Wednesday, December 12, 2012

White Ally For Diversity: "I Would Have Sent My Children To 'Dr King Middle School' BUT I Didn't Because It Was Not Progressive Enough Due To All Of The Remedial Testing. I Will Assist My Friends In Removing This Racist Testing Regime In Order To Make The School Attractive To Future Allies"

QUESTION:  Is a school that has nothing but Black and Hispanic children "DIVERSE"?

I have partial respect for the Black parent who does not apologize for engineering the placement of his children's education based upon the priorities of he and his wife.
He would get full credit if he were to stand up to the NAACP and tell them that WHITE FOLKS reserve the same right to not buy into their fraudulent scheme labeled "Sharing Poverty Equally". Since "School Busing" struck out - they needed to relabel it.

No one is going to challenge the NAACP and the Black Racial Services Machine to REMAKE THEIR COMMUNITY SCHOOLS into the ESSENCE of the "White Schools" that they seek to "share the poverty with".   In their soul they understand that WITHOUT WHITE KIDS in the community schools they lack the competence to compel their base of "Black children" Poor Children into compliance.

Once you understand the PSYCHOLOGICAL underpenning of all of this - you will see that the WHITE KID'S PRESENCE does not provide DIVERSITY as they market.   (As Minister Farrakhan says) - The White kid serves as the DIAMETER up to which the "Negro" seeks to EXTEND HIMSELF TO!!

Remove the White Kid - and those who are infected with "Assumed Black Inferior" lose their negative reference to motivate their children.

Ironically the best way to allow the Civil Rights Pharisees to justify their continued existence, through the wake of failed execution, is for there to be a continued amount of WHITE RESISTANCE in allowing their kids to be the measuring reference for the perverted Black progressive psyche.  (PRINT IT!!!)

Nothing Is Going To Change In The Black Progressive Psyche Until The "Grand Double Cross" From His Ally Transpires 

Notice the arguments from the White Progressive Ally in the audio report.

He tells of the need for Black and Hispanic students to have DIVERSITY but then admits that WHITE PARENTS don't want their child to be the only WHITE KID in the class.

(I take it you all thought that I missed that one?)

If the Right-Wing are RACISTS - how does it square with you when your ALLY doesn't have his RIGHT-WING BROTHER around to obfuscate his own line of thinking about you?

I APPLAUD this man for inserting a mental trap to cover his tracks.

He WOULD HAVE sent his children to a majority Black school BUT the school curriculum was too focused upon getting poor children caught up to grade level so this was not PROGRESSIVE enough for his tastes.

I would more strongly defined his weasel words said to a Black Progressive, forcing them to accept them than I would the Black guest who more blatantly told of his preferences.   The White ally incorporated the words PROGRESSIVE and DIVERSITY into his justification so HE WINS THE PRIZE!!!!    If only he had said "Social Justice" as well I would have sent him some of my own money.

Assumed Black Inferiority 

Listen carefully to the language in the audio report above.
It will affirm my previous observations that:  ASSUMED BLACK INFERIORITY is at the root of Progressive Fundamentalist thought.

Black Progressive Fundamentalists are not opposed to casing Black people as long as:

  1. The inferior state is from the OPPRESSION caused by other people
  2. There is some perceived payoff at the end of the transaction upon our INFERIORITY
I struggle to get my head around the notion that a young Black child today.......
  • Who attends a school with a "Favorable School Administration"
  • In a city with Favorable People In Power - having received 50%+1 of the Black vote
  • In a nation who has a Black President that has compelled the "Black Racial Services Machine" and the Black Press to compromise themselves as they live vicariously inside of the White House.......
is said to be a VICTIM OF THE LEGACY OF RACISM in America.

When you listen in to their arguments - the main thing that you should understand about the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser is that THEY RESERVE THE RIGHT to tell of their own SOFT TISSUE INJURY FROM HISTORICAL RACISM.

Since it is also the truth that IF they reduce "RACISM CHASING" down to its proportional scale in the measure of forces working against the Black man today - THEY WOULD THEN have to become honest about the FORCES THAT MUST BE PROMOTED IN SCALE.

I keep telling you that if you don't know "The Universe" and then plot out the angle of occupation that the Progressive Fundamentalist seeks to filibuster around then their arguments will remain open-ended.  

In the face of FAILURE TO DELIVER after taking the valuables from Black people - they will use the continuing presence of "The Least Of These" as evidence that they should continue to lead their perpetual struggle into the next interval of time.

They will ask:  "If the Negro is NOW EQUAL then why is there INEQUALITY still?  YOU PROVE that it is NOT RACISM that is the cause if you want us to believe that it is something else!!!"

As you see with the editorial fraud of David Love - they start off with the firm assumption that FAR LEFT/PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST THEORIES are CORRECT and then those who challenge their assumptions must successfully climb atop the mountain where they stand with their bullhorn affixed upon the Negroes who are standing below, and put forth an alternative message that the Black Rank & File AGREES WITH.   They reserve the right to throw boulders down the mountain - the sight of seeing alternative views being smashed at their bequest proves entertaining for the crowds who have consumed their theories. 


I place "The Black Permanent Interests" as a reference and then evaluate how great a force of MOLESTATION they are to our cause for Black Community Development. 

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