Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Paid Black Press Operatives Have Replaced The Role Of Ebony/Jet As "Stenographers Of Black History"

The #1 threat to the development of a sustainable "BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE" is the force of "Congregational Unity Enforcement" that function as an "insider trading scheme" does on Wall Street.

(Again) The leaders of Gary Indiana hung the sign above as they told of the PROMISE that the future of Gary would bring to the Black residents living within.

Today - as the sign on the side of the building is sun bleached and tattered from the wind - NO ONE IN THE "BLACK PRESS" who filled on the "wine and cheese" from the press conference has shown any interest or "intellectual curiosity" to do a muckraking report - using this sign as a background and define the INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY by asking the elected officials "Where Is My Money"?

The Grio's Sophia Nelson Was So Satisfied After Michelle Obama Showed Her The "Black And Female Agenda" For The Second Term - That She Forgot To Ask 'How Is This Any Different Than A Nationalized Version Of  The Plan That Failed North Philly, With All Due Respect Mrs Obama, You Know I Idolize You".  

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