Tuesday, December 18, 2012

WAOK's Sydney Wood - The First Black Man To Be Called "The Presidents' Ninja On The Streets" And Say "Thank You - As Long As You Are Talking About Obama"

My challenge to Sydney Wood and other "Black people earning a pay check" for doing what they do IS NOT to "STAND OPPOSED TO PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA".
MY CHALLENGE to them is to put aside their FAKE FRONT as they voice the POPULAR VIEWPOINTS from the Black community - which has come largely from the MEDIA FORCES that sculpt and amplify these views with the right mix of RACIAL HATRED used to justify their positions - and INSTEAD - look at the DAMAGE that you are doing as you destroy the key INSTITUTIONS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY by making them full players in the MALCOLM X POLITICAL FOOTBALL GAME.   The thrill of the COMPETITION and the TEAM UNITY is more alluring to you than the ability for you to submit yourself to any TRANSPARENT MEASURE and prove that you are actually DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE via GOOD GOVERNANCE. 

While it is true that there are some noted "AK-47" attacks that have occurred by Street Pirates within the Black Community - NO ONE who is fomenting "The Struggle" as they depart from the Black community and lead the latest fight against the Right-Wing - is going to ask "EXACTLY HOW MANY NINJAS WHO GOT THEMSELVES KILT in the recent past got killed by a Street Pirate who had an assault weapon or a large capacity clip like I saw in the James Bond movie?"


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