Thursday, December 20, 2012

Two Truths That You Are Not Going To See Propagandized About The Establishment Power In Philadelphia

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Ramsey Was Instrumental In Bringing The "Stop And Frisk Policy" To Philadelphia - The Same Policies That The NAACP And Others Are Now Protesting For "Disparate Racial Impact".

Commissioner Ramsey has an excellent chance of having all negative references to this history expunged IF he joins the fight against the NRA, in support of Gun Control.

Philadelphia Tribune:  Chief Ramsey Supported Despite "Stop And Frisk"

No one will ever bothered to tell him that as 75% of the murders in Philly are Black victims - the majority of them ARE NOT killed by high capacity clips or assault rifles and thus the gun ban advocacy is not likely to make a big change in the Philadelphia Homicide rate BUT will make the Black constituents happy that he was on the side of "Do Something" - JUST AS HE WAS when "Stop And Frisk" was first implemented.

Philadelphia Police Chief Charles Ramsey In Washington DC To Support Obama's Gun Control Efforts
While The New Joint Center For "Federal Homeland Security" And "The Philadelphia Police Crime Fighting Units" Receives Verbal Criticism About Concerns About "Domestic Surveillance" - No One Is Going To Fight Mayor Nutter's Participantion To The Point Of Damaging Him As His Stature Grows In The Democratic/Progressive Movement 

You have to give credit to Mayor Nutter on a purely political perspective.  He knows what his base wants to hear AND knows that his base is indeed concerned about the construction of a "police state" where they will be ultimately "suspects".

As I learned from his "education speech" in West Philly in April 2012 when Romney came to town - Mayor Nutter is adept, in this case, to SPREAD his reference to this controversial center  between - Republican governor Corbin and Republican President Bush.

He knows that a large portion of his base will read between the lines and go "chasing" in the direction that he ultimately wants them to go.

Not that I have respect for the man in terms of ORGANIC Black community development - BUT when someone has master what Black people think (who are only a subset of his base of support) I don't begrudge that force.  The fault resides with those who "allowed the back door of the restaurant propped open - during closing" - allowing the inside job to transpire.


These are merely TRANSACTIONS.

The real issue that must be analyzed is the "Principled Stances" that the PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT has taken in the past - and for them to prove TO THEMSELVES that their stances are anything more than amplified "Self-Chum" against the "ideological enemy in power" at the time - as they pursue their dual goal of "Strident Opposition to 'The Police State' " AND knocking the right wing enemy out of power - so they can appoint favorable people in power THAT THEY TRUST - who they will later credit for creating JOBS in the very same buildings that they said were "police state centers".

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