Friday, December 28, 2012

The Source Of The Incompetence And Bigotry Of The Keystone "Professional Progressive Political Preachers"

"The First 48 Hours" = The Triangulation Of The False Gospel Of The Professional Preachers Of The "Fake Social Justice Jesus"

The point is clear.
IF the Embedded Confidence Men can be proven wrong on the EASY stuff such as how "The Ninjas Who Got Themselves Kilt" within the Black Community and the resulting "Stop Snitching Enforcement" that is plain to see - WHY ON EARTH would anyone rationally believe that they are going to bring you "SOCIAL JUSTICE SALVATION"?

Any of you who saw "The First 48 Hours" last night ("Blood Red / Deadly Moves")

Black People Prove That They Are 100% Equal To White Folks - When It Comes To Not Telling The Authorities Who Killed Black Folks

The Family Stayed Together And Grew Stronger After The Street Pirate Attack.   They Proved To Themselves That TOGETHER Than Are Stronger Than The CORRUPTION IN THEIR COMMUNITY 

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