Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tim Scott Appointed To The US Senate - Keeping A Watch On The Ideological Hatred That Should Justify The Removal Of Racially Gerrymandered Districts

The State: 12 Things About Tim Scott

MY OPINION:  I am on balance pleased that the governor of South Carolina appointed Tim Scott to the US Senate.  He appears to be an intelligent, hard working elected official that represents his district well.

In as much as I believe that the national political machine has too much power over our ATTENTION and thus "our lives" - I do not see this as an "advancement" of any particular cause.  It was "preparation and positioning" when "opportunity" opened up.

For me - it is irrelevant that the Republican Tim Scott is going to go with "his party' rather than "his race" - as the bulk of the backbiting that we see as Black Progressives spout their opinions.   The fact that he along with the majority of the 536 key people in Washington (the Congress and the President) tend to go with "Their marginal interests at power over the government" rather than what is in the best interests of the nation and its need to remain fiscally solvent - is more problematic to me.

MY AGENDA - Just as I "Note what Obama is doing" but FOCUS ON THE CONGREGATION - I am doing the very same thing with Tim Scott - the "Republican Who Is Black".

The ironic point is that some people can only think in a herd or tribal mentality - assuming that THEIR POSITION is correct and then judge another based on their proximity TO THEM - they are unable to look at the RESULTS had in the areas where their power is greatest and how much these results stray from the promised SOCIAL JUSTICE that they had invested their valuables into beginning 50 years ago.

With RACIAL bigotry - the sentiment checked if and when it is expressed as a physical assault or hindrance upon Black people,  now that there is a court system and news channels devoted to "Systematic Racism Chasing" - there is type of BIGOTRY that is far more damaging to the Black community that remains unchecked.

While it is indeed illegal to do "Voter Suppression" and there are court systems and regulatory authorities that sanction anyone who dares perform it "VOTER TRICKING" remains as legal as "wearing a neck brace into the witness stand".

In the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" (with respect to Black people only) it is FAIR GAME to use whatever trick, "Paid Black Media Operatives" or feigned OFFENDEDNESS necessary to get the ball across the goal line.

When it comes to the protection of the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus" - where the #1 method by which to insure that THE FUTURE will never be like our PAST - is to build up INSTITUTIONAL STRENGTH and leverage "the Backs Of The People" for uplift - as they are conditioned to stand EQUAL and fully erect - the greatest damage done to the long term Permanent Interests of the Black DIASPORA - is to ASSAULT the "Black Community Governance Culture".

When a group of conspirators arranges to perform their ASSAULT - via MASS AFFIRMATION AND COMPLICIT ACT - we can no longer look at the political operatives who are doing what is permissible under American law.

It is now time to take a serious look at the CONSCIOUSNESS of the masses and figure out which EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN allowed it to be left exposed for molestation.

I AM NOT "LOOKING AT TIM SCOTT".  We already know that he is a Republican and a Political Operative.  I am looking at the "Black Racial Services Machine", the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalists" and the members of the congregation who will no doubt say "THERE STILL IS NO BLACK PERSON IN THE US SENATE".

This should give rise to the consciousness that also said the NATO and CIA attacks upon Africa and the Middle East are a "Humanitarian Mission BECAUSE the Black man who I agree with ideologically told me so - AND I TRUST HIM and thus I now trust everything that the US Government tells me".

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