Thursday, December 20, 2012

The New "Civil Rights Warm Case Files" That Will NEVER Be Made Into A Television Series Nor Reach The Desk Of Thomas Perez

In the past week there have been several "Black Journalist operatives" who have lamented over the notion that "The Mainstream Press" does not invest a lot of time in "gun control" until "Someone who THEY CAN RELATE TO" gets murdered with guns.

I see this as an intellectually dishonest analysis, that attempts to obfuscate their own hand in running the "Black Community Conscious Attention Filibuster" - particularly during the election-time when "Lil JoJo" had his "Civil and Human Rights" taken away from him.

Though they want you to focus upon the GUNS - the fact that these two "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" rappers had gang affiliations AND the entertainment conglomerates understood that their MESSAGES could be liquidated into profits and thus "Chief Keef" was given a multi-million dollar contract which triggered a bit of envy- IS NOT going to be addressed by gun control.

My main criticism of the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" is that they like to run a "myopic filibuster" on marginal items FOR THE SAKE OF obtaining a "Progressive Base Hit" - against the right-wing.    In doing so they are forced to define a "historical narrative" that JUST ISN'T SO.    It fails to capture the model of the entire "universe" of truth.

They would prefer to ask the question "WHO MANUFACTURED AND SOLD these assault weapons that these young Black males are flashing in these videos? THEY MUST PAY FOR SETTING UP THE STAGE OF BLACK MURDER IN CHICAGO AND OTHER CITIES".

You may see a token attempt to crack down upon these shows of bravado with weapons in hand.  Please be sure - that they are going to point to the "First Amendment Rights" of these young Black males to express their "art form" - and turn the video into an INDICTMENT - against AMERICA who has failed to "educate and employ them" - or so they say - from their perches - having taken over the local seats of power with decades of affirmation.

The grand problem is that - after STRUGGLING for so long against "principalities" there is a grand show of INCOMPETENCE at erecting a "Community Governance Culture" that prevents the onset of rote tribalism.
There are more people who are proud of "Chief Keef's" million contract to spout violent words than there are people who will see this money and all of his possessions as "Blood Diamonds" are seen.

Shamefully - just like "Blood Diamonds" every bit of the money that will be eventually aggregated into his pockets flow from iTunes or Pandora but ultimately serve to prove that there are CONSUMERS willing to PAY FOR the privilege of listening to this ignorance that has a rhythmic tone.

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