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The Fraud Of The Logic: "The GOP Will Not Receive Black Support Until They Take Our Problems Seriously"

DEAR PROF REED - You have been transferred to "Cheney State University" because your "brilliance" shines too brightly in the illustrious halls of the Ivy League of "University of Pennsylvania".   By working at Cheney State you will bestow upon the graduates of the "Philadelphia Public Schools" a guiding light that was largely missed in this, another  "Mission Accomplished" system that lost its purpose along the way in the "Black Progressive Struggle".

We will pay all of the moving fees associated with your transfer.   
As for your cut in pay:  PEOPLE OVER PROFITS.

It is far more rewarding to make note of the BLACK PROGRESSIVE BIGOT and how he is always satisfied with the VALUABLES that the Black Community has invested in the way that he wants us to, than to look at what he is OFFENDED over.   

When you apply the proportionality filter - it becomes easy to see that they are running a fraudulent scheme of their own.

The most effective rebuttal:  "That's SENATOR TIM SCOTT to you - boy!!!"
This would upset the Black Progressive Fundamentalist's constant quest for "Affirmation from outsiders" - as projected by their OFFEND-ABILITY.   Prof Reed's lust to run the "Black Republicans from South Carolina" out of office would be as equally intense as the former "Red Shirts Rifle Club" who did the same thing more than 100 years ago.   In both cases their desire to retain their BIGOTED MONOPOLY POWER is their common motivation. 

If you prefer to maintain an "above board" debate with such a "Learned Black Progressive Academic" - then ask him if President Obama's claim that the International coup in Libya that he framed as a "Humanitarian Mission" was anything more than a TOKEN STATEMENT that bigots like himself "bought" and then "sold" to as a reasonable justification for American imperialism as they were more interested in "Domestic Social Justice" and thus should be called "Anti-Dr King". 

When the American CIA was found in Benghazi - WHY wasn't Professor Reed motivated to ask if their boss - Commander In Chief Obama - is anything more than a TOKEN - used to "pacify the Negro" in their domestic fight against the right-wing - while the US government continued doing its thing around the world.   The "Economic Hitman" won't be making any "confessions" during these present times.  He has been blown to bits by a drone bombing because President Obama does not water board anyone.

From The New York Times article written by University of Pennsylvania political professor Adolph Reed Jr.

"Republicans will not gain significant black support unless they take policy positions that advance black interests. No number of Tim Scotts -- or other cynical tokens -- will change that."


As EQUALLY damning as the truth that the White racist "founding fathers" had to pervert GOD'S creation of full human equality of the Black man (and Native American) in order to advance their agenda in the creation of a nation based upon RACISM and EXPLOITATION is the modern truth of how the legal "Racially Gerrymandered Districts" mean to afford "Black Representation" in the legislative offices around the nation is an honorable idea that has been taken over by BIGOTS.

These are IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTS that use the trappings of RACE and RACISM as cover for their ideology.   (Using the bigotry of Prof Reed as an index) It would be justified to ban the "Black Tim Scott" from the US Senate - as long as no other Negro of any stripe could ever take a seat in the quorum as this would slice the baby in half, thus achieving Reed's end.

The ideological bigots that now preside over the control of the "Racially Gerrymandered Districts" know that the Black Republican Tim Scott WOULD NEVER win an election - ANYWHERE around the nation where these districts stand.   In their bigotry, however, they can't bring themselves to see that no Diverse Progressive Coalition that has:

  • Failed to educate our children in the schools that they control
  • Failed to keep our people safe in the streets that the beings who hold the CONSCIOUSNESS that they have fomented 
  • Failed to develop a marketplace through which Black people seeking goods and services make purchases so that other Blacks have an opportunity to express their talents and receive a "living wage"
  • Failed to take all 3 of the above elements and package them into the expression of BLACK HEALTH - where behaviors are changed but also "Black Physicians" that have matriculated through the "Human Resource Development Systems" from above - are present in abundance to treat the ailments that are not directly associated with behavior and consciousness.

This coalition finds the ABUNDANT PRESENCE of people who they DO VOTE FOR, despite these failings - a more favorable notion than a TOKEN BLACK REPUBLICAN in the Senate who "snuck past" their BIGOTED ARMED GUARDS and the Assault Rifles that they carry to shoot down any Negro who does not buy into their Progressive Fundamentalist Bigotry.

The fraudulent media sources that they consume have their minds so confused that ONE NEGRO who they did not approve us has a SUPERIOR IMPACT upon them than those who GOT THEIR VALUABLES, did not deliver as promised but come back with their collection plates two years hence, knowing that they'll get full participation.

The main point of intellectual fraud expressed by Prof Reed OF PHILADELPHIA is that he lacks the "vocabulary" that would allow him to walk through North or West Philly, make note of the strong approval of the elected leadership yet explain the RESULTS that are present in so many of these communities and schools.

Instead of STEPPING ON SOME PROGRESSIVE TOES - Prof Reed understands that the FREE RANGE NEGRO is a legitimate target for Progressive Bigots - Black or White.   Like the bigots over at "Stuff Black People Don't Like"  - PROPORTIONALITY takes a back seat to CONGREGATIONAL UNITY of an agreeable idea.

When I tell you that it would be better for the long term interests of Black Americans for the GOP to dwindle into a regional party - it is due to the lack of reasoning expressed by this educated Black man - Adolph Reed Jr.

What is the assumed goal of the Republican Party - per the logic of Professor Reed?
ANSWER: POPULAR SUPPORT among as many people as possible.



  1. Safe Streets
  2. Quality Education
  3. Thriving Local Economies
  4. Healthy Lifestyles and Relationship Outcomes
IF Professor Reed was an honest man - Wouldn't you expect such a person to look at the "Black Permanent Interests" and then note WHO HAS COLLECTED OUR VALUABLES because they convinced the balance of Black people to INVEST in their cause - because the masses believed that this was the gateway to their "Community Salvation"?

Instead - as I debate various Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers it is clear to me that they mistake BLACK POPULISM (what is POPULAR with Black people in our present prevailing consciousness) with what is EFFECTIVE AT DEVELOPING THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

Why is it that Prof Reed logically holds up the "AGREEMENT BY BLACK PROGRESSIVES" as the key index of the GOP's success?

Why is it not more logical to look at Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Memphis, St Louis and Oakland, notice the paucity of Republicans in power and then make the case that "There is more evidence that Black Progressive Populism suppresses the fight TO OBTAIN the Black Permanent Interests than it assures its receipt into our hands"?

The truth is that if the Republican Party had ran the city of Detroit into the ground as the Democratic dominated government did - the NAACP would be leading the charge against their Republican enemies.  

With The Republicans Gone The "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally" Will Have No Place To Hide

Thanks to "Media Matters" and the reasoning of people like Prof Reed - the OFFENSE that the GOP is able to bring upon Black people will always receive a SUPERIOR accounting than the OFFENSE that is garnered by the statistical reports of how Black people stand in "mission accomplished zones" where happiness was seen after the series of election victories.

I MAKE THE CASE - that we cannot assume that what Black people IN THE PREVAILING CONSCIOUSNESS prefer represents what is BEST FOR BLACK PEOPLE'S DEVELOPMENT.

It stands to reason that those who understand the power of populism have invested in a new generation of Black Progressive Propaganda news sources.  As they blanket the Black Community Conscious Attention with a narrative of world events that is pleasing to the consumer demand for information - they have yet to present a TRANSPARENT explanation as to why despite the Progressive Movements growing strength - the key measures of "Black Community Progress" has not experienced a similar growth trajectory. 

They point us to the 1%.  The number of BLACK ELECTED OFFICIALS or Wealth People and the POPULARITY that they enjoy from Black people who live vicariously through their condition.  This belies the presence of a large and growing class of "The Least Of These" people who invested their hopes, did not get the expected returns but who's community governance is now suffering from "Regulatory Capture".

With Favorable People In Power - their will to PROTEST their way into prosperity is abated.

Understanding "The Black Progressive's Granny Panties"

Think of a wounded individual who seeks affirmation from external forces.
She has given her emotions and her valuables to a partner who promised her "the good life".

He saw her vulnerabilities and AFFIRMED her without ever OFFENDING her.
As time passed by and HE had his way with her - SHE - like most other women began to assess her situation in the context of "TIME" and the "biological clock" that they are more attuned to.

At this present point in time she is not happy with her present standing BUT she is also too proud to admit that by allowing herself to be fully exposed to her beau SHE compromised herself and thus must accept the part that she has played in her present standing.

As she thinks back to the forces that drove him into this man's arm she identified THE OTHER MAN who has taunted her and denied her over her lifetime as the key driving force.

  • This OTHER MAN told her that she was unattractive and would not feature her on his front covers
  • This OTHER MAN told her that she was not a welcome force in his community.  That his children interacting with her children - would suffer a loss from the experience rather than affirmation and increase
  • This OTHER MAN told her that she was not intelligent enough for him
Though she was hurt inside from this rejection - she put on a FAKE FRONT of "Too Black Too Strong".

When her beau provider her with an opportunity to GAIN STRENGTH to strike out against the man who HURT HER SO - she agreed to yield her self, dropping several key characteristics that made her "UNIQUELY BLACK" (ie: "Our African Ancestors' Spirit And Consciousness would have us to ..............).

Like with any 'WAR ON TERRORISM' those EXECUTING the war justify those sacred trusts that they ROLL OVER - for the sake of the combat against the enemy that is in focus.

Pause right here before I go on.

SHE was made to believe that the RIGHT-WING is the "Other Man" in the narrative above.  This done by the operatives that she is in bed with as THIS IS HIS enemy #1 - per the "Canine Fight" that they have been running for centuries.

It is NOT ACCURATE to even say that "All White People" are "The Other Man" as this could provide cover to the bigoted Blacks WITHIN to forge "Congregational Unity" among Black people without being forced to deal with their own corruption.

THE OTHER MAN has no "race".
This OTHER MAN is a spirit who can posses any person of any race.
The #1 Enemy Of Black People has the following attributes:

  1. Hatred that is organized into a SYSTEM
  2. IGNORANCE that is leveraged for the benefit of gaining POWER
  3. A large congregation who claim that they are free of #1 and #2 BUT who did nothing to stop it because they:
    1. Feared their loss of placement in THIS SYSTEM that they will ultimately profit from
    2. They understand that since this scheme has little transparency in governance THEY TOO could be made the targets of organized attack for speaking out against THE SYSTEM
In short - the ENEMY OF BLACK PEOPLE are the forces who steal or suppress our "COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE".   The Opportunism of dangling "more shiny jewels" than the ones you have in hand that only need polishing as proof of your caretaking is the #1 vector through which this culture is destroyed.

Back to our "Other Man" analogy

The "Black Community's Granny Panties" has, for the past 50 years, empowered the Embedded Confidence Men to gain UNCHALLENGED POLITICAL POWER in the various "Mission Accomplished Cities".  

The EQUAL BLACK BALLOT - used to express the voice of the Black Struggle at the close of the (legitimate) "Civil Rights Movement" must be seen as the attempt at building "Black Power".

THE VOTE is merely a second form of currency that is created and published by the US government.   There needed to be something more powerful to drive Black people to fill up the "cistern" known as the "ballot box".

The fusion of THE BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS - the expression of "Black Legitimacy" - along with the claims to "Watch it - its a trick.  They are trying to draw you in but they don't care anything about Black people" - is controlled by the "Black Racial Services Machine".

POPULISM rather than EFFECTIVENESS is the hallmark of the Black Racial Services Machine.  They depend on Black people's ability to "read between the line" to understand who and what holds their permanent interests.    To ensure that no one ever forgets - there is a healthy web of "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist operatives" who will remind you WHO the enemy is.

Amazingly enough - THEY are always standing on the RIGHT SIDE of the issue.  
Yet when things don't work out as promised - you never see any introspection as to why the investment failed.  Instead the power of HATRED from the enemy temporarily defeated the "Social Justice JESUS".   We need to regroup to allow the "Social Justice Jesus" to have his due.  This "Jesus" only shows his face during the November election day".

Offering What Is Covered By "The Panties" To The Defeated Right Wing Elephant

The best way to understand the series of articles written by Stanley Crouch and others made by Dewayne Wickham in which they tell the Republicans how they must CHANGE to win the favor of Black people (or in the case of Wickham - who pointed to how a progressive fundamentalist group gave an award of affirmation to the leader of the NAACP but failed to index the condition of Black America as HIS point of reference).  

They are danging the "Granny Panties" seeking to induce the GOP to CHANGE so that they can "Get Some" from the Black Community.

In their audacious exploits - they never talk about how THE BLACK COMMUNITY MUST CHANGE, primarily by protecting itself from the molestation of political opportunism that has destroyed the "governance culture" through which the sought after "community salvation" might be had.

The continuing rejection of "The Granny Panties" has a psychological impact upon our specimen. 
She wants the Elephant to lust after her as does the Donkey.   SHE can't see that she has COMPROMISED HERSELF to her long term detriment more than any benefit that she can point to having received from this "shacking". 

The best rebuttal against Prof Reed's foolishness is to shift the debate away from "Dung Producing Elephants and Donkeys" and instead to focus on the CONDITION OF BLACK PEOPLE, forcing him to EXPLAIN the lack of outrage seen within Black people that is summarized in the lack of the demand: of " WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT I GAVE TO YOU?"

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