Wednesday, December 05, 2012

When We Filter For IDEOLOGY Rather Than RACE - Does Dr Boyce Watkin's Claim Of "Racist Attacks By Prof Cornell West" Stand?

On his blog - the "Blue Dog" Professor Boyce Watkins called out his friend Cornel West for his "racist" attack against multi-millionaire entertainer Jay-Z.

Boyce Watkins Disagrees With Cornel West's Minimization Of Shawn Carter's "Rags To Riches" Story As He Notes The Fraction Of The "Brooklyn Nets" That Jay-Z Owns.

This is an example of BLACK ON BLACK RACISM.

AGAIN we must note that the POWER attribute to RACISM is necessarily stripped away in order to make this word fit the indictment. 

Table Cell

When Cornel West called "Republican Who Is Black" Herman Cain and "Uncle Tom" - this apparently was quite pleasing to Dr Boyce Watkins.

Mr Cain's sin was NOT that he was a former drug dealer, who made a song about transporting Kelos into the Black Community and who makes commercial recordings with more  reference to the word "Nigger" than a secret recording of a Tea Party Convention - published by Media Matters would EVER be able to uncover.

Mr Cain's greatest sin, from the vantage point of Dr Watkins is that HE IS NOT A "BLACK PROGRESSIVE".

So instead of standing WITH the forces that have harvested the VALUABLES and other RAW MATERIALS from the BLACK COMMUNITY for the past 50 years - Mr Cain is standing with the AGENT that the Black Progressive Fundamentalists USED to compel the investment of these valuables with WAR BONDS returned as a promissory note.

Prof Cornel West AND Dr Boyce Watkins are ultimately guilty of the same thing.  They reserve the right to CAST JUDGMENT UPON OTHERS - in the name of PROTECTING BLACKNESS - but like all pious "Christians" - They don't know WHOM ELSE is going to GET INTO HEAVEN and "Stand With THE JESUS of the 'False Religion Of Black Americanism' - but THEY know that JESUS has already promised them a room on the penthouse floor with a spectacular view of heaven.

Don't be fooled by believing that this occasion "FIGHT FOR THE ALPHA-DONKEY" is evidence that Black Progressives are NOT MONOLITHIC.

The evidence of their transparency - IT IS CLEAR - would be IF THEY AGREED to:

  1. Write The DEVELOPMENT END POINT of Black People - defining what that PERSON STANDING IN HIS FINISHED FORM would look like
  2. Define the key attributes that are necessary for this to happen
  3. Construct a TIME LINE for this to happen
  4. Place bids for those who seek to LEAD THE MASSES, providing them with a "ticket" to serve in this role
  5. DEFINE the APPRAISAL AND INSPECTION methodology of their performance
  6. Describe the process for FIRING THEM UPON FAILURE as well as a system to incubate new leaders.   

There is no need to define a process for PROMOTION.  Their natural state is to SELF-PROMOTE themselves and THEIR IDEOLOGY.
It is the FIRING PROCESS that needs to be in writing.

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