Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Failure To Clear The Grease Out Of The Sewers - The Agent In What Used To Be Called "Environmental Racism" Before Change Came To Dekalb County GA

AJC: DeKalb cutting the grease

Bacon fat and pan drippings might well still clog the arteries of metro Atlanta diners, but folks in DeKalb County seem to get the message that the goo doesn’t belong in county sewer pipes.
After more than 1.5 million gallons of sewage poisoned waterways across the county last year, DeKalb amped up a community outreach campaign and maintenance effort, all to tackle the main cause of sewer spills everywhere.
Fats, oils and grease – shorthanded to FOG to describe cooking byproducts like meat fat and butter – dumped down the drain remain a problem. But through October, DeKalb saw a 38 percent drop in the number of spills from last year. The volume also plunged, to 562,000 gallons.
“I feel like I’ve been peppered with their ads around it,” said Andy Huff, a corporate communications worker who lives off Candler Road. “They’re memorable, because they say FOG and have a picture of Burrell Ellis, which I find humorous.”
No one was laughing, least of all the county’s CEO, when in 2010 the federal Environmental Protection Agency ordered DeKalb make $700 million in sewer upgrades after it reported 871 raw sewer spills over five years.
Grease was the culprit in seven out of every 10 spills, the same rate as spills everywhere. The problem was, DeKalb went years without the routine maintenance and cleaning that helps clear sewer lines in Cobb, Gwinnett and other counties

I miss the days in which Rep Cynthia McKinney would call a press conference on the site of a solid waste dump or a river in her district that was polluted with effluent.    The level of "Environmental Racism" was applied because the community around the particular violation was Black.  

Of course the standard reference used to justify the indictment was:  "This would never happen in Buckhead or Dunwoody.  Why is it happening here?"

Fast forward just  a few short years and we see that what once was a "racial indictment" meant to force the establishment power into action to prove that they are not "racist" is now a "community outreach program" in which the favorable Dekalb County board chairman that the people voted into power has lent his face onto an advertisement - telling the majority Black population of Dekalb County  to not pour their fat, oils and grease down the drain and cause a sewage spill from the build up in the sewer lines.

The change in tune has to do with:

  1. Getting the SYSTEM that you don't control to do what you want them to do by making an INDICTMENT
  2. versus today:  Now that you dominate the system - INDUCING THE PEOPLE to do what you want them to because there is no one else to blame
MY QUESTION:  Why is it that the Embedded Confidence Men can't seem to compel the people to do the right thing in the first place - without first USING their grievances as a means of obtaining POWER only to end up doing what they should have done in the first place?

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