Thursday, December 06, 2012

The "NBC Owned" Grio's David Wilson On The "Minister Sharpton Show" Uses Racism Against OBAMA As Evidence Of The Lie Of "Post Racial Society"


Caller Telling Al Sharpton: "We need to fight against the forces who use the media, television, radio and newspapers to spread lies and propaganda.   Did you know that they are going to have a reality show on 'Preachers Wives'?      Here in Alabama we have Limbaugh, Hannity and other Right wingers ATTACKING OUR PRESIDENT".

David:   49% Of Republicans Blame ACORN For Obama's 2012 Win

EXCUSE ME MR WILSON - How Many Black People Listen To YOUR Propaganda Feeds and believe that if they INVEST THEIR Black Community VALUABLES once again that they would receive "Social Justice" in Obama's second term - in order to allow the local Progressives in power to finally deliver on their promise and THIS IS WHY they should be silent on the Foreign Policy of the Federal Government?

I was monitoring your media properties and others - looking out for ANYONE who told us about the 50 years of INVESTMENTS of VALUABLES and any notion of a demand for reconciliation between these INVESTMENTS and where our community now stands?

YOU NEED "RACISM CHASING" or otherwise you and Sharpton would have to talk about the one point that you are never going to ask yourselves:  "WHERE IS OUR MONEY".

The one thing that you are NEVER going to suggest for the improvement of the Black Community is A SEPARATION OF POWERS - in which the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers are NOT allowed to be the "Priority Makers",  "The Media Narrative Makers" (What you do), The Representatives in the American Government and (PRETEND) that they are "INSIDE GUARDIANS Of The Black Community" (Like the preacher of the "False Religion Of Black Americanism" that you are in studio with).

Would anyone be surprised if David Wilson and the majority of the other 'Paid Blacks' at MSNBC are more interested in pointing out "STUPID REPUBLICANS" than they are COMPETENT at turning the "Schott Foundation RED School Districts" GREEN As A Result Of Their GOVERNANCE instead of PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST POLITICAL ADVOCACY?

Do you see, Tavis Smiley?  (and I am right this second watching your "Antifragile" episode.  I am more convinced than ever that with all of the great ideas that pass through your studio YOU and your own entrenchment is the problem. I can tell by the questions that you are asking the man that you can't relate to what he is saying.   He is speaking my language .)

When your Black Progressive Fundamentalist Friends  are allowed to remain DISCONNECTED from any sort of accountability to the AMOUNT OF VALUABLES that they have harvested from the Black community - instead running a "Keep Your Enemy On Trial BECAUSE It Stimulates The Present Negro Consciousness" - THE conversation that I just heard between "Minister Sharpton" and Davis Wilson - on WVON is what you get.

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