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The Fraud Of The Paid Black Political Operatives: The REPUBLICANS Turn Off "People Of Color" And They Will NEVER Get Into The Black Community Consciousness Nucleus Like The Democrats Are In

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The other day I wrote a post in response to two Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers who spoke with the assumption that THEY OWN the "Black Permanent Interests".

They make an inference about the large congregation of Black people who are standing behind their viewpoints and then conclude as such.

When you listen to this Black lady in the video from the "Center For America Progress" a majority White, Progressive Fundamentalist group that she will NOT be condemned for "cavorting with White People" - as Tim Scott and other "Republicans who are Black" are condemned for.

The key is: its not just "voicing the views of White People" that can get a Negro indicted.  It is sounding line a "White Right Wing ENEMY of Black people that will do you in".

OK.  I'll bite.

This fraudulent debate tactic is part of the "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" that I speak of.  Regardless of the monopoly power that the Progressive Fundamentalists have over every "Mission Accomplished District" after compelling Black people to INVEST THEIR VALUABLES - into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game' FOR the Democrats to beat the Right Wing - and our community receives "snake eyes" in return - there is no shortage of "Paid Blacks" associated with "The Center For American Progressive" or the "Open Society Foundation" that will continue to dangle the Black Community's "Granny Panties" out as they show that the REPUBLICANS are offensive to "The Blacks".
NOTHING that they can do short of coming in line with Progressive Fundamentalist doctrine will given allow them to be supported by Black Progressives.

Changing The Terms Of The Debate

Until we start with a debate that is centered on Black RETURN ON INVESTMENT and ORGANIC GROWTH the fraudulent Embedded Confidence Men will continue to tell us how the ENEMY IS OFFENSIVE and that "The Friends In Power" has been blocked from providing National Social Justice.

Will The Grio.com Help Black People To Develop Organic Competencies Or Are They Just The "Black Voice" Of NBC News' Agenda Who 'Racially Profile' Black Elected Officials Into A Progressive Fundamentalist Policy Set?

To The Progressive Fundamentalist - Like David Love,
This chart is NOT evidence of WHO SHOULD BE FIRED
It is an enumeration of where "The Jesus Of Nationalized
Social Justice" is needed the most to provide comfort to those
who have been injured by America's unfettered capitalism
and the disparate benefit that it offers to some.

In the mind of  such a bigot - FAILED ECONOMIC
DEVELOPMENT is not the key indictment.  The FAILURE
TO "FEED AND CARE FOR" those who have been
hurt after decades of supporting the policies that lead to the
collapse that is the key indictment.

How will Tim Scott help Republicans in the Senate?

The sins of Tim Scott - from the Leftist Extremist vantage point of David Love

  1. Scott introduced legislation to cut off food stamps to entire families if one family member strikes against an employer.  
  2. He sponsored a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, receiving a consistent zero rating on health issues, disabilities and children’s health.
  3. But the soon-to-be senator seems to care about children if they are unborn, as he cosponsored legislation as a state representative to create a “monument on the statehouse grounds to remember all the aborted babies in” South Carolina. 
  4. In addition, the congressman has voted to defund Planned Parenthood, ban federal funding of abortion, and restrict abortion after 20 weeks in Washington, DC.
  5. On immigration, Scott sponsored legislation modeled after Arizona’s anti-immigrant law, and supported legislation eliminating birthright citizenship to children born in the U.S. 
  6. He also wants to “promote patriotic assimilation” by making English the official language and forcing new immigrants to learn the language.
Its not worth the time to do a blow by blow rebuttal of David Love's indictments against Tim Scott the "Black Republican".   The ONLY thing that you need to know is that NO BLACK DEMOCRAT who did not vote for these points above will EVER receive an inspection of their underwear from David Love or any other "Paid Black" from The Grio.com.   

It is important that we move beyond the muckraking efforts in order to ensure alignment with Black Progressive Fundamentalism and instead LOOK INTO THE CONDITION OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY, in the places where Tim Scott the Republican could not get elected.   In short - Put David Love's BIGOTRY on trial to make him prove that he is developing the Black community.   Today  - he and other bigoted Progressive Fundamentalists are merely POPULAR in the context of the Black community's present prevailing consciousness.

If we summarize the list of indictments above they are in the general categories of:
  • SOCIAL JUSTICE ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS  - Transfer Payments from the government (and retribution for acting in a manner that the government does not like)
  • HEALTH CARE - Standing against the Government sponsored health care legislation from President Obama (note: We can find groups that give the progressive darlings of Mr Love a Zero rating.   This is like "Bringing your own 'Jesus' to the table, so it is irrelevant)
  • ABORTION - The sin of recognition of an Aborted human being as a human being
  • IMMIGRATION - limiting the ability of birthright citizenship and imposing language requirements for citizenship.

I agree with David Love - IF we were living 100 years ago - Tim Scott would be the first Black Klan member!!!!!!

When you understand David Love's hard left background - prior to being recruited to "tow the line" for the White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allies over at the "Black Arm" of MSNBC - you understand that he is more interested in focusing on killing anything "right wing" that dares shows its face within the Black community RATHER THAN protecting the interests of the Black community.

When I first read his indictment about Tim Scott's agenda on transfer payments - I wondered if Mr Love could make an itemized list of "Mission Accomplished" Black Progressive Fundamentalist legislators that have a track record in producing the UN-LEAST of these.

In the context of our present economic malaise - worse than the notion of Mr Love's comfort that "George Bush created it and Obama is STILL cleaning it up - all the way through 2016" is the fact that if we scale down to the city level - Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Philadelphia and Memphis would also be labeled a "Revolution In Progress", recovering from the damage that right-wing corporations did upon their departure.

The truth is that progressive bigots like David Love HAVE NO "development plan" that we can inspect for evidence of growth and the production of "The UN-Least of These".   Instead he wants to be judged by the "Size Of His Soup Line".      The more people within - the more satisfied his "Social Justice Jesus" is about his work efforts.

It is foreign to David Love to consider that "ObamaCare" is not PROGRESS but is cover for the failure to produce sufficient medical professionals and local (and/or employer based) financing so that individuals will have access to abundant, affordable health care.    It should be no surprise that we'll see in the future that the "Affordable  Care" portion of the "Affordable Care Act" mostly comes from regulation of payments to SERVICE PROVIDERS rather than any cost savings that will come from healthier Americans.

Gone is the rhetoric of "Once WE get in charge - Things will be different" - the talking points that strung Black people along into voting for our salvation - over the local school boards and municipal governments.   We were supposed to produce a new generation of physicians and other "Professional Service Providers" for the Black community that were to "Service Us" UP TO the desired standard of living.

In the creative minds of Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers like David Love and the compliment of content providers to "The Grio / Root" - "BLACK PROGRESS" comes in the form of what Bayard Rustin instructed them to do, some 50 years ago: "VOTE for Progressive Public Policy" for the salvation of the Black community.

David Love's problem is that he judges success and loyalty to "The Black Agenda" based upon one's alignment with this Progressive Fundamentalist agenda - INSTEAD OF doing an inspection of the condition of the patient.  

After 50 years of investing our valuables into a flawed and fraudulent scheme - operatives like David Love have no intention of reporting from the vantage point of the "PROTECTION of the Black community's interests", from all interlopers - outside and within.    

His only will is to protect PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM and providing fellow Black Progressives with a "historical narrative" that AFFIRMS what they already believe.  

Its not that "Mission Accomplished" places where Black people live (ie: in the North) differ little from "The Blacks" in the red states that Mr Love is vying to trigger "progressive evolution" within.  To Mr Love - the fact that they are not "TRYING TO IMPROVE" - as evidenced by their adoption of leftist, populist talking points that is most troubling to him.

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