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The NRA Did Not Murder These Black People In Metro Atlanta

Personal Note:   I feel the pain of the mother and sister of this young victim of a senseless murder.  He was active in his church and was a beacon of light to his community.
This is the second murder this year that an "aspiring young Black male - working a job at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport" as he was just "passing through" to a life filled with bigger and better things.

I have no intention of disrespecting this family at this time of great loss in order to make a broader political/ideological statement.
BUT my silence on this matter If I chose to use some arbitrary notion of "respect" to refuse to STITCH all of these independent actions on our streets together and note a pattern would be intellectually dishonest of me.

Since my agenda is to force a more "Transparent Black Community Governance Culture" I will continue to press my case.

Family Mourns Son Who Was Murdered On Christmas Eve

"Its Christmas.  How Could You Take Away My Baby From Me On Christmas?"
The Adult forces in the community who were charged with INSTILLING VALUE FOR LIFE into the young people that GOD has blessed them with - and told them to MOLD THEM into the form that they were created in - WHICH IS "HE" - are the ones who are guilty IN ABSENTIA.
They have taken up TRINKETS that are MORE VALUABLE to them than YOUR SON'S LIFE.
Until the Black Community STOPS THEM FROM THEIR THIEF of our CONSCIOUSNESS - more God fearing people will be taken away, causing others to emote pain for all others to see BUT the hardened hearts to ignore.
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(Note: This is one of 3 Black young males killed in Metro Atlanta on Christmas Eve.  The other was killed while trying to rob someone in the "King Compound".

Still a third was found dead on the street on "James Jackson Parkway".

The relative distance between the two "lynching" sites that WILL NOT receive a "historical marker" but only an additional tick-mark in the Atlanta Homicide Rate for 2012.  But even this will be reset to Zero on January 1, 2013 - as the families grieving continues.

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The Proverbial "Black Woman Seen Crying On The Television News After Enduring The Loss Of A Loved One By A Street Pirate"

If we do not view this from a PSYCHOLOGICAL analysis perspective - this one transaction will get lost in the fog of spin and corruption that those who seek to influence the opinion of Black people and the greater society seek to project their "historical narrative" for everyone to consume.

I am 100% positive that all of the usual players in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" see this model of "The Black Woman Crying On The Television News" and their have just as much of an emotional response inside to the loss - as I do.

The problem is that, in the prevailing Black political consciousness of the day - WHO THE KILLER IS holds more sway than the presence of any sort of comprehensive commitment to bring the "Black Homicide Victimization Rate" back down to our US population proportion (13%).

When the usual suspects know (based upon the location of the murder scene) that the killer is more than likely Black - this produces a NULLIFICATION in the "We Want JUSTICE!!!" response that was most recently seen in the "Killing of Trayvon Martin".

The embedded confidence man forces who orchestrate this angst into action - KNOW that when someone asks "JUSTICE UPON WHOM????????"  their case is undercut when their protests would have to double back INTO the very same community that the Black homicide victim came from.

In essence - this would be a protest AGAINST THEMSELVES.
The same forces who hold the mantel of "Representing the interests of the Black (Progressive) community" ALSO are the primary source of influence upon the prevailing CONSCIOUSNESS within this same space.   Though they will call for "more programs and jobs" to give these young people from their community to do and make this their central "struggle motion" - they also understand that all of this is the consequence of their grand "Black Community Attention Filibuster" as POLITICS has been placed as the force for the SALVATION OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

"When this 'Jesus Of Social Justice' fails to deliver as promised" - they use the scaffolding of legitimate Christianity to tell the congregation:  "You can't rush JESUS - he is sighted on a 2 year American election cycle - and we don't have enough campaign funds left right now - after defeating the Right-Wing Devil - so you all are going to have to wait until the water tank on the roof refills just a bit".

Sarcasm removed - this above bit of hyperbole shows that INDEED those who toss aside the constraints of "economic truth" with their "People Over Profits" meme - are themselves constrained by the laws of nature.

Just because you are not AWARE OF the "Opportunity Costs" of your FOOLISH and BIGOTED ways or even if you "Self-Justify" your bigotry with "Self-Chum" - making it an act of war necessary for existence - none of this means that these costs are not present.   The job of the Embedded Confidence Men is to make sure that your attention is not focused upon THESE COSTS - as you fight in THEIR WAR while abandoning YOUR community.

The Manufacturing Of The External Indictment

When it comes to political posturing the claimed "War On Women" was AFFIRMED a few months ago in the context of the American election.  Having won what they wanted - this scheme will fade away.
FROM MY PERSPECTIVE - these "Black Women Crying On Television news" (along with the women in Mexico who are being killed for speaking out and/or the mothers of people who have been massacred in the background violence) are VICTIMS OF WAR.  

Again the problem is - since there is no opportunity to INDICT the enemy - there is general silence over the primi facie act of violence as they seek to find a VILLAIN that they can rally behind - all without stepping on the toes of any friends.

The NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION is such a villain.  It is seen tied to the "ideological right" and it promotes the one US Constitutional element that no progressive will file a lawsuit if violated.

The pattern matching which substantiates my claims are quite interesting when you watch the news with such a filter in mind.    If there is "racism" or "police authority" involved in the killing of a Black person then these two points will be the focus of the "struggle for justice".

When these two points are not involved - at the risk of affirming the "Black criminality" that the right-wing racist vocalize (and the White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allies agree with but mute their criticism for not wanting to offend their ally) - they turn to a LARGER SOCIETAL ISSUE - allowing them to throw salty sea water upon the "crime scene" hoping to boil the larger issues of:

  • The Prevalence Of Guns (Gun Culture)
  • How Economic Suppression Leads To Desperation and Violence
  • How Government Spending Cuts have crushed Jobs and Hope
The forces of "Keep Your Enemy On Trial" will NEVER allow themselves to be accepted as the "establishment power" that has failed to deliver social justice to "The Least Of These" - who's valuables they now hold. 

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