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The Progressive Fundamentalist Press Operatives Have Achieved A "POST RACIAL World" As Black & White Are Interchangeable At Going After The Right-Wing

I am now fully immersed into "Progressive media".   The only "Fox News Channel" show that I watch with regularity is "The O'Reilly Factor".   I also record various financial shows on Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox Business.

While I appreciate "muckraking journalism" - my eyes have been opened to the truth.  Just as 4 years ago I was sadly mistaken when "Crooks &  Liars" showed that they are not interested in "Speaking Truth To (those in) POWER" but are merely fighting against the right-wing - I have come to a similar conclusion about Amy Goodman and "Democracy Now".

Though I still consider Ms Goodman an "unattached progressive" and credit her for her willingness to criticize a Democratic administration when they violate her "progressive principles" (more than a "machine progressive" would ever do), Ms Goodman's fatal flaw remains that she has bought into "The Lesser Of Two Evils" meme.

Upon the announcement that EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has submitted her resignation - "Democracy Now" lauded her accomplishments as being (organic) to her good will but then queued up "The (evil) Republicans" as the forces responsible for the policies FROM THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION that the Environmental Fundamentalists found abhorrent. 

As you move away from "transactional politics" and consider where this body of though (possessed by Ms Goodman) stands - they are against all of the key systems that generate wealth and a high standard of living BECAUSE they focus on the "particulate matter" that results from the production process.

If a  3 column matrix is created to understand this consciousness we would understand that it is indeed a fundamentalist movement that is interested in retaining its MORAL HIGH GROUND as a means of gaining POWER - as it indicts its right-wing/corporate enemy to live UP TO the standards of "Social Justice" yet fails to produce much of it on its own. 
Subject Matter Point Of Opposition The "Stretch Goal" For The Future That Ignores The Present Economic Reality Yet Depends On Debt Financed By The Capital Markets To Achieve The Desired End
Energy Production No More Coal Fired Plants Because They Pollute And Cause Global Warming If More Investments Were Put Into Green Energy We Could Supplant Carbon Based Fuels
Environmental Degradation No More Fracking For Natural Gas Or "Mountain-Top Removal" For Coal As They Destroy The Ecosystem The Jobs &  Economic Prosperity Created By These Processes Are Not Producing Prosperity When You Factor In The Cost Of The Damage To The Environment.  Green Energy - With Sound Government Investment Today Well Be Seen As A Cheaper Alternative - Once We Factor In The Positive Benefit To The Environment.  (Environment As A Public Good That Has A "Cost" That Does Not Appear On Corporate Balance Sheets)
Labor Rights And Wages Workers Around The World Deserve A Living Wage.  US Jobs Have Been Lost Due To Corporate Greed.  As The Unions Have Raised Wages For The Benefit Of Workers, The Corporations Have Shipped Their Production To Foreign Sites Where Workers Compensation And Work Place Safety Rules Are Lower. IN AMERICA The Loss Of Opportunity In The Once Powerful Industrial Cities Has Created An Environment Of:
  • Violent Crimes Of Opportunity &  Desperation
  • Schools And Local Governments That Go Starved For Resources
  • Destroyed Hope
Social Justice We Are Opposed To "Entitlement Program Cuts" That Are Proposed By The Right Wing.  They Will Throw Millions Of "The Least Of These" Back On The Streets And Eating Dog Food.  The Wealthy Should Be TAXED More As The Surest Means Of Addressing The Deficit And Debt As They Use Their Money To Make More Money.  "The Least Of These" Will Instantly Spend Their Money To Survive And Thus Provide Greater Stimulus. This Entire Argument Is A Slight Of Hand (Equal To The Right Wing Slight Of Hand - Both Of Which I Will Explain Below).

As They Gain ESTABLISHMENT POWER Over The "Human Resource Development Institutions" And Are Now On The Hook To Produce "LIVING WAGED JOBS" In These Shells Of Cities That Once Grew Strong Because They Had Jobs - THEY ARE Shown As True CAPITALISTS.   They Don't Have To Go To The Capital Markets And Sell Securities To "The Wall Street Banks".  They Allow "The System" To Do It.  Once This Money Is Loaded Into The "General Fund" Of The Government THEN They Become "Retail Quasi-Socialists", The Capitalist Money Now Duly Laundered.

Their main failure is in having failed to DEVELOP THE PEOPLE.  As they express their altruism at "caring for The Least Of These" and their needs TODAY - they should be damned because they have only INTENTION but no track record to make them the "UN-Least Of These" after they have grown strong.

When I See "Joy-Ann Reid" On Television I Remove Her "Blackness" From The Visual Image In Order To Reconcile The Audible Antics Of A Progressive In The "Malcolm X Political Football Game"

Why was Joy-Ann Reid recruited and hired by NBC/MSNBC?   
She represents the popular voice of the Black Progressive Fundamentalist.  This stands only in the context of what the average Black American BELIEVES is his best way forward toward "consumer contentment".   The logical deduction (from listening to their arguments" is that THE RIGHT WING holds whatever the missing link to "Progressive Social Justice" and thus they don't argue the merits of their proposals - other than seeking to honor the "Human Dignity" of the "poor and the vulnerable" and then attacking the RIGHT-WING who's cold hearts do not allow them to look down and see the suffering among the masses.

On CNBC's "The Kudlow Report" I heard Ms Reid make reference to "the Republicans throwing poor people off of safety net programs".     
  The reason why I "de-Blackify" her when I see her image on the news is because it helps highlight how ANTI-BLACK (Organic) Development she.  She is employed to JOUST WITH THE RIGHT WING.   If the right wing is not present - as she is nestled at home in front of her computer, making a submission to "The" then the RIGHT-WING is ON HER MIND.

From her, the Black community will NEVER receive "Investment Protection".  The question of "Where Are The Valuables That We Gave To You For Over 50 Years? " will not flow from her lips or fingers.  This is because it would produce a SELF-INDICTMENT of the machine that she is ultimately working to empower.  Her media role is to orchestrate the "Black Community Conscious Attention Filibuster" which argues that the RIGHT-WING ENEMY is guilty of "abandonment" of "The Least Of These", give "US" power through more of your invested CONSCIOUSNESS and VOTES and we will ease your pain.

Shamefully that day never comes.
Even worse - those among the press who position themselves as "protectors of the Least Of These" are never going to walk into their own offices with a "hidden camera" as they risk putting James O'Keiff's exposes to shame because they have inside knowledge of the actual contempt for "The Least Of These".  The most damning is they know that THEY HAVE NO INTENTION OF DEVELOPING THEM via their antics.  "The Struggle Motion" is merely for congregational unity.

See that sign above?  IT DOES NOT depict what political "The Least Of These"  shepherds are doing. 
When you AMASS VALUABLES from "The Least Of These" as you promise to serve as their REPRESENTATIVE VOICES - "They are DOING SOMETHING FOR YOU".   

You have gotten them to "FUSE THEIR GRIEVANCES and UNMET HOPES" into YOUR MACHINE.  The central reason for the "golden chalices" was to capture the FLOW OF "VALUABLES" from the "Black Community Development Consciousness" INTO the "Diverse Progressive Joint Venture".  

Today - with the CONSCIOUSNESS duly fused - the "rank & file" is not predisposed to ask "Where Is My Money?".   They fear that the audit of their machine is a sign of "mistrust" and that in the time spent going through the receipts is "lateral movement" that will take valuable time away from FIGHTING THE RIGHT WING.
The Scheme Used Against The Black Community By The Inside Confidence Men - The Notion That Our INTERNAL PROBLEMS Would Be Solved By SHOWCASING BLACK GRIEVANCES For Solution By Institutions That Are Increasingly Further Away From Our Communities.   As VOTE POWERED CONSUMERS - If The Next Rung Of Power DO NOT "FIX THE BLACK COMMUNITY" And Stand In The Way Of PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY Then The Force Of ATTRITION Will Cause That (Right-Wing) Power To Fall.   All The While The Black Community's Consciousness If Focused On "The Struggle" - The TROUBLING CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK That Shows The Conditions Within The Community And How The New ESTABLISHMENT POWER Has FAILED To Mitigate The Problem.     In A Sign Of Fatal Corruption - The Voices Of The CONFIDENCE MEN Tell The "Rank & File" That They SUFFER TODAY - NOT As A Result Of The Incompetence Of The Forces That They INVESTED INTO POWER, But By The Residual ENEMY RIGHT WING Who's RACISM Prevents Them From Being PROGRESS.  It Is The Black Rank & File Who Must Be Blamed For GOING ALONG WITH THE SCHEME As Their Hatred And Grievances And Lust For Greater Power Are Used Against Them.

The way to debate Joy-Ann Reid is to (ironically) FORCE HER TO FOCUS back WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.    As an employed volley ball player her immediate next words will be a reference to a "Republican".   
Just as the CNN reporter who interviewed Jesse Jackson, you must be keen enough to see her pattern and realize that she DOESN'T INTENT to serve as the "protector of the Black Community investments".  SHE IS the Voice of the "Black Racial Services Machine" and by extention the "Diverse Progressive Fundamentalist Joint Venture".

Her "favorite Black" is one who HATES THE REPUBLICANS more than they HATE:
  • What the Schott Foundation Report showed about Black Male graduation rates
  • What Chicago as a "Mission Accomplished City" with the accompanying results gives as a foreshaddow to what "Nationalized Social Justice" will bring once this Establishment Consciousness is scaled nationally and there is not an INCUMBENT RIGHT-WING THREAT to retain "Congregational Unity" against       

The Yin And Yang - The "Dark Matter" Of Opportunity Costs

Both of the "Dung Producing Party Animals" are corrupt to the core.  BOTH are going to destroy this nation fiscally.  They are merely fighting for control over the steering wheel as the vehicle of state moves closer to the edge of the canyon.

Until BOTH SIDES keep their BIGOTS in check - this nation's economic/cultural/academic future is in trouble.

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