Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Show Of The Present Character Of The "Black Community Governance Culture" : "From Finishing School" To "Finished Off"

As America mourns a "large body count" of young children in Connecticut, the "serial killings" that transpire in which young people in our community goes unabated.
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My Fox Atlanta: Teen Shot To Death In Grayson (Gwinnett County GA) During An Apparent Home Invasion

The national political debate about GUN CONTROL - of assault rifles, high capacity clips and guns acquired through the "Gun Show Loophole" DOES NOT capture the preponderance of MURDER that happens transactionally within the Black community.

The ONLY thing that will transpire in the 'Malcolm X Political Football Game" about GUN CONTROL - is that the Black Community will "SELF-ABSOLVE ITSELF" of the responsibility to MANAGE a new consciousness into the young people that GOD bestowed upon them to mold into what THEY WANT THEIR FUTURE SPECIMEN to look and think like.   Instead the masses will be pleased at the apparent "yardage" that has been gained against their enemy.

Anyone who has read this blog over time knows that I am not exploiting the shooting in Connecticut as this has been my lead issue since day one.

It stands to reason that a natural extension of my cause to root out FRAUD/CORRUPTION/DIVERSION from the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus" as it is placed into TRANSPARENT REGULATORY CONTROL - is that the people who have been thus far incompetent at addressing this situation with our young people are now PLEASED that the government plans on addressing THE GUNS.  

Per their logic - removing the tool from the hands of the people who they were charged with expressing the value of human life within shows PROGRESS.   The evidence of fewer shootings by AK-47s and 30 round clips is proof of their movement's commitment to "Social Justice".

The truth is that this damaged consciousness ONLY seeks to have perpetual fights against their "Right-Wing Enemy" (PERIOD!!!).    They "self-enumerate" the THREATS TO BLACK PEOPLE and/or what "The Blacks NEED" in the way of resources to be "made WHOLE" (equal).  Their STRUGGLE then becomes the grand "Pass Play" in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game", battling against anyone who DENIES their FUNDING REQUEST per their "CONTRACTUAL RIGHTS WITH - AMERICA".

The truth is that they once talked about "contractual rights" with the city, the county and the state.  After they have assumed cascading power and have "failed themselves" - they chose to retain congregational unity in "the struggle" - moving up to another plateau.

As they climb upward and look for "salvation" further away from home, like the marauding mercenaries of ole - who sought to expand their empire - the collapse will come due to the mismanagement of "HOME" - the territory that they first set out to "defend".

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