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The Damage To The Black Community Of The Regulatory Capture Of The Black Progressive Activists: Black Unemployment As A Consequence Of Squandered Organic Economic Development

In this post I will cobble together two points of research that I had queued up, awaiting the right time to publish:

  1. The recent articles from Black Progressive Fundamentalist Journalists Keli Goff and Michael Denzel Smith, both pointing to the tale of the  "Black Man/White Man Went Looking For A Job And The White Man With A Criminal Background Got The Job" study  as the key force that explains the high Black unemployment rates in America
  2. The observation that US Rep Chaka Fattah presides over the poorest areas of Philadelphia and is cheered for his advocacy but never panned for the lack of organic development within the neighborhoods of Philadelphia.

A Black progressive fundamentalist poster on "The Booker Rising" blog turned me on to "Project Vote Smart".   

In his case he put "South Carolina's Black US Senate appointee Tim Scott" on trial by pointing to the paper trail of support from nefarious conservative groups.

As is so frequently the case - this same person doesn't bother to run a muckraking expedition of any of the favorable Black people in power.  The fact that they have a 90%+ favorable ratings with the progressive groups that he cares about the most means that they have passed the test.

As so often is the case in getting to the root of the problem WITHIN the Black community - there is a requirement that you go past the "middle men" / "confidence men" and even the popular sentiment upon the streets to do actual measurement of the condition of Black people on the street in order to get rid if the "Reverse Bradley Effect" - the protection of favorable people in power - in opinion polls and at the voting booth.  The condition of the Black community must have a good face put upon it - so that the "social worker" who comes for a check up doesn't notice the bruises that are covered by the cloak that has been used for cover. 

I still have the videos of Black Progressive reactions to Hubert Humphrey and George McGovern as the worth vessels of their agenda - long before Barack Obama came on the scene as the instantiation of this vision in the White House.   This inferential reference is important because they provided a "North star" from which to index that which made the 'Defenders of Blackness' happy in an unqualified manner.  While these two men never took the seat of the President Of The United States and thus for years afterward the claim was "America was still too RACIST to accept their vision of leadership for the nation" - President Obama in power does one better.   

Having actually attained this seat of power he is the embodiment of the "Progressive Struggle" against the Right-wing antagonist AND he forced the Progressive Fundamentalists to compromise themselves as their theory was forced to yield to the truth.  

The truth is that they hate the AMERICAN RIGHT WING more than they hate:
  • American Military Imperialism
  • American Foreign Policy Manipulation into other nations
  • American Domestic Capitalism - as the "Mother Of All Bubbles" inflates at their bequest:  The American Fiat Economy and Currency
So how does this all relate to "The Black Agenda" - as enumerated at the opening of this post?

EASY.  The Philadelphia Negro 2012

All of the large population centers in this nation had their founding as "industrial, financial or transportation center" powerhouses.  (Chicago, New York and Atlanta as examples of each of the three)

They attracted people into the city because of the employment opportunity that these cities provided to the people.  As such cities like Chicago, Detroit, Newark and Philadelphia have lost population because they were unable to match the economic demands of the people.

The centerpiece of my "Muckraking" against the new Establishment Powers that dominate these cities is that they used the indictment of squandered economic growth as the means of obtaining power.  Now that they have the power over these "Mission Accomplished Zones" - they cover their squandered efforts to produce ORGANIC economic growth among "the least of these" by tapping into the bias that they have engineered among the people.

Rep Chaka Fattah understands that he can evade being labeled "the establishment" in his impovershed district while retaining his "voice of the people" status if he TRUMPETS the efforts of the Obama Administration while keeping the right-wing enemy on trial.

Just as the people in West Philly engineered a protest against Republican Mitt Romney's visit to their community by calling it "Obama's Community" - when they taunted him to come outside and see "real poverty" - this stood as a logical reference BECAUSE they blamed the external Republicans for their fate.

Instead of noting that the present establishment machine in Philly has "gotten their valuables" but FAILED TO DEVELOP THEM - they have been lulled into buying into the Progressive Public Policy theories that will produce uplift.  Anyone who blocks these policies is the enemy.

It is lost on them that they have now scaled outside of the dimensions of their city and are now making a NATIONALIZED STRUGGLE against the right-wing enemy.

Black Folks At The Post Office

We must understand the argument:

  • Black People were forced to take government jobs BECAUSE the private sector has so much unchecked RACISM in employment
  • THEREFORE if we cut Government Jobs in an attempt to balance government budgets - Black people are disproportionately impacted

When you listen the arguments heard on "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio" there is often 3 phases by which "the struggle" is coalesced

  1. Admit That There Is A Problem
  2. Set out an Agenda/Program that will fix the problem
  3. Define the Right-wing agent who is AGAINST the plan and thus THEY are responsible for the failed development effort
Even though it is clear that local/state/federal governments are overloaded with debt, a long term entitlements burden and a lack of revenue from a organic production - when it comes to the exacerbation of Black unemployment during the would be "Happy Times" of President Obama in office - the above rationale proves a psychological "out".

More Black Progressive prognosticators will focus in on "government job cuts" than they will dare to challenge the assumed presence of RACISM in the private sector - on their way to the ultimate "self-breast exam":   Are the institutions that are in favorable hands sufficiently developing our people, preparing us for gainful employment?

When one brings in the example of the "Asians" who are gaining good paying technical jobs - they are dismissed as "cherry picked elites" from their poor home nations.

This is not the proper debate to take to them.

We must center in on the "Human Resource Development Institutions" by dismantling the notions that one day the attainment of  "Nationalized Social Justice" is going to cascade down into the nooks and crannies of the Black community - in a manner that the coordinated take over of these same institutions has thus far failed to achieve.

Is there something SUPERIOR about the federal government?
The "Perpetual Struggle" merely allows those forces who want to evade the battle with their friends in power to have a new mantle for continued "Congregational Unity" in struggle OUTWARD. 

Keli Goff And Michael Denzel Smith - Two Unrelated Black Progressive Journalists Who Sung Off Of The Same Sheet Of Music About Black Unemployment

Continued Black Oppression Via RACISM 
Leveraging The Human Resources Development Institutions To Develop The People Into The Desired Form

I read two different accounts of the "Black American unemployment problem" from two different Black Progressive journalists.
BOTH of them made reference to the "Racial Discrimination In Employment" test - that Ben Jealous of the NAACP still talks about as the PRIMARY reason for the gap between White and Black employment rates.

I don't get angry when I hear such 2 dimensional drawings of Black people.   I accept them as an opportunity for "analysts" to go on record as to what THEY BELIEVE is the problem.
More often than not their diagnosis proves ample evidence of their ideological bias and is a pronouncement of their planned "struggle" for the future.

MY JOB IS NOT to say "NO there is no 'racism in employment, your claims are preposterous".

MY AGENDA is to observe the measure of "Non-White White Supremacy" that is encased into their diagnosis.   Their willingness to deny the benefit that the Black community SHOULD BE receiving from the establishment power that it voted for provides insight on their need to suppress their expectations from these seats of power that used to be worthy of protest due to the oppression they cast upon Black people.

If they keep Black people focused on the amorphous presence of RACISM and then cheer as US Attorney General Eric Holder does their bidding and goes after these threats - then the actual anemic results on the ground that would otherwise cause the incumbents to lose their power - now is turned into a favorable voice - FIGHTING FOR THE PROTECTION of the Black Community.

This "Jedi Mind Trick" is critical in the shift from the demands on the local "Mission Accomplished" machine that Black people supported into power, scaling it outward into a struggle for "Nationalized Social Justice".

For Goff and Smith to introduce a more 3 dimensional assessment of the employment situation - INSTEAD OF "Writing Letters To Obama To Tell Him Of The Dreams From The Second Term" - after you gave him a second round of investments - these Black Progressive Fundamentalist Journalists would - perish the thought - have to PROTECT THE INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY from MOLESTATION BY POLITICIANS.  The very politicians that THEIR ARTICLES assisted into power.

Thus - greater than the "Black Unemployment Problem" in America is a "Governance Problem" where the forces who sold the community a grand promise of "Salvation Through Voting" has no intention of challenging the PREVAILING BLACK OPINION if and when it proves to be against the Permanent Interests of Black people.

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