Thursday, December 27, 2012

Study: Black Voters Turned Out In Rights Higher Than Whites To Fight Against Right-Wing Voter Suppression Attempts

  • Politico: Study analyzes high black voter turnout
  • Pew Research - Black Voter Turn Out For 2012 - (What Pew Should Have Said: We Are Not Willing To Tell "The Blacks" That They Were Tricked About "Voter Suppression" Because We Know Its Gonna Work In 2016 No Matter What We Report.  Until The Negro Is Developed And Has Another Channel To Express His Hopes In His 'Social Justice Jesus' - He Going To Remain Vulnerable To The Antics Of The Embedded Confidence Men )


Don't worry folks.   You are not going to see any in depth studies that attempt to square the claims of massive Black voter suppression around the nation with these details of Black voter turn out.

You see - those who know how Black people think understand that when you want to provoke Black people into action there is a need to set up an "Existential Threat" to the Black community and then have "The Blacks" ACT in a "Racially Defensive Manner" against this threat that has been stood up in every Black Progressive and "Diverse Progressive Joint Venture" propaganda outlet.

The key point to understand - on the front end most of our people see that a VICTORY HAS BEEN WON after a serious fight against the "Right Wing" enemy.

What people don't mention is that this causes serious damage to the "Black Community Governance Culture".  In engaging in the fight that has been framed in the manner that the "Embedded Confidence Men" - the necessity to remove the key "Internal Challenges WITHIN The Black Community" from the priority list lest the "congregational unity" is lost due to the accountability that would otherwise come as those who "took our valuables" are made to stand and account for their promises that have not panned out.

None of this is surprising to me.
I told you that the "LampBlacked Yellow Journist" is the #1 corrupt and damaging force WITHIN the Black community.
Not only are they failing to perform the standard "muckracking" in DEFENSE of the people, protecting them from the "Establishment" - they are the MARKETING ARM of the forces that I mention above who's vested interest is to keep the Black rank & file conditioned on the notion that we will receive our "community salvation" through voting.

The news that Black people had a higher turn out (in some places) than White people must be indexed with the VITAL STATISTICS that are present within the Black community and the 50 years worth of "valuables" that have been collected as the very same "Black Racial Services Machine" have served as "investment advisers".

None Of This Is Going To Change Until The Fraud Of "Establishment Power Repudiation" Is Stopped BY The Black Rank & File As It Shifts To Governance Of Community Institution

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