Monday, December 10, 2012

Who Controls The Priority Focus On Crisis/Threat/Opportunity Within The Black Community? WHO Gets To Ask "WHY NOW?"

In The Past - A BLACK MAN COULD BE KILLED For Ignoring These Signs

In July 2012 A Black Man Was MURDERED Right Across The Streets From This Campaign Headquarters On Auburn Avenue In Atlanta - Where So Many HOPES AND DREAMS Of Black Americans Are Stored In The Supply Closet 

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Crime's Impact Upon The Children

With the election season over and the "Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta Inc" proclaiming to Black people that "WE WON!!!!" - now that they are turning their attention to unkempt business WITHIN the Black community - should I "Jump" now that they and the local press are willing to "connect the dots"?

NO ONE reading this blog can claim that I have failed to promote the issue of crime and violence in Metro Atlanta.

In fact - I see the present conditions as a consequence of what the operatives in leadership VALUE the most.

When given the choice of the value OF the Black Community by achieving maximum participation rates from the Adults in the community who set the tone for everyone else - they clearly are more competent at "Get Out The Vote" schemes, achieving record SCALE in this enterprise while never bothering to measure the "Participation Rate" with regard to the adults in the community doing their part in GOVERNANCE of the Black Community.

The shameful part is that there is no PUNISHMENT to be had from the Black Rank & File for having such skewed priorities.

Please recall my definition of "Black Consciousness":
That which you REFUSE to allow to be done in the name of 'The Black Community' because you understand the long term damage that it will incur upon our people's consciousness about themselves.

Those who practice the "False Religion Of Black Americanism" understand that as long as they have consensus within the Black community for their "Black Community Conscious Attention Filibuster" - not only will no one complain about their antics - IF you call it out you might be subject to attack.

Having USED Black people's ability to get "OFFENDED"  so much in their political shenanigans - they understand that by making an INDICTMENT against the SYSTEM for the dead Black bodies that show up ever 1.25 days in Metro-Atlanta  there is little chance that the rank & file will be "Offended" that they don't believe that the masses are "OFFENDED" over the assumptions of their stupidity in not seeing what is going on.

The truth is that there are far too few voices saying "YOU ALL ARE NOT going to do this in OUR NAME!!!   We handed over our valuables to you all for many decades.  Now we want to know 'WHAT DID YOU DO WITH OUR MONEY, you stopped external forces from murdering us but now the greater threat is from WITHIN?"

Through the discrete intervals of time......................

  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • The Struggle For Political For Black Political Power
  • The Execution of Power / Progressive Joint-Venture Partnership....................
the primary forces that have remained standing strong, regardless of the outcomes have been:

  • The Black Progressive Politician In Power
  • The Civil Rights Pharisees
  • The Black Journalists - Who Have Not Run A "Muckraking Operation" To Check Their Friends In Power In Support Of The Protection Of The Community

Shot While Walking While Black On A Sidewalk

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