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Unemployed Actor-vists In Philly Learn From Their Mayor, Deliver Package To The Republican In The US House Rather Than To The White House

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Remember about 4 months ago I was sitting in a bar in Philadelphia and I butted into  a conversation that was being held by 3 other males?   I did not make pronouncements.  I asked questions.   "I hear you all complaining about the condition of your city but every INDICTMENT that you have made has been against Republicans in the state and/or Mitt Romney.   Didn't Black people in Philadelphia INVEST in the present establishment machine?  I have a mindset of West Philly from 30 years ago.  You can't tell me that you got your money's worth after all of your struggle......................."

The pattern was obvious:

  • AGREE - the neighborhoods in Philadelphia have not received the development that is the case in downtown
  • AGREE - the Black community needs to organize to make sure that effective change takes place
  • REDIRECTION - "But the STATE REPUBLICANS are the ones who are blocking everything that the city tries to do.  (He is talking about gun control)"
  • WHEN DID YOU STOP BEATING YOUR WIFE? - "Do you think that Black people will fare better if Mitt Romney is elected?"
When I have these type of conversations I understand that I am talking to a person who is a victim of REGULATORY CAPTURE.    
He is so CAPTURED by the METHODOLOGY that he has bought into (Progressive Fundamentalism through the Democratic Party's fight against the RIGHT WING) that EVEN THOUGH the entire city of Philadelphia is a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ZONE and if any of their brilliant ideas are ever going to work - WE'D SEE EVIDENCE of this in Philly, Newark, Detroit and Chicago where there is no serious RIGHT-WING THREAT.   

Instead since the vast majority of his debates are either:
  • Affirming Democratic Party dogma
  • A REPUBLICAN operative (he talked about the "White boys" at work) who has no clue how to move from their entrenched views and defense of their own party, respectively
I CAME IN and talked with them - NOT from the perspective of indicting them OR promotion of the Republican Party.

My angle was the "verbalization" of my central theme:  "DO YOU FIND IT STRANGE that the Black Community has been lulled into the consciousness where you no longer ask 'WERE IS THE MONEY THAT I GAVE TO YOU THE LAST TIME?  SOMEBODY IS GOING TO GET CUT!!'  ?"

It didn't matter.
Like a person who had previously suffered from abuse - these educated Black males would always return to their life preserver in the ocean that I was taking them into but they could not touch the bottom.    THERE WAS NO "DEFENSE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S PERMANENT INTERESTS" in their consciousness.    

The POPULAR STANCE of the Black Community - who agreed with him that the 'Republicans are Dogs' IS "The Black Permanent Interests".

IN TRUTH - this only means that he is in the company of people who affirm what he says - regardless of if it matches what is true on the streets.   They also would attack such a person if he were to wonder out loud about their valuables.

The Philadelphia Negro Of 2012 - Eats "Chinese Stir-Fry" Cooked By Koreans In His Own Community

The news that Mayor Michael Nutter was able to stand before a large crowd of mostly Black people - a short distance from the bar that I was in and proclaim "This is OBAMA'S COMMUNITY!  What are you doing here Mitt Romney??  Come out of that school and walk the streets and I'LL SHOW YOU REAL POVERTY!!".

It was lost on the bulk of these people that the "Struggle Of 1970's - 80's -90's" in which placing FAVORABLE PEOPLE INTO POWER over the institutions of Philadelphia was to improve the Black community............................has now been scaled up to "WE Are In The White House".

Once you understand that the "Black Establishment Figures" who have a vested interest in retaining the INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY over the institutions that they preside over are instead EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN who are lead more by their ideological bigotry than they absolute concern for the development of the Black community THROUGH the local institutions that they now dominate - you understand why they are silent with this psychological transference.

Just as I told you about "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio" - is the case here:   They don't care about the logic and accuracy of how the rank & file arrive where they want them to be - AS LONG AS THEY ARRIVE as a congregation - is all that matters.

The popular Black political discourse can't identify the OPPORTUNITY COSTS of this populism and "congregational unity".   The fact that there is strong unity is all that is necessary to ward off any criticism.

The cost is in the DAMAGE OF THE "BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE" is the cost.  This cost will linger with our people further into the future than will the remnants of AMERICAN CHATTEL SLAVERY.   

The claim for "Reparations" is tangentially valid - as long as "America" is a going concern - with ELECTIONS that can rile up Black folks to "Remember The Alamo".  

Like an earthen bridge in a "Road runner' cartoon that is crumbling just behind the footsteps of the "Wily E Coyote" - the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED CITIES that have been taken over but the new establishment powers having fused the "Black Consciousness" into their ideological and political agenda - represent the crumbling of the ORGANIC ECONOMY in America as "Social Justice" is NATIONALIZED - without realization that the foundation is built on FIAT CURRENCY.   

The ironic point is that those with Marxist spirit who told of the prediction that "Capitalism will ultimately FAIL" - can't see that THEY ARE an equal bit of straw that is added to the load that will ultimately lead to the spinal injury.

I worry less about the ideological battle - than I do with the painful truth - UPON COLLAPSE those who SHOULD HAVE BEEN using their control over the Black Community Institutions to develop ORGANIC COMPETENCIES among our people - are evading the rightful damnation of their current "high fraud and misdemeanors" because the populace can't see what awaits them and thus - They have failed to set up TOLL BOOTHS along the way of "The Struggle" - demanding EARNEST MONEY before agreeing to take another step forward.

You only need to look at the Black Progressive Fundamentalist blogs to see that they deal with PERSONALITY PROTECTION and SLANDER - believing that this is MANAGEMENT.

With their favorable person telling them that "Green is Blue" - they are contented that our fiscal standing is sound - as long as they get those damned 1% people to pay $80 billion more in taxes - despite the fact that the nation is in the hole for $1,000 billion per annum 

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