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The JingOists In Defense Of Susan Rice: Listen To The Voice Of Those Who Front As "Race Men"

MY AGENDA: The Presence of President Obama ON THE STAGE has provided a bounty of research material from the PEOPLE SITTING IN THE AUDIENCE who are responding to him. It is far more interesting to leave President Obama free to do what he is going to do as President Of The United States and instead keep focused upon those who LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH HIM.

If we use the decades of past experience as a "baseline" to define the relationship between "The Black Community" and the "American Government" - today's antics prove even more curious.

The #1 piece of evidence of an "Unconscious Negro" is to listen as he JUSTIFIES an action that he would have been protesting against a few years ago - by bringing up another indictable situation that "THEY" (the enemy) has done in the past.   Since "Contextual Consistency" is not the goal of this person - he can't bring himself to see that he is exposing the truth that is past protests against such actions that he is now defending - merely proves that he lacks "absolute character" - he merely DID NOT HAVE THE POWER that at this time in the past that he desired to protect.

Anyone who is watching Black people today will see that we are indeed "100% Equal" and, like CitiBank and a hazardous waste disposal company - BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO BE REGULATED just the same.

Today we are living in a world of "Black Conscious Regulatory Capture" - at the hands of the MALCOLM X POLITICAL FOOTBALL GAME.

President Obama's Return Letter To The Black Voter

I would applaud President Obama if he were to directly enumerate the "quid pro quo" agreement that he demands of The Black Progressive Fundamentalists.

This would allow for a more formal scrutiny of a mindset that is already present but has not been exposed for what it really is.

They front as if they are advancing a "Black Agenda" but in truth they are damaging to the "Black Community GOVERNANCE Culture" which will have ramifications on our people's ability to "operationalize" our community desires via the institutional power that has been amassed, thanks to the popular will.

As long as this mindset is allowed to be viewed in a "transactional" manner, without a document to "connect the dots" to see its true character - they will continue to produce a high level of "Black Congregational Unity" - that they will show as evidence of their success, AT THE COST OF seeing Black people agree to support antics of the US (and local) government that would have triggered wildcat protests from them - just a few years ago.

"When It Comes To Seeing A Black Person With Power And Money THEY Would  Rather See A Monkey With A Diamond Ring" - Derrick "Fight The Power" Boazman On WAOK (Owned By CBS Radio)

Constructive Feedback University:  How "THEY" Proves To Be The SUPERIOR Force That Causes The Negro To Compromise All Of His Beliefs In A Manner Similar To How "The War On Drugs/Terror" Justifies The Government Running Over Civil Liberties/Rights - And To "Lock Negroes Up".   As The "Embedded Confidence Men" Voice These Justifications - They Prove That THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS is LOCKED UP.

As a person who is dedicated to doing "present time archeological analysis" of the modern day prevailing Black political consciousness - I force myself to establish a high threshold of tolerance for "junk talking" performed by various Black operatives who speak into a microphone.  You can't hang your appraisal upon every word that is said because there is the force of "Too Black Too Strong" that is used to establish one's "BLACKNESS", after which everything else that is said is afforded the desired "street cred".

Once this "credibility establishment process" - akin to a peacock showing its plume so that all others can see high bright colors on his way to engaging in the mating process - it is important that you then LISTEN TO THE VOICE that comes next.

  1.  From WHO's perspective are they speaking?  
    1. Defending the POPULAR VIEWPOINT of Black people in American politics?
    2. OR are they starting out with an assessment of "The Permanent Interests" and then are willing to call out ANYONE who has "taken valuables from Black people" but have failed to deliver?   (INCLUDING if they must logically indict THEMSELVES)
  2. (Dark Matter Analysis) Listen to the subjects that they want to talk about, noting their proclivity toward making INDICTMENTS against external threats AND then note what is always suspiciously absent from their favorite topics of discussion because they seek to avoid a SELF-INDICTMENT. 
  3. Do they discuss INTERNAL SYSTEMS of "protection from self"?   
    1. While "Populist Democracy" is majority rule, based upon the sentiment that can be stirred up by the media sources that are channeled toward them, "Constitutional Democracy" has a strong infrastructure that is built up and enforced, to protect "WHAT IS THE RIGHT THING" from "What is the POPULAR thing" , but which lacks respect enough for itself to demand that it follows through with what IT HAD PROMISED ITSELF some time in the past.  (Insider Trading)

The truth about the majority of what passes as "The Black Agenda"/ "Black Consciousness" - is ONLY the drive for progressive-fundamentalist ends - with a milk chocolate "Black Power" coating upon it to assist with ingestion by fellow blacks.    It is tragically void of a willingness to accept accountability for the results of the agenda that it lead the Black community to ingest into our "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus".

Its advanced knowledge of HOW BLACK PEOPLE THINK - allows it to constantly inject a cause for the outcomes that are unfavorable.  By tapping into a narrative of WHITE RIGHT WING RACISM as the source of Black people's problems today - the assumption of the OTHER MAN'S BIGOTRY is an effective use of BLACK PEOPLE'S OWN BIGOTRY against US!

Take away the ability for this agenda to perform its insider trading (selling itself on an agenda that it is trying to push), instead turning toward a "Return On Investment Model" is the only way to achieve wholesale change within the Black community.   This requires this movement to "deny itself" for the benefit of absolute advancement OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY - at the cost of the ENFORCED CONGREGATIONAL UNITY of the Black community.

The present Black prevailing consciousness is a "Minority within a Majority" consciousness.  It is not equipped to (functionally) go it alone. 

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