Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Street Pirates Did Not Attend The Anti-Crime Forum In Southwest Atlanta This Past Weekend

The "Social Justice FEMA" rally, while making the news for a few days in metro-Atlanta did not have enough "BTUs" to heat the room to the desired temperature.


You see during the AMERICAN ELECTION SEASON, in the benefit of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men took to all of the key media streams that fix upon the Black community and they ENGINEERED A THREAT, the target of which proved FRUITFUL to their goal of GETTING BLACK PEOPLE TO INVEST THEIR VALUABLES INTO THE GOLDEN OFFERING PLATE that was to be handed around.

Fast forward just a few weeks later.
NOTHING HAS CHANGED THROUGHOUT these several past years.  There has ALWAYS been a heightened level of crime and chaos in this particular community in Southwest Atlanta (the first story below).

When you make note of the general buzz that is taking place within the "Local Black Progressive Press" the MAIN thing you notice is that with the POLITICAL "victory" at hand and out of the way - ONLY NOW do they HAVE A BIT MORE TIME to allow the issue of "Street Piracy" to rise to a PRIORITY.


MY NEWEST HERO!!! "I am NOT fixing to unbutton my pants for you, Negro!!"

A heavy set, light-skinned Black man with a limp - had better watch himself.  He has a butt whipping waiting for him.
I wish that the little girl had kicked him in the nuts to make him hop up and down on his good leg.

The truth is that this young girl should not have been allowed to walk alone in this particular community PRIOR to this attack which has now motivated her parents to drive her to school every day.

YOU ARE NOT going to hear Bob Costas and Piers Morgan bring up this STREET PIRATE and his gun that was trained upon this brave little girl.    Standard "Street Piracy" within BLACK COMMUNITIES is uninteresting to them.  UNLESS there is a GREATER INDICTMENT to be had against SOCIETY - they understand that it is in their best interests to KEEP QUIET about the happenings within the Black community.

IF THE NEGRO wants to promote OTHER PRIORITIES and they are LOYAL TO the POLITICAL IDEOLOGY that Piers Morgan and others have - WHY CHALLENGE THEM on the results in their communities WHEN THEY ARE ALREADY GIVING YOU THEIR VALUABLES?

Suspect Identified In The Murder Of The Local Atlanta Business Man

Suspect Identified In Murder Of Local Businessman

It is pretty brazen to kill a man and then drive around in the vehcile that you stole from him, confident that the police won't track you down that same day.

Justice In The Cold Case File Out Of Gainesville GA As Killer Who Beat A Black Woman To Death 10 Years Ago Is Caught

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Young Black Male Murdered By White Man In Jacksonville Renews Talks About "Stand Your Ground" - Even As The NAACP Began Arguing For The Application Of The "Stand Your Ground Defense" On Cases That Were Of Interest To Them.

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