Thursday, December 06, 2012

Video: My Hero And Winner Of The "Bishop Henry McNeal Turner Self Defense Award: - Rita James Of Atlanta

Reporter: "What Did You Think When You Saw The Street Pirate Who Threw The Rock - Standing On The Other Side Of The Window?"


Ms James: "No, uh ah.  I don't try to talk to nobody trying to break in.  I SHOT AT HIM!!"

The most BASIC "Social Justice RIGHT" is that of SELF-DEFENSE and SELF-PRESERVATION.

If in fact her grand daughter "Sugh" was in the house - Ms James had the DUTY to defend her house - NO DIFFERENT than if a Klansman had thrown a brick through her window - like back in the days of Bishop Henry McNeal Turner.

The most charitable thing to do in honor of Ms James is to purchase her:

  • A new gun with a laser targeting system where she can use the "red dot" as a reference on where to aim
  • A video surveillance system that can capture it all on tape so that the Atlanta Police and Fulton County District Attorney can agree to not press charges
I don't do protests BUT I would protest IF someone dared to bring Ms James up on charges for firing her weapon inside the city limits.

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