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The "Regulatory Capture" Of The LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press: The's Posters Turn On The Site's Propaganda About Detroit

Please note my linkage between the "Rise And Fall Of Gary Indiana" and Ebony Magazine who provided "Black HISTORY Lessons In Pictures" - (SEE HERE) the propaganda title on The regarding what a REPUBLICAN said about the future of Detroit Michigan.

This blog is committed to keeping an eye on the 'Fraud and Hokum' that presents itself as "The Black Progressive Agenda".   It does an excellent job at generating "Congregational Unity" but constantly proves itself INCOMPETENT at actually DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE through the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS that it gains power via this capacity to stay unified on election day.

If I had more time I would commit more of my research in written form.   The pattern remains clear:   The Embedded Confidence Men (and the "Black Press" is the most corrupt of them all) has the #1 job of showing what Black people - IN OUR PRESENT PREVAILING CONSCIOUSNESS PREFER,  and then do a marketing blitz in which this position is sold as 'THE BLACK PERMANENT INTERESTS", while fortifying this within the consciousness of Black America via a "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" by KEEPING THE ENEMY ON TRIAL SO THEY DON'T HAVE TO DO A BLACK PRESS MUCKRAKING UPON THEIR FRIENDS - including those sitting next to them in the virtual news room.
PERIOD!!!     (IF you are looking for anything deeper than this per their motivations - you won't find it)

The first link above tells of my recent visit to Chicago and Gary Indiana - in particular.

Gary Indiana is a time capsule of the hubris that is abundant with the Black Racial Services Machine.   Even though there is evidence that this was once a great town - gone are most of the people.  Remaining are the weathered buildings and infrastructure.   Through it all there exists several key PROPAGANDA PLACARDS which continue to SELL THE FUTURE OF SOCIAL JUSTICE to those who did not have the means to depart for more fruitful vistas.

The common theme is, like all other "Mission Accomplished Zones":  NO ONE EVER GETS FIRED FOR FAILING BLACK PEOPLE..........................AS LONG AS YOU ARE A PROGRESSIVE.

 I Stole This Sign From Gary Indiana
(Don't worry - I steal signs from all parties.  I have a few "Tea Party" signs in my collection as well)

This sign is more safe in Gary Indiana than a "Wal-Mart" sign would ever be.

It was a symbolic reference, at least in my eyes, of how a people's consciousness, placed within a vortex, can be made to double down and remain firm, long after their own PERMANENT INTERESTS have been violated - BY THEMSELVES.

The point that distinguishes ME from a "Republican" is that I AM NOT ARGUING that placing a ANOTHER POLITICAL PARTY into Gary or Chicago or Detroit is going to fix anything within the Black community.

MY ARGUMENT IS - that this POLITICAL OVERLAY to the notions of the development of a robust Black Community through a sound GOVERNANCE CULTURE have been HIJACKED BY the "American Political Domain' and the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".  

It would be wise for "The Blacks" of Gary, Chicago, Detroit and Flint to start DEFENDING THEMSELVES from the usurpation of "The Malcolm X Political Football Game" - first and foremost by KICKING THE EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN out of their leveraged position within the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus" - allowing our people to THINK STRAIGHT.

They Tell You That Black People Are In A Crisis But They Pull Out Their Progressive Plans To DOUBLE DOWN

I still have the "Tavis Smiley" video queued up and ready to analyze.  
I have this weeks edition of "The Final Call" as another artifact.
In both of these items there  is a clear admission of a MASSIVE CRISIS among Black people.
Yet - despite all of their efforts to remain at the helm of leadership for the past 50 years - THIS IDEOLOGICAL MACHINE that is at the helm has no capacity within themselves to admit to THEMSELVES - that anything that they have done IS PART OF THE PROBLEM.

Instead they use the void that they have cleared out - like the "Alpha Black Fox Embedded Confidence Men" that they are - to LEAD THE CHARGE for the next interval OF THE STRUGGLE - knowing that not one "Negro" is going to stand up and recall that THEY WERE AT THE HELM during the last several intervals - that AT THE CUSP of these past intervals of time they promised that it would end with SOCIAL JUSTICE flowing from the POSITIONS OF POWER that they have amassed and that we must STAY UNITED - because the RIGHT-WING ENEMY loves to see dissension in the ranks of Negroes so they can exploit our weaknesses - JUST LIKE the WHITE MAN has done in "The Congo", "Liberia", "Zimbabwe" and "South Africa" of the past.

Ahhh  but they can't see that I AM TAKING HISTORICAL NOTES of THEIR antics - now that "The White Man is IN AFRICA" and THEY are now the "Operatives" who are functionally backing the "American CIA" as they DON'T TALK ABOUT THE CIA but instead TALK ABOUT OBAMA - defending him from the WHITE RIGHT WING who wish to "Do The Black Man Harm".

The Grio/Root is merely a front for this grand diversion that I hint at above.
I had no idea that I would live to see the day in which "American Blacks" PROVE, incontrovertibly, that despite all of the claims of "I Will DIE For The Land Of My Ancestors!!!!" - that this was all just "Huff And Puff" - mostly for theatrical sake.

What the real problem is - these "Negro Leaders" have no management skills.  
They have been used to  compelling people to remain UNIFIED by various "pulpit" skills that require a microphone.   When they finally slipped up and got POWER - but then observed that they have never developed governance skills - they were placed in the uncomfortable position by which THEY ARE "THE ESTABLISHMENT POWER WHO IS FAILING TO PROVIDE SOCIAL JUSTICE".

The key for them to resolve this MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE reference is for them to adopt the CONSCIOUS COMPARTMENTALIZATION that we see manifested today.

If you understand this construct - (prior to me shifting over to my analysis of Detroit) - then you will understand their antics.

There are two psychic fronts in their consciousness:

  • The American GOVERNMENT - which is expressed as "seats of power"
  • THE RIGHT WING ENEMY - who is their competing power
Even when "The Right Wing" is not in the seats of POWER in the government - like in Detroit or in the Federal government (besides the US House) - their references to "The Failings Of THE GOVERNMENT" - is really a reference to how THE RIGHT WING has FAILED them - due to its obstinate disposition.  In other words its rejection of Progressivism. 


If you can follow this - It would be like someone standing in a mirror AND PROTESTING AGAINST THEMSELVES!!!!!    
Then telling themselves:  "Wait a minute".   Let me switch sides so I can myself in order to defend my ME.   If I would stop being rude and stop interrupting MYSELF with these grievances....................I am sure that I could convince MYSELF that I AM NOT THE BLAME.    I could provide myself with irrefutable evidence that I AM NOT THE ONE WHO FAILED MYSELF.   And there would be strong evidence that I KNOW WHO DID THIS TO ME at the end of my conversation..........with myself".

When you confuse POPULARITY with EFFECTIVE OUTCOMES - then don't be surprised if those who KNOW HOW YOU THINK begin to erect an "internal plumbing system" that gives you what you want - SELF-AFFIRMATION of what you already believe.

Such is the case with the majority of the New Jack - fraudulent Black Press operatives who clearly have no shame that a paycheck can't cure.

The Consumers Of The Saw Through The Propaganda

  I am not even going to do analysis on The story.  I will allow you to do it on your own.

It appears that some of the posters from Michigan and Cleveland (and even OBAMA-VILLE) saw the fraud laced title of the story and rejected it.

They know that the city of Detroit has all Democrats in office and yet and still the believes that the OPINIONS of an OUTSIDE WHITE REPUBLICAN about Detroit are SUPERIOR to the actual conditions on the ground.

When I tell you that the Black Press is corrupt and is not capable of providing the MUCKRAKING function that is necessary to PROTECT THE PEOPLE from THOSE IN POWER - you need not look any further.

They require the presence of a RIGHT WING AGENT OF DISTRACTION by which their presence will JUSTIFY Black people focusing upon a more existential threat - thus agreeing to stay unified.

I was happy to see these posters do a reality check.  Though this is mere words posted on a chat  board - it gives rise to the fact that Black people know what is going on.

MY problem is that despite KNOWING they don't quite see that their eventual complicity with the scheme does damage to the "Black Community Governance Culture" which is necessary to steer the ship of Detroit, Gary and any other Mission Accomplished Zone.

I Keep Waiting For The Black Press Operative To Stand Up And Demand Reform

A good portion of my adult life has been spent disentangling the branding that I had with regard to certain venerable sources or icons within the Black community.  I have learned, as I have come into my own thinking that - they are but "MEN" who have their own agenda - just like any enemy or friend that is placed before me.

For me - the knowledge that the INDIVIDUALS that I debate with - in person, via the "e-mail distribution" lists that I have (ie: with my fraternity), on line or within my own family - can take these individual opinions and then SYSTEMATIZE THEM into a NEWS MEDIA COMPANY - all without losing the essence of that individual ideological viewpoint - represented a change.

YES Ebony Magazine can have an editorial bias that rubs me the wrong way.
Ditto for Black Enterprise, BET or Tom Joyner.

Many say: "YOU are the outlier - their acceptance within the Black Community is proof that THEY ARE CORRECT.   YOU had better offer up something more APPEALING if you want some consideration".

When I hear those "just between us chickens" comments about the grand problems that the Black community faces at present (See the Tavis Smiley Video that I will post later) - this shows that POPULARITY ALONE is not the gateway to the FIX.

I call out "The Black Press" as the most corrupt entity in the "Black Racial Services Machine" because they have yielded the normal muckraking for reform and instead show the greatest amount of REGULATORY CAPTURE of any of the other cogs in the wheel.

I keep expecting to see at least a small team of industry veterans who had been IN ON THE SCHEME - who - even though they are not quite ready to yield their own progressive bias - their greater desire for A FIX - has them understanding that INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY is more important than IDEOLOGICAL DOMINATION of the VOID in GOVERNANCE CULTURE that is presently being exploited.

This group of sage Black Journalists have not stepped forward yet - to my great distress.

They can't see the COST.
They get fooled by ELECTION VICTORIES - and the want to see HAPPY BLACK PEOPLE - if only for a minute.

Yet they can't quite reconcile the fact that FROM THEIR OWN MOUTHS - the enumeration of the PROBLEMS are not likely to be solved by a WISH LIST presented to "Obama In His Second Term".

The very same article proclaiming "We Must Do For Self" also has a paragraph detailing what "we" need to stay on OBAMA to do in his second term.

They just can't see the contradictions IN THEMSELVES.

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