Monday, December 24, 2012

We Agree With AG Eric Holder: Make Voter Registration Automatic - Upon Receipt Of Government Photo ID

My position has not changed on this matter.
I support the automatic voter registration upon receiving government photo ID (ie: Drivers License or State ID card).   I believe that it is a waste of time to do the "voter purging" for electoral results.  It remains the case that there needs to be a process for validating one's eligibility in voting in local elections based upon their residency and confirmation that only US citizens can vote.

MY issue with the brouhaha over claimed "Voter Suppression" via the requirement of Photo ID - is that it serves as a "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" - allowing those who should be relieved of their duties in "Mission Accomplished Zone" to remain in power because they can claim that they are "Protecting The Interests Of Black People"............................from the latest RIGHT-WING RACIST attack.

The sight of a big breasted Black female walking through a neighborhood full of dilapidated housing with a t-shirt that said "Protect My Vote From Voter Suppression" - did it for me.

Despite the fact that her community has not received the promised "Salvation By Voting" this well engineered scheme at promoting an "Existential Threat To Blackness" worked effectively, despite whatever the Republicans were thinking otherwise.

The Real Problem With The Stifled Black Community Developing Is Architectural In Nature

Far greater than "Voter Suppression"/ "Voter Purging" /"Lack Of Felon Voting Rights" is the fact that the "moving goal posts" of "Mission Accomplishment" is allowed to be run as a scheme against the interests of the Black Community.   After taking control of the institutions within a given political domain - the Embedded Confidence Men are allowed to shift their indictment away from their "Favorable Friends In Power" - forcing them to deliver.  Instead they merely "Scale The Police Tape around a larger crime scene" and indict the right wing forces that are blocking the Progressive Agenda (in Black face).

The logic that your local schools - full of YOUR adults and students from YOUR community is going to be improved by the actions in Washington DC more than what YOU who has a more vested interest at the local level - is counter-intuitive.

Such a scheme can only be accomplished by the incessant repetition of an "Embedded Confidence Man" force.   Instead of telling you that they are "Black Inferiorists" they create the notion of "Nationalized Social Justice".    This produces expectations from THE NATION while absolving the local residents of any notion that THEY are the primary force of uplift for their own community - with the ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT of their people - THROUGH THE INSTITUTIONS that they now control as the primary means through which they are to receive their "Social Justice End State".

That which is satisfactory for "winning" in the American Political Domain (congregational unity - regardless of the outcome) has destructive impact upon the long term interests of the Black community to construct and enforce a sound "Governance Culture".

The apparent victory in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" in America is not transferable to the INSIDE of the Black community nor outside of America in any other "Black Diasporatic land" - where the government is not strong enough to demand Social Justice from.   Instead these lands  require ORGANIC uplift from people with strong governance skills.

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