Monday, December 03, 2012

The White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allies No Longer Need Negroes Around To Use What Their Black Progressive Friends Taught Them

If You Had Proper Insight You'd See That
This Man's Laugh Is The Same Laugh Out Loud
That Motivated David Chappel To Walk Away
From A $50 Million Contract As He Finally
Understood That HE WAS THE JOKE
That The "White Allies" In The Production
Studio Were Laughing At As He
Performed His Stage Act - Just As They
Expected Him To

Chauncey De Vega's Character Reference:

"They are my friends.  I told Ed, Mike and Chris that it was alright when they are all amongst themselves  to USE references to Black people in the context of bashing the White Right-Wing. After all the White Right-Wing is our common enemy so each time Black people are brought up in this context - the BLACK AGENDA is advanced.

I am happy that my friends choose not to do Muckraking Investigative Reports about:
  • The Black on Black Murders in Chicago and other cities
  • The Fiscal Governance in Detroit, Newark and Camden
  • A Review Of The Schott Report from the perspective that those in charge of Black schools now - just might have the same POWER to harm Black children as was the case when the White Right-Wing was in these same seats of power 50 years ago
Because they choose not to OFFEND us Black Progressives with such a line a reporting they prove, at least up to my satisfaction that these are true White Allies.    

They have more respect for Black people than their RACIST WHITE RIGHT-WING brothers and sisters will EVER have.   

All you need to do is to listen to them and understand that they RESPECT US AS EQUALS but also have sense enough to understand how White Racism of the past has injured "The Blacks" but that TODAY - 
  • There are "Good White People" who want Black people to PROGRESS via our partnership
  • There are "Racist White People" who are Right-Wing and will do everything in their power to keep us living in the places that we presently live today.
This is why we must never allow our UNION with our ALLIES ever be frayed. 

When I hear the word "SLAVE CATCHER" I think of a handful of Black Progressives that I have debated with over the years that the people over at Daily Kos learned this phraseology from and now feel comfortable in using it and/or publishing it on their site.  


While "Systematic Racism Chasing" is SOOTHING to the consciousness of certain people - it comes at a time when EVEN BLACK PROGRESSIVES are talking about the CRISIS IN BLACK AMERICA - just as WVON's Cliff Kelly was just talking about on the radio a few minutes ago - involving Black on Black murder in Chicago.

Don't expect your "Joking Allies" to do any muckraking upon the KILLERS.  
Such a focus would OFFEND you.

June 2012

Chris Matthews was in two Black nations and claims he heard BLACK PEOPLE critical of the amount of POLITICAL RACISM in the United States by the Right Wing.

The day after the election of 2012 - Democracy Now's Amy Goodman talked to a BLACK DEMOCRAT who said he feared going into the office the next day because his WHITE RIGHT WING CO-WORKERS were pissed that the BLACK GUY WON AGAIN.

DO YOU NOTICE that the "I HAVE FRIENDS THAT ARE BLACK" line that is used against White Right-Wing Bigots has the corollary among White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allies which says: 

 "I WAS TALKING TO A BLACK GUY THE OTHER DAY WHO TOLD ME ABOUT RACISM - but said that I WOULD NEVER UNDERSTAND how much torment my WHITE RIGHT WING BROTHERS puts the NEGRO through.     I apologized profusely that I was not able to jump into his skin and fell his pain so instead I hugged him and told him 'it will be alright - once we stay united and beat those bad people at the voting booth.   Think about that day of SOCIAL JUSTICE.  Your Black schools will improve.   Young Black boys wills stop killing people in the streets.   You will get a living wage and the right-wing won't be able to do anything about it.   I can see it.     I know you can't see that far because you have been beaten down by the right-wing of my people.  Just believe me that we are all gonna be equal once we float down the River Jordan together into the land of Social Justice - milk and honey" 

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