Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Street Pirates Steal Computers From School - Making My Lunchtime Conversation With A White Man About Tablets Replacing Text Books Ring True

Today I at lunch with a co-worker who is a White male.
We got on the subject of tablets replacing printed text books as a means of providing higher quality content for the students.  I stated: "The superintendent in Dekalb County announced that her district would switch over to tablet based content to replace their textbooks".

My co-worker spoke ambiguously but said "The system is going to have a problem with laptops that get broken or stolen.   The kids on a free lunch program are going to have problems replacing their tablets.   If a kid doesn't have his tablet to do school work - is the school going to say 'You need to pay for a replacement device or you can't participate in the coursework'?  A lawsuit would be filed".

Dekalb county is a majority Black school system.  While their proposal for more automation is "progressive" - it would be fool hearty to recoil at the clandestine references to class and race and not consider these issues.

I suggested that such a student should be provided with print-outs of the school work to take home.

Then I get home and see the "Grand Computer Heist From A Kipp School In Atlanta".

The stolen laptops represent some quick cash on the streets in the view of the Street Pirates.

In reality - these were LEARNING TOOLS, used by several hundred children per day.  The potential of their education was STOLEN from them - no different than what many of us imagine what the condition of Black people would be today if our LABOR was not STOLEN in the past OR businesses burned in Tulsa.

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