Sunday, December 23, 2012

The NRA's School Defense Proposal Suffers From The Same Flaw As The Gun Regulation Proposals: It Does Not Align With The Largest Proportion Of Gun Deaths In America

My previous criticism of the "Gun Control" proposals was that they do not sufficiently cover the primary vectors through which people are murdered in America.   I did not request that they expand to cover more guns in their ban.  I asked that they start focusing on the aspects of societal governance that they are loathed to focus upon because of the risk of self-indictment

The proposal from the NRA to place armed security officers in every school in America suffers from the very same flaw.
The key point:  Of the 15,000 to 16,000 homicides in America this year - only a small portion of them will take place on school grounds.

IF the claim made by the NRA is that their plan would protect "our children" - their proposal falls short of this promise.

I do not share in the arguments made against the NRA.  The claim that there is a "transference of culpability" upon those who have fought against gun bans should be contrasted with the notion that those forces who were charged with governing and developing the people in their own communities but have failed should be held accountable.

The aberration of the school shooting in Newtown CT might indeed attract more news coverage and cries of "Do Something!!".  The truth is, however, the tale of serial violence and the variety of locations and motivations upon which they occur is far more complex.

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