world.

Just as with Black Progressive Fundamentalists, the White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally understands that if President Obama can be made into a "BLACK VICTIM WHO IS UNDER ATTACK From American Right Wing Racism" then this will suck up all of the air out of the room, leaving the "Left-Wing Anti-American Imperialism" forces to STAY QUIET because a greater threat to the Commander In Chief is at hand.

It allows them to retain their "2 dimensional" assessment of the foreign "people of color" who oppose US Policy REGARDLESS OF WHO IS IN POWER in the White House.

What we now see is that a significant portion of the "Anti-War Protests" in the "War On Terrorism" was IDEOLOGICAL OPPORTUNISM.  These people were used for the advancement of a purely DOMESTIC agenda.

They understand that the "HATRED" theme against the "American Right-Wing" is an effective branding.

When other people commit violence it is not "hatred"/"racism"/"bigotry" but a group of powerless people who are acting out in a moment of desperation. 

President Obama is the vessel by which "Progressive Fundamentalism" can be advanced - knowing that "You can't hit an inferior Black man" in the ways that you can a WHITE MAN who held that very same seat of power.  BUT YOU DO KNOW that this SAME SEAT OF POWER RETAINS THE SAME POWER, regardless of who is the occupant. 


They are not capable of carrying and projecting the same "ORGANIC NEGATIVE ATTRIBUTES" as White People carry.

When one's own bigotry is conflicted by real world circumstances - SILENCE and REDIRECTION - are two frequently used tactics that prevent the necessary introspection.

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