Friday, December 07, 2012

The Filibuster Of Progressive Fundamentalist Base Hits - "Motion" Disguised As FORWARD Progressive That Hide What The Scoreboard Reads

Don't worry.  They will bring their own "JESUS" to the table if someone dares throw up the fact that BLACK HETEROSEXUAL MARRIAGE rates are on a downward trend.

YOU CANNOT get into a QUANTITATIVE debate with a Progressive Fundamentalist.
They are going to always show how POPULAR something is "With the NEGRO".

You had better learn to get into QUALITATIVE discussions because their #1 goal is "CONGREGATIONAL UNITY" and even if they agree that there is a problem WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY, their #2 goal is to FIND AN EXTERNAL AGENT to INDICT for the Problem as they do #3 - COLLECT VALUABLES FROM BLACK PEOPLE to fund "The Struggle" and fight this external RIGHT WING ENEMY.


Are the Long-term, Committed Relationships Between Black Men And Black Women SUFFICIENT IN FORCE To Provide UPLIFT TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY, Supporting The DESIRED HIGH STANDARD OF LIVING That Is Commonly Sought After?

This is NOT a debate about GAY MARRIAGE.
I can do NOTHING to stop one adult person from stimulating whatever orifice they choose to stimulate with what ever object or appendage from his own body or anyone else they want to do.

In the CONSUMER DRIVEN consciousness of "Social Justice" - we have been lulled into believing that apparent "Progress" with the "Progressive Fundamentalist Base Hits" that they dangle in front of our conscious attention span is actually MACRO-LEVEL PROGRESS for our community.

They use these serial INDICTMENT to gain power or retain their power.   Yet when they become the ESTABLISHMENT POWER - fully occupying the seats of power that, in the past had the POWER TO OPPRESS BLACK PEOPLE - they understand Black people can be conditioned to avoid INDICTING THE PRESENT "FRIENDS IN POWER" for failing to produce as promised - and instead remain focused on an endless STRUGGLE - against a RIGHT-WING ENEMY.


Is there any more advantageous of a position than to sell the "Positive Benefits" of your product and then blame the "other product" for the problems that the CONSUMER still faces - decades after consuming your product?

Today we are living though the perils of (small D) "POPULIST DEMOCRACY" and how the notion of "VOTING YOURSELF SOCIAL JUSTICE" has corrosive effects on GOVERNANCE.

"Popular Will" in the context of redirected accountability is a crash course.
When this collection of people find themselves with 100% FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER and no more "Bad Guys" to rally around - the main damage to their cause will be that they have failed to develop the "Governance Culture" that they will need to lean upon to DEVELOP THE MASSES and produce the "Social Justice" that they had longed for.

The job of the paid propagandist is to gain control over the "GPS Signals" that appear upon the congregation's "Smart Phones".  
The little arrow on their Super AMOLED touch screen shows "MOTION" and they are made content by the little "Popup messages of GOOD NEWS that the consumer has "Checked In" as they joined the "Twitter Feed" of the Embedded Confidence Men that engineer the world view that they seek to encase the congregation within.

When the people are made to feel as part of a "TEAM".

  • Fighting the battles WITH the team
  • Struggling against the ENEMIES OF THE TEAM
The first thing to go is the CONSCIOUSNESS that defines them as an individual and a "sub-group" with interests.  

"Take one for the team" compels them to drop their concerns about accepting things that they would NEVER have accepted before (A "Humanitarian Attack" on an African nation by 5 former colonizers and one former slave power.  Though they talk about "Confederate STATES they can't bring themselves to the INTELLECTUAL CONSISTENCY of discussing "SLAVE NATIONS".   Because their SELECTIVE INDICTMENTS are only used for FORWARD CONGREGATIONAL UNITY and not integrity).  

This is the result of careful OBSERVATION "Of The Negro".

  • His Wants
  • His Needs
  • His Insecurities
  • His Hatred
  • His Resentments
  • His HOPE
All to get the VALUABLES that he holds in the domain that can be transacted upon - his POLITICAL VOICE in the American Political Domain - in pursuit of his UNMET WANTS within the "Black Community Consciousness" - after centuries of TRYING.  

Even though "Mystical Magical AFRICAN CULTURE" that was STOLEN from our ancestors is used as an INDICTMENT of RACISM/CAPITALISM/IMPERIALISM - not one BLACK PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC INTELLECTUAL has DARED to put some MEAT ON THAT SKELETON who's bones are made to clink together as they tell the crowd of gathered Negro;s"

" HUSH the movement of these bones means OUR ANCESTORS are present among us and are trying to speak to us!!".    

Little does the audience know - OUR AFRICAN ANCESTORS invented the MORRIS CODE that the clinking bones speaks in tongues for the "Interpreter" within the church of the "False Religion Of African Americanism" hears and then regurgitates to the people.

YOU DON'T HEAR THEM detailing what "OUR AFRICAN ANCESTORS BELIEVED and ENFORCED" when they operated within the bounds of this MYSTICAL MAGICAL AFRICAN CULTURE that was STOLEN and then demand that Present Day Negroes YIELD their OWN BEHAVIOR in line with these mandates.


But - they are not interested in THIS CULTURE.  
They are interested in generating an INDICTMENT against their enemy.

Imagine my debate with a noted personal friend who is a member of "N'Cobra".
Upon receiving an e-mail from him about what the KOCH BROTHERS are doing - I asked him to square his clearly AMERICANIZED PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM priorities with what our "African Ancestors" would do when it comes to aligning our ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS with our Ujamaa - that should bring forth evidence of more Black physicians funded by local "Health Insurance Exchanges" - possibly working out of the "Atlanta Life Insurance Building" and thus successfully halting the THREAT that Georgia State University might take over the "Slave Burial Ground" buildings on Auburn Avenue and Edgewood Street" in the "King Compound" in Atlanta.

INSTEAD I receive a video in which the stars in the Republican logo were  clustered like a satanic array.

Clearly "N'Cobra" likes to stay on the offensive.

Is there ANYTHING about the "Politicized Black Consciouness" that our "Afro-Centric" Brothers and Sisters at N'Cobra deem as OUT OF ALIGNMENT with what our ANCESTORS WOULD DO?  

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