Friday, December 28, 2012

The Spirits Of Hatred And Bigotry Has Chicago At 500 Murders In 2013 - Just As Mississippi Was Possessed With These Demon Spirits Prior To The Great Migration

NBC News: 500th Murder In Chicago Is A Tragic Milestone
A man gunned down Thursday on Chicago's West Side marked what police said is the city's 500th homicide of the year. It's a dubious distinction that hasn't occurred since 2008, when the city ended the year with 512 murders.
Chicago surpassed 2011's murder total of 435 in October.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel called the total "an unfortunate and tragic milestone, which not only marks a needless loss of life but serves as a reminder of the damage that illegal guns and conflicts between gangs cause in our neighborhoods."
Below you will hear a BLACK MAN make a plea to the government:
  • Using his First Amendment Right to Free Speech
  • To Demand that the Government violate his 4TH AMENDMENT RIGHT against unlawful Search And Seizure of his home (private property)
  • Because when young Black people in his community express their 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHT  to bear weapons
  • ...................................THEY ARE KILLING EACH OTHER rather than DEFENDING their community
Can you guess what other things a "Desperate Negro" will yield in order to gain a sense of security - in his own mind?  The condition of his community indicates that he has already yielded his CONSCIOUSNESS and now is tapping into the machine that he yielded it to.

Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

Did You Hear This "Preacher" Say "WE NEED MORE WISDOM OF ( the real) JESUS Go Govern The Conditions WITHIN The Black Community" Or That "WE Need MORE GUN CONTROL And Must FIGHT THE RIGHT WING ENEMY Who Is Blocking This Control - Allowing BLACK YOUTH THAT WE RAISED - TO KILL EACH OTHER"?

For the life of me - there is NOTHING that gets me more angry than to see a situation in which FRAUDULENT PEOPLE have engineered for many decades as they STOLE the "Black Community Governing Consciousness" - usurping it for use in another sphere - only to COME BACK "inside" when there is a plague and then have the AUDACITY to claim that some EXTERNAL (DAMNED) forces are to blame for the present situation.

I would have more respect for the "Professional Progressive Political Preacher" if he went on all of the friendly propaganda outlets and told the world that the "JESUS Of SOCIAL JUSTICE" was going to make things change in 2013 - IF the people were to donate $20 to purchase gun locks.


After many decades of STRINGING THE PEOPLE ALONG in a "Political Struggle" - using RACE as the draw - the goal for POLITICAL POWER that would "trickle down" into "Social Justice" for "The Least Of These" HAS SHOWN ITSELF TO BE what it truly is.

I AM NOT selling the "Republican Party" as the fix.  You have to go elsewhere for that.


  • Kick Them Out of the Pulpits In The Churches where they preach a "False Jesus"
  • Kick Them Out of the Broadcast Chairs in the radio stations where they send dysfunctional messages to a beat
  • Kick Them Out of the Classrooms where they indoctrinate our children 
  • Kick Them Off Of The Stage where they show NO RESPECT or limits of a "Functional Culture" that is passed on
  • STRIP the claim of CIVIL RIGHTS off of their resume for they ONLY are interested in USING OUR RACE for IDEOLOGICAL gain through POLITICS as they DESTROY our COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE
  • Kick Them Out of the Political Seats Of Power that all of the other INSTITUTIONS have been compromised in support of.
  • KICK THEM OUT OF THE "BLACK PRESS CHANNEL" that is streamed into our community consciousness without being CHECKED.  They are FAILING to CHECK the theft of Black Community Consciousness

They have conditioned Black people to NEGLECT OUR COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE INSTITUTIONS for the hopes that NATIONAL SOCIAL JUSTICE is one day going to REPAIR us.
In truth they are merely "ORGANIZED HATRED" that fronts as RESOLVE and DEFENSE AGAINST ANOTHER MAN'S HATRED.

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