Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Interconnectedness Of "The Struggle" In Atlanta

I tuned into WAOK AM in Atlanta (owned by CBS Radio and Sumner Redstone), ready to hear Derrick "Fight The Power" Boazman on so he could call SACS "racist" for putting the Dekalb County Schools on probation.

Instead we had "Little Obama" on the air.  The guy who on "President's Day 2012" told all callers that he would only be taking positive calls about President Obama to give him "props on HIS DAY".

I didn't think any thing of it.  I figured that "Fight The Power" was taking his vacation days prior to losing them at the end of the year.


I turned on CBS news on television and I saw that "The Atlanta Occupation" was in court today.
Back in November 2011 when they had their "Occupation" in Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta and suffered a mass arrest - they are now in court receiving "justice".

Fight The Power's friend Ga Senator Vincent Fort was at the microphone, telling everyone that "no one has been murdered - why is the justice system wasting their time on prosecuting people who stayed in the park after hours?"

The Atlanta Establishment Tried To Hearken Back To Their Days On The Protest Line Rather Than Observing That THEY ARE NOW "The Law" In Atlanta

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed deserves his share of the blame with the "Atlanta Occuaption" fiasco of 2011 - but not in the way that the Occupiers / Civil Rights Pharisees suggest.

When Mayor Reed first saw the encampment on the lawn of "Woodruff Park" in downtown Atlanta, the very same plot of land that had been the center of conflict over the majority Black homeless population and their "urban camping" - Reed tried to "be friends" with the protesters.   He took to the microphone and hearkened back to the days when he was a part of a sit-in protest at Howard University.  At the time Howard had appointed Republican scion Lee Atwater to its governing board.

Mayor Reed assumed that this connection to protest would bring him "Street Cred" with the Occupation.
He soon learned that he was "Cool" - as long as he did their bidding rather than following and enforcing THE LAW.   He blew off the law against "urban camping" that had applied to the homeless people the day before the first "Occupation tent" went up - giving them until November to vacate.

As "The Occupation" began their daily treks to various banks and corporations, blocking traffic as they marched - the mayor faced pressure to restore law and order.

One fateful meeting with "The Occupation" and an infusion of a faction of "The Civil Rights Pharisees" - the young mayor was accused of "disrespecting" his elder - Joe Beasley.

The resulting "junk talking" that leaked into the press motivated the Mayor to reverse his previous accommodating stance.  In other words - he chose to enforce the law against "Urban Camping".   He showed that he governs on a whim - from accommodation to anger.

"Dr King" Told Us To Stand Against "Unjust Laws"

I firmly believe that most people are content with consuming what is feed to them TRANSACTIONALLY, failing to string this all together to see the gross irony.  Ironic in today's term, grossly ironic with respect to the CIVIL RIGHTS HISTORY that they get their "street cred" from.

"Fight The Power" keeps talking about "Unjust Laws" and how the greatest moral stand is to fight against them and suffer the consequences.

As we move beyond this bravado and "huff and puff" we would see that the very same people who GOT ARRESTED by "The Good Mayor" were a short while before telling Black people that "IF they don't vote for candidate Kasim Reed that - 'this would be the last Black mayor of Atlanta'".

Here you had "The Occupation" and then the fusion of "The Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta" - attempting to cross-pollinate their discrete "social justice" advocacy against any bank in walking distance from the park - fully assuming that the mayor would go along with the scheme - thus COMPROMISING the LAW of the city of Atlanta because they are responsible for him sitting in the seat of power.

In truth they do not stand for "absolute justice" under the law.  They wanted THEIR JUSTICE to work for their agenda - a law that was passed by a city council that was otherwise "the apple of their eye" and proof of "Progressive domination" over yet another urban core is now an "Unjust Law".   "Unjust" because it is now applied to them.

The Institutional Integrity Of The City Is At Risk Of Going The Way Of The Integrity That The Civil Rights Pharisees Have Squandered Within Our Community

"Establishment Power Repudiation" = the ability to deny one's establishment power in order to transfer blame upon a more common enemy for the purposes of retaining "The Struggle".

They are not against "unjust laws" today.  They are against any force that dares to counter their progressive fundamentalist disposition.  They want "the favorable people in power" to do their bidding - THE LAW BE DAMNED.   Once they get sufficient populist power - they are going to change the laws to their favor.   What is "illegal now" is due to the unjust foundation of this nation.   More "progressive public policy" is the fix.

Keep in mind that the "activists" used to be the CHECK UPON the corrupt government.  Their protests were for government reform so that the people would have an easier time.

There are few cities better than Atlanta to see how - when the state of "Regulatory Capture" has been "Mission Accomplished" - they now walk past "city hall" and their favorable people in power in order to target their right-wing enemies.   The state capital, right across the street or the corporate towers a few blocks away are their targets.

This is not to say that the key problems that prompted them to protest the local government have been abated.

  • The schools are troubled - but they now protect the school establishment from the right-wing at the state level who "don't want Black people in power"
  • The streets are not safe in certain community.  Without "The Klan" killing Black people they must wait until the police officer - who's father must have been a "Klan member" shoots or kills a Black suspect before they say a word
  • The promise of local economic development have largely not been met.  They convince themselves, however, that by freeing up more government funds at the national level and strengthening the union's ability to drive for a "living wage" is the magic combination to bring back the past.  The Past that they cherrypick the elements of their "Successful Struggle" which lead up to their present power - as they also remain us about how - IF NOT FOR THEM - we'd still be "Slaves"
The one thing that they choose not to talk about is THEIR ESTABLISHMENT POWER and WHO should rightfully PLACE A CHECK ON THEM - in the same way that THEY were the "check" when the ENEMY was the ESTABLISHMENT.

One thing is for certain - THEY ARE NOT GOING TO PROTEST AGAINST THEMSELVES - for the protection of "The Black Community's interests".

Those who monopolize the messages streamed to the people will look past the absolute condition of the people and instead ask: "If we are failing Black people so much - WHY do they vote for us in abundance instead of for the enemy?"

MY REBUTTAL is:  With you proving your corruption and intolerance, having conditioned "The Black Consciousness" into a near 100% POLITICAL expression - What other than YOUR CORRUPTION can you attribute to the "Voting For Our Community Salvation" scheme that nullifies the will among Black people to ask "WHERE ARE THE VALUABLES THAT WE GAVE TO YOU with the promise that you would Develop us, bringing us SOCIAL JUSTICE?"

They see the successful refocusing of the grievances of their audience as they stream what "The Enemy" is plotting to do against them - and they mistake their success at PROPAGANDA with success at "Leading Black People".    

I have replaced the notion of "Leadership" with the measurement of DEVELOPMENT.   Leadership is the core element of POPULISM.   The evidence of a large crowd following you is NOT PROOF of one's competency in MANAGEMENT OF INSTITUTIONS.   Instead we should look at the condition of the finished products that matriculate through these INSTITUTIONS, there we will note a major problem.

I keep expecting that some "less corrupt" elements of "The Black Press" are going to step in and tell the truth, becoming the "muckrakers" that are necessary to return the balance.   I now see that this is not going to happen.  They are too invested in the present state of affairs - and can't see the long term damage that our people will suffer as we exist this interval of time without a strong "GOVERNANCE CULTURE" having been developed for when we have to stand on our own.

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